Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Spring Time Makeup Face Routine! (ft. BB Creams and Asian makeup)

Spring is FINALLY here for most of us beauty lovers! So today I decided that it is the right time to do my Spring time "makeup routine". This routine is very lightweight, but still flawless. Now I would have to say that this makeup routine is leaning on the expensive side, but trust me it is all worth it or you even find substitutes for the products I'll be using.

In this post I will be using the main product "BB cream". If you don't know what a BB Cream is I would recommend you to search it them for further information. The short cut line for it is basically it is suppose to be a moisturizer, primer and a foundation all in one. And its main purpose is to lighten, protect and help heal any imperfections on your skin. It's coverage is lighter than a foundation, but heavier than a tinted moisturizer. So if you feel like a foundation is too heavy for your skin, but a tinted moisturizer is not enough coverage than I would suggest checking out BB creams. And a BB Cream stands for "blemish balm" or "blemish base", they're basically the exact same meaning.

The current BB Cream I'll be talking about in this post is the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ it's my current favorite BB Cream. I do the exact same thing to all the BB Cream I have, their is no significance different. The only difference is probably the powder I'll use. If you are precisely talking about the application it is the exact same applications to all of the BB Creams I have.


1.) I squirt about a nickel size of the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF 20 PA++ if not a bit more onto the back of my hand.

2.) Dabble 2-3 dots of the BB Cream onto my cheeks, chin and forehead and blend it into my skin using padding motions.

3.) Take a flat traditional foundation brush with synthetic fibers and kind of use it as an additional tool to help blend in the bb cream.

4.) Next, I put on my Innisfree Cosmetics Mineral Perfect Concealer in #1. It is my favorite concealer of right now, so I put it on any blemishes and under the eyes.

5.) Take a flat kabuki brush with Mistine No. 1 Platinum Super Powder SPF 22PA++ in #1 and just powder your face and your ears and your neck. Lightly though, since you don't want to rub off your bb cream. If I don't use this powder I would use any of my other Asian makeup powder and if you want to know what they are you can check out my February "Asian Makeup Haul" blog post. I just love Asian makeup, I think they are better than American makeup and European makeup.

6.) Lastly, I just take a beauty sponge and wet it with my Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray Original and roll it lightly all over my face. Than, the last step I just spray with one spritz focusing on my eyes. And I do it with my eyes close of course. And no my makeup does not run down, it actually last a lot longer.

That is all the steps to my flawless spring time makeup face.

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