Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012 Favorites!!

Hi my lovely beauties! It is that time of the month again for a favorite blog post. Even though I have not been posting a lot, I do feel like a favorite post is necessary. And this time, I really don't have any excuses of why I didn't put a blog post up. I was just feeling not a blog post mood these past two weeks. So I do apologize for my lack of interest with this blog.

1.) Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF 30 PA++- This has been my favorite BB Cream for the entire month of March. If I am not wearing my Josie Maran foundation on my face, I am most of the time wearing this BB Cream.

2.) Mistine No. 1 Platinum Super Powder SPF 22PA++ in #1- And my favorite powder of the month will hands down have to go to the one by Mistine. The powder is very smooth and silky, and it blends into my skin like heaven.

3.) Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers- My favorite type of blushes for the months of March are by the Etude House brand. I have #6 Grapefruit, #3 Raspberry, #3 Orange Cookie and #4 Carrot CheeseCake. And I do love them all and wear them equally. Since, the weather here has been from hot to raining, I wear those blushes that represents the weather.

4.) MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks- For lips this month, I would say that it goes to the MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks. I seriously have over 10 of them and I love every single one, so I have been wearing those lipsticks the most this month.

5.) Koji Dolly Wink Long Mascara in Black- My favorite mascara that I use everyday when I am wearing makeup is the one and only Koji Dolly Wink Long Mascara. It has literally been the only mascara I use in March if I do wear mascaras. I just love everything about it from the packaging to the formula.

6.) Orly Jealous Much?, OPI Did You 'ear About Van Gogh? and China Glaze Dress Me Up- These three nail polishes has been my favorite nail polishes for the month of March. I love the formula and the color payoff they all give.

- Avocados
- Chex Mix
- Steam Buns

Drama: Korean
-Road Number One

1.) Nine Muses- Give Me
2.) Ailee- Heaven
3.) Song Ji Eun- Going Crazy

That is it for my March 2012 Favorites.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Collective Makeup Haul: MAC, Benefit, Urban Decay, Too Faced and Stila

Hello beauties! Today I'll be doing a huge collective makeup haul that I've collected over the last week or so. Yes, I do bought all of these products with my own money like always. Now I'm not going to waste any minutes and just get onto the haul.

MAC: I bought quite a few makeup products from their few latest collections.
1.) Too Supreme Sheen Supreme Lipsticks- Supremely Confident, Asian Flower, Korean Candy, Zen Rose, Blossom Culture and Sheer Mandarin
2.) Too Supreme Sheen Supreme Lipglasses- Black Tea, Jasmine Honey, Mango Sheen, Asian Butterfly and Moon Beach
3.) Marcel Wanders Sheer Mystery Powder in Light Medium
4.) Marcel Wanders Lipsticks- Inez, Annemiek and Felicienne
5.) Chenman Love and Water Reflects Glitter in Reflects Blue
6.) Chenman Lipglasses- Budding Love and Force of Love
7.) Chenman Lipstick in Force of Love
8.) Chenman Beauty Powder in Play it Proper
9.) Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick

1.) Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Brightening Makeup Foundation SPF 25 in Ivory
2.) "hello flawless!" Custom Powder SPF 25 in Ivory

Urban Decay:
1.) 24/7 Glide-On Eye Shadow Pencils- Sin, Mercury and Morphine
2.) Pocket Rocket Lipglosses- Rashad, Timothy and Dustin

Too Faced:
1.) Liquif-Eye Eye Shadow Collection
2.) Matte Eye Collection
3.) Full Bloom Ultra Flush Blushes- Sweet Pink, Who's Your Poppy and Cocoa Rose

1.) One Step Correct Primer
2.) Pan Eyeshadow in Cha Cha
3.) Lip Glaze Trio- it comes with Lights, Action and Camera
4.) Fiesta Lip Glaze Trio- it comes with Kitten, PiƱata and Maraca

And that was everything makeup wise, that I've collected!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nail Polish Haul: China Glaze, Orly, OPI and

Hey lovely beauties! Today I am back with a huge collective haul for my obsession over nail polishes. I have variety of different brands of nail polishes that I want to share with you all today, so lets get started.

China Glaze "The Hunger Games" Collection:
-Luxe and Lush
-Hook and Line
-Foie Grass
-Dress Me Up

China Glaze "Electropop" Collection:
-Make Some Noise

China Glaze "Magnatix" Collection:
-Instant Chemistry
-You Move Me
-Drawn to You
-Cling On

-Forever Crimson
-Faint of Heart
-Jealous Much?
-Hook Up
-Charged Up

OPI "Nicki Minaj" Collection:
-Save Me
-Did it on 'Em
-Super Bass Shatter

OPI "Holland" Collection:
-Thanks a WindMillion
-Did You 'ear About Van Gogh?
-Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
-I Don't Give A Rotterdam!
-I Have A Hearing Problem
-Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

OPI "Touring America" Collection:
-French Quarter For Your Thought
-Get In The Expresso Lane
-Are We There Yet?
-Road House Blue
-Lynnderella- Connect The Dots
-Girly Bits- Hippity Hop, Shift Happens, Stormy Skies and Street Magic
-HITS Flake- Fox Trot, Jazz and Tango
-Glitter Gal 3D Holographic- Suede and Turbulence

That was all the nail polishes that I've collected over the last month till now with my own money.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hair Care Routine ft. Ojon Volume Advance Kit

It is time for another updated hair care routine. So to start off, my hair type is very oily and thick. Although, this past month, I've feel like my hair is getting so dry and thin as the days goes on. That is why I decided that it is time to switch up my hair care routine, so I from than on had moved on to using Ojon hair products for the last 3 weeks or so. And you can buy Ojon hair products at Sephora and probably at selected salons as well.

First, I mainly want to say that I bought every single products and things that I will be mentioning in this blog post with my OWN money. And I am not being sponsored or compensated or anything, I'll say my honest opinions on the products. I use mostly Ojon products, but I do use variety of other brands as well. So in the Ojon Volume Advance Kit, the kit comes with
- damage reverse Restorative Hair Treatment 1.5 oz. / 50ml
- Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo 2 fl. oz. / 60ml
- Volume Advance Volumizing Conditioner 2 fl. oz. / 60ml
- Volume Advance Thickening Spray 1.8 fl. oz. / 55ml

I wash my hair every other day or every other two to three days. I don't wash my hair everyday or else my hair will be too dry and not healthy. I suggest to try to go at least every other day of washing your hair. Avoid water to touch your hair as
much as possible.

BEFORE Shower:

Step 1- Every time before I take a shower, I either brush or comb through my hair gently. I start from the tip to the roots, so that there will be less tangles.

DURING Shower:

Step 1- First, I thoroughly wet my hair completely with cold water. Then, I rinse the water out from the tips of my hair, so that my shampoo will get a nice wash and lather.

Step 2- I apply about a quarter size amount of the Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo to the palms of my hand. Then, I massage it very well and gently to the roots of my hair to the hairs around my neck to have a nice lather. And after I've massage the shampoo into my hair, I let it sit in my hair for about 15-30 seconds before I rinse it off with cold water.

Step 3- After, I've rinsed my hair with the shampoo with cold water. I now move on to condition my hair with the Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Conditioner. I now apply only about a dime size amount of the conditioner from the hair around my neck and below till the tips. I don't go any higher or to the roots because my hair will be oily and get greasy a lot faster.

Step 3.5- This next step, I don't do everyday. I do it 2 times a week for the best results for my hair. And that is using the Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment. I apply about 1 1/2 teaspoons of the treatment onto my hair, from roots to tips and wait for about 10 minutes in the shower. And since I am waiting, I like to shave and do other stuff in the shower. So what I do is that I will apply the treatment evenly as possible through out my hair, focusing mainly on the tips and than massage the roots and I put it up in a shower cap. This is so that I can wash and cleanse my body without having to wet it and ruin the process. And I love how this treatment smells, it is very earthy which I like. Then, after I've waited for about 10 minutes I rinse it off like I would with a regular shampoo and conditioner with cold water.

AFTER Shower: I take a shower at night, so after I am out of the shower I don't really do much to my hair. But I do do two steps every time I take a shower, which is 98% always at night or during the evening hours.

Step 1- I always always comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb after I am out of the shower. I just use any of my wide tooth comb that is lying around my room, so any wide tooth comb will be just fine.

Step 2- I then, apply the Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray three times to the roots of my hair. I spritz one spritz to the left and right of my roots and one to the back of my head. Then, I just massage it gently into my wet or damp hair.

MORNING After Shower: Now it is on to my morning hair routine, which I don't have a certain routine because I don't do the same hair styles everyday. But I do use a few products in the morning and I don't use these products everyday.

1.) Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo- This is my current favorite dry shampoo and I use it every other day. So I wash my hair at night, than the next morning my hair is still very clean and fresh. So I don't use it the morning after I took a full shower, I use it the next morning after the morning I took a full shower if you know what I mean. This is a bit confusing, but you'll get use to it if you are like me. And I continue to use it until I decide to take a full shower, meaning I will wash both my body and hair. And yes, I do shower everyday, but I don't wash my hair everyday. So every time that I shower and I don't want to wet my hair, I just put it in a shower cap.

2.) CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Heat Protection Spray- This product is my everyday go to heat protection, if I decided that I am going to heat styling my hair. But I leave it alone if I don't.

3.) Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray- I sometime will scrunch my hair or if I don't want to use a hairspray, I will use this product which is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

4.) Hairsprays- As for hairsprays, I have a lot of hairsprays so I just use whatever is closest to me.

That is it for my hair care routine. Hope you all discovered some new products that you are interested in and look out for my foundation routine and more hauls blog posts coming up!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Books Haul!

I am back with a book haul. Which is such a longtime from my last book haul. I seriously have no idea how long ago my last book haul was. Although, today I am back with a bunch of books to haul to you guys. This is seriously my first time buying over 20 books at the same time. The guy at the check out was so nice, because he saw that I had bought a bunch of books he gave me a 10% discount out of my whole entire price.

1.) "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" by Stieg Larsson
2.) "The Iron Queen" and "The Iron Knight" by Julie Kagawa
3.) "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin
4.) "A Clash of Kings" and "A Storm of Swords" by George R.R. Martin
5.) "Eve" by Anna Carey
6.) "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver
7.) "Dragon's Oath" and "Lenobia's Vow" by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast
8.) "Divergent" by Veronica Roth
9.) "Fracture" by Megan Miranda
10.) "Entwined" by Heather Dixon
11.) "Matched" by Ally Condie
12.) "Incarceron" by Catherine Fisher
13.) "Linger" by Maggie Stiefvater
14.) "Lost in Time" by Melissa de la Cruz- my longtime favorite vampire books series
15.) "After Obsession" by Carrie Jones + Steven E. Wedel
16.) "Beautiful Creatures" by Kami Garcia + Margaret Stohl
17.) "Clockwork Angel" by Cassandra Clare
18.) "Alex in Wunderstrande" by K. Parr

That is it for every books that I bought.

January and February 2012 Favorites!

Hi beauties! As you can probably tell by the title, it is that time of the month again for a favorite blog post. This time I am combining my favorites from January and February together. I feel like that February is such a short month to like something, so that is why I didn't have a January favorites up last month. Now lets get onto the favorites, I'll be sharing my favorite beauty products, songs, artists and food.

Beauty Products:

1.) MAC Mineralize Concealer in NC 15- This concealer was more of my February favorites, because I bought it in February and have been loving it. I use it with every foundation or bb cream if I needed more coverage the whole entire month of February.

2.) Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation in Fair/Light- So in December I saw a review on the Josie Maran Argan... foundation and it totally persuade me to buy it. And now I absolutely love the foundation. It is my current favorite foundation and I'll go more into when I get my foundation routine blog post up. And I'll also be doing my favorite drugstore foundation routine, so look out for that.

3.) Lorac TANtalizer Baked Matte Satin Bronzer SPF 15- This has been my favorite bronzer since I bought it in early January. I still love it. It give me a really nice shimmery bronze glow.

4.) MAC Strawberry Patch Crush Metallic Pigments Set- This set of pigments was from the MAC Vera collection. From the day that I bought it I've been experimenting many looks using it and I have just been loving it.

5.) Lancome Color Design Sensational Effect Eyeshadows Smooth Hold- My favorite eyeshadow for the month was Exhibition, Camisole and Make it Work. They are very smooth and silky when goes on the eyes. Totally recommend these eyeshadows.

6.) L'Oreal Infallible 24HR Eyeshadows- I seriously just love the new cream shadows that L'Oreal just came out in January or a few months ago. This is seriously the best cream eyeshadows ever, it is so comparable to the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill cream shadows. I love all of the colors that I have which are Golden Sage, Infinite Sky, Sultry Smoke, Midnight Blue and Perpetual Purple.

7.) Canmake Glamourous Fur Mascara in 01 Deep Black- This mascara was only my February 2012 favorites, because I didn't have any mascara favorite for January. And I just love Asian mascaras and their packaging are so adorable and cute.

8.) Illamasqua Powder Blushers- One of my favorite blushes from January till February would have to be the Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Tweak and Panic. These are beautiful colors that are very smooth and pigmented when go on your cheeks. I just love it.

9.) Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes- These are like the coolest blushes ever and not to mention that they are great quality for such an affordable price. My favorite shades out of the four that I have is Hot Tamale than it would be Plum Wine.

10.) Rimmel London Kate Collection Lipsticks- My favorite lipsticks for the whole two months definitely would have to be the Rimmel London Kate Collection Lipsticks. I now have all of the colors that I came out, because I just love the colors that I originally have so freaking much.

11.) Lush Lip Balms/Tint- My favorite lip balms are the Lush ones and my favorite color is A Million Kisses.

12.) Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover- I bought the Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover because I saw many people like it and I agree with all of them. It is definitely the best eye makeup remover on the market, although I haven't really tried any other eye makeup remover. lol

13.) Palladio Beauty Rice Paper- This is just the best blotting paper in the world. I definitely will be buying more of these when I am running out of them. I am actually already on my second pack of them.

14.) Lush No Drought- My all time favorite dry shampoo would now have to go to LUSH's No Drought. It is a very unique packaging dry shampoo, which is probably why I like it the best than any other dry shampoos I have tried.

15.) Ojon Volume Advance Kit- My favorite hair products are the Ojon hair products that I bought in a kit. It is just my February favorites, but I can tell that if I was to bought it earlier in January it would also be my January favorites as well.

16.) Coach Poppy Flower Perfume Spray- This is my favorite perfume of the months of January and February because I love to try out new perfumes every month or every 2-3 months.

17.) Hobo International "Vintage Becka" Crossbody Bag- This is definitely going to be my bag of the year for 2012. I absolutely positively love it. I seriously use it every single time I go out if I am not using a clutch and unless I don't need a purse or a clutch.

18.) Nail Polishes- I have been in a nail polish mood the last two months of full winter months. I have almost 10 favorites nail polish, because that is just how much I love nail polishes during January and February.
- Illamasqua Faux Pas
- Zoya Adina
- Man Glaze Fuggen Ugly
- Sally Hansen Brilliant Bordeaux
- Chanel Rose Paradise and Peche Nacree
- Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamels Spanish Moss and French Roast


1.) T-ara has been my favorite artists for the entire month of January and even till now, March. My three favorite songs from them are "Cry Cry", "Why Are You Being Like This" and "We Were In Love". But I love all of their songs. If you don't already know, T-ara is a South Korean korean pop girl group.


1.) Sushi- My favorite food of the month are sushi. I have been craving it almost every single, because I love it so much. So I seriously help my mom make it every week. Sometime I do go out and buy it instead of homemaking them.

2.) Coconut Water- I love coconut water for January and February. My favorite brand are the Vita Coco.

That was all my January and February 2012 favorites.