Monday, October 31, 2011

October 2011 Favorites

I cannot believe that October is coming to an end. But HAPPY HALLOWEEN! though, are you going trick-or-treating? I know I am. I will get dress in my American Patriot Lady after I finish with this blog post. So if you want me to do a makeup tutorial for the look, feel free to request it down below in the comment section. It is super simple and easy, you do not have to wear it only on Halloween. But anyway this month I got quite a few products. It ranges from makeup to songs and foods.


1.) Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara & Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Flared Mascara- I have been absolutely loving my two Maybelline mascaras combo this month. And that is using the Volum' Express the Falsies Flared in Very Black on my top lashes and my Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black on my lower lashes. I just love this mascaras combination. It really make my lashes look my I am wearing false lashes on the runway. I just love it, you guys should totally check out this combination. Although, I still love my Benefit They're Real Mascara. I just have been using these mascaras combo a lot more.

2.) Urban Decay 15 Years Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette- For the month of October, I have been creating so many looks with my Urban Decay 15 Years Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette. I love the eyeshadows. They are so pigmented and they're every color you could think of from that palette.

3.) NYX Cosmetics Cream Blush in Glow- I have three blushes that I am absolutely loving for the month of October. I know crazy right? But the first one is the NYX Cosmetics Cream Blush in Glow. This is like the best cream to powder blush ever for fall. That is all I have to say for it.

4.) Maybelline Cosmetics Fit Me Blush in Deep Rose- My next blush is Maybelline Cosmetics Fit Me Blush in Deep Rose. Now I'm not sure if it's just me, but I feel like Maybelline has improved a lot with their products. I love their mascaras and now their blushes. I love Deep Rose and it would look perfect with a really neutral eye look and a dark lip color.

5.) Les Tissages De Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in 70 Tweed Brun Rose- Chanel I would say have one of the best blushes out there. So for about over half the month of October I have been loving Les Tissages De Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in 70 Tweed Brun Rose. I mention this in one of my hauls back, so if you are interested feel free to check it out. But one word just describe it fall, "beautiful!"

6.) MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline- I seriously would marry MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline, if I could. It is just the best black pencil eyeliner there is out there. It goes on really smooth and now I am so happy that MAC make it permanent. I would say to invest in this eyeliner, it is such an investment. It is up there for me with Stila Smudgestick in Stingray.

7.) Styli-Style 24-Hour Power Line & Seal 24-Eyes- Not only have I been loving just regular black eyeliners, I have also been loving colorful eyeliners too. My favorite kind as of October are the Styli-Style 24-Hour Power Line & Seal 24-Eyes. I seriously have almost every color they came out with. And they are only like $6 at Rite Aid. I have them in Deep Purple, Green, Aquamarine, Black Pearl, Bronze and Bluestone. But my favorite out of them all would be Bluestone and Bronze, just because I have blue eyes. So these two colors are the best at bringing out my eye color. The other colors are also really beautiful.

8.) Paris Presents Makeup Brush Shampoo- My last makeup related products is the Paris Presents Makeup Brush Shampoo. You can buy their products at Walmart. This is like the best brush shampoo out there. It cleans my makeup brushes so so well. And it is like what, $7 at Walmart?

Nail Polishes:

1.) MAC Xee & Sharon Nail Lacquer in Quiet Time- I love wearing MAC Make Me Over Collection from the Xee & Sharon line nail lacquers in Quiet Time. It is just the perfect nail color for October for me. I would totally recommend go and snatch when you could, before it is not in store anymore. Because I think that this nail polish is limited edition.

2.) MAC Fall Colour Collection Nail Lacquer in Coco Clay- Along with Quiet Time, MAC Coco Clay nail polish have been a to go nail lacquer for me. I have been loving a lot of MAC nail lacquers lately, but I would say Coco Clay along with Quiet Time are my absolute favorite. I also think that the name is also really festive for fall.


1.) Gucci Guilty Intense 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum for Women- I would say about 20 out of 31 days in October I have seriously been wearing Gucci Guilty Intense Perfume for Women. This perfume smells very good and really sexy. Which, I found is really funny, because I have never heard of any talked about it so far. It just came out maybe late September or early October. But it is a pretty new perfume.


1.) Bananas- You have absolutely no ideas how many bananas I have eaten in the month of October. I probably ate over 30 bananas. I have like at least 2 everyday. Plus, it is also really good for you. Bananas really help clear out your skin. It has a lot of potassium which is a daily vital mineral that you should have everyday. Bananas are one of the best fruits out there. It is loaded with Vitamin B6 and they are also high in fiber. "While they're high in potassium, bananas are very low in sodium--making them a perfect food to prevent high blood pressure and stroke." Read more about bananas at


1.) "The Boys" by Girls' Generation- Finally!, Girls' Generation my favorite singing group in the world released out their single "The Boys" on the 18th of October. They have both in English and Korean version. I personally like them both. The song is very catchy and is very R&B and pop like. Although, as much as I love it it still can't beat "Into the New World" also by them. INTW is my favorite song from them, so nothing can beat them. But I have been liking "The Boys" a lot this month. That song stuck in my head everyday since it releases the audio version along with the next song I am going to mention.

2.) "The Day You Went Away" by M2M- Whereas, the Boys is more happy going "The Day You Went Away" by M2M is more sad, but still catchy and good in my opinion. It is a pretty old song by M2M, but I still love it. I also really like the Korean and Chinese version. So totally check out all three version. And if you don't know who M2M are, they are a Norwegians base band. The Day You Went Away is more of a pop rock than "The Boys", because I think The Boys is a bit rock. But they didn't address that online.

So comment down below in the comment section what you have been loving in the month of October!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

MAC Starter Kit

A while ago I did a NARS Starter Kit blog post, which if you didn't know NARS is my all time favorite makeup brand. Today I will be doing my takes on a MAC one. I also really really like MAC, but just not as much as NARS. So this is what I would recommend to a beginner that want to get into MAC. I will picks out my favorite product and just the basics and I'll explain to you why I picked it. So very similar to the NARS one and if you want to know my NARS beginner recommendations are than feel free to visit my few blog posts back.

1.) Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50- My all time favorite face primer from MAC would have to be the MAC Matte Cream, but when I looked on the MAC site they didn't have it. So I am guessing it maybe discontinued, but you can find it at the CCO. But if I was to choose my favorite face primer that is in the MAC permanent collection after the MAC Mate Cream it would have to be the Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50. I would recommend this if you have oily skin like me and want your foundation to last all day, but still have protection from the sun. I love the Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 it blends in to your skin invisibly nicely.

2.) Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation- If you are looking for a great powder foundation from MAC. I would definitely recommend the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I have been using it for about a year now and I really really like it.

3.) Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation- Although, I have oily combination skin my skin is not that bad. I don't really get pimples and only have a few scars. So my favorite MAC foundation would have to be the Pro Longwear SPF 10 Liquid Foundation. It is lightweight, blends nicely and last a really long time. I would have to say that MAC foundation can break you out, but lucky enough it doesn't for me. And I would not recommend this foundation if you want full coverage, because this is a sheer to medium coverage foundation. But I like it because I don't have that bad of a skin and I usually use a concealer on top of it. Which brings me to my next topic concealer.

4.) Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer- My favorite concealer from MAC is the Studio Finish 35 Concealer. This seriously covers up everything. It covers up scars and pimples really well. But one thing that it is not good at are under eyes. If you have problem with under eyes circles, I would not recommend this concealer. It will be too thick for the delicate eye skin and will crease.

5.) Select Cover-Up Concealer- My favorite under eyes concealer from MAC would have to be the Select Cover-Up. It really erase the under eyes circles. Just to brighten and lighten that area up.

6.) Mineralize Skinfinish Natural- The setting powder that I recommend from MAC is the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. I just love this powder. I literally use it every time to set my makeup. It just blends into my skin my a dream.

7.) Bronzing Powder- For bronzer my favorite from MAC is the bronzing powder. I am in the shade Refined Golden. Which is the lightest shade of bronzer they have.

1.) Powder Blush- My favorite blush from MAC is Pink Swoon. It is a bright true pink color, but since it is a sheertone it applies sheerly to your skin. Which is why I like this blush, because it is very build able to your desire.

1.) Paint Pots- If you are looking for a good MAC primer I would recommend one of the paint pots. My favorite from them is in Painterly. It goes with any eyeshadows color. It is basically just a creamy nude beige.

2.) Eyeshadows- My top 3 eyeshadows that I picked are all neutral wearable eyeshadows colors. Because I think that if you are a beginner to MAC I would recommend the neutral shades first. I would recommend Blanc Type, which is a nice matte creamy beige highlighter. This is my all time favorite highlighter. For the lid I would really recommend Ricepaper. I know that most people recommend All That Glitters, but I like Ricepaper a lot more. So I'm going to recommend Ricepaper. For the crease my all time favorite brown eyeshadow is Woodwinked. This shadow 99% of the time works for all skintone. It is just a really nice crease and lower lash line color. And I would recommend buying these in the Pro Refill Pan form over the pot, because they are like $4 cheaper and you don't have to deal with the depotting and you can just put them in any palettes.

3.) Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline- My all time favorite black eyeliner is the Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline. It is a really nice pigmented rich black eyeliner. It used to be discontinued, but now MAC finally make it in their permanent collection. So I am so happy that I won't have to stock up on these.

4.) Eye Kohl in Fascinating- My all time favorite white eyeliner is also from MAC and it is the Fascinating Eye Kohl. I love using this eyeliner as a base and to use brighten up my eyes. It is my absolute favorite standing next to Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil.

5.) Brown Eyeliners- Now I think every girl should have a black, white and brow eyeliners in their makeup collection. So for brown eyeliners I have 2 from MAC that I really like and recommend, but I just can't choose between these two. The first one is Coffee Eye Pencil or Eye Pencil in Coffee. This eyeliner is a true muted brown eyeliner color. I absolutely love it. My next eyeliner pencil I like to call it a brown with a twist, because it is not your typical brown eyeliner pencil. It is a reddish metallic brown eyeliner and that is Teddy Eye Kohl or Eye Kohl in Teddy, it's however you want to say or call it.

6.) I would not recommend any MAC mascaras, they are just not a top for me. I would recommend drugstores mascaras instead over MAC mascaras. Not to bash them or anything but MAC mascaras really suck in my opinion.

1.) Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Petting Pink- You guys have to check out MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 they are just so moisturizing and is really pretty on your lips. My favorite out of the 3 they have so far is Petting Pink. It just give you a nice tinted pink sheen to your lips.

2.) Lip Pencil- If I was to only to pick one lip pencil from MAC it would have to be Naked Liner Lip Pencil. It literally goes with any lip color you are going for since it is a light neutral color.

3.) Lipstick in Blankety- My favorite MAC lipstick is Blankety. It is an amplified creme so it is really creamy and moisturizing and goes on really well. It goes with a lot of look. I would describe the color as a soft pinky beige color.

4.) Cremesheen Glass- My favorite lipglass that I would totally recommend from MAC to anyone is the Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait. I absolutely love love that color. You do not even need to wear a lipstick under it for it to show up or to look fabulous.

That is all the products that I recommend to anyone starter kit, but I just want to address that this is MY take on a MAC Starter Kit. This is what I would recommend to a beginner at MAC, but you do not have to buy every single products I recommend. Take it an outline for your take on it. So good luck! And expect a haul coming soon.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What to Wear on a Road Trip or an Airplane

I travel a lot, I just love to visit many different places. One day I'll be in Los Angeles and than the next I'll be in New York City. So many people are just wondering what my advice and what I like to wear when I am on a road trip or on an airplane. My number one advice for anyone is to wear anything that is comfortable. So if you want to know more than just keep reading.

1.) Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
2.) Stay away from heels. Wear tennis shoes, flats or sandals instead.
3.) Don't bring accessories, earrings are acceptable. I would not recommend wearing accessories like necklaces and bracelets with you, because it will just be a pain. Or at least it is for me.
4.) Wear simple clothing. Try to wear something that is plain, but still comfortable and is your style or you are just fine with it. So I wouldn't recommend wearing anything that has to do with belts.
5.) Do not dress sassy, because it can get really cold sometimes. And it is just plain uncomfortable for me at least to be on a plane or in a car wearing something that is short.
6.) If you want to wear dresses, skirts or shorts. I would recommend to wear a maxi dress or maxi skirt or shorts that hit just right above your knees. So than you won't have to be uncomfortable with your private part might be showing.
7.) Always, always, always bring an outerwear with you. Because you never know that it might be really cold or just chilly. I wouldn't recommend bringing like a big coat or sweater or jacket or something, because on airplanes they have a blanket for you. Unless you are flying somewhere that is going to be really cold or snowing.

What I Wear:
Now this is what I wear on a road trip or an airplane.

Top: Loose t-shirt or a tank top
Outerwear: Big Coat or a nice hoodie
Bottoms: Flared Sweatpants(Victoria's Secret and Juicy Couture are my favorite brands)
Shoes: Sneakers
Accessories: Stud Earrings or Little Hoops Earrings and sometime I bring a scarf
Contacts or Glasses: Also if you wear contacts or glasses like me. I wouldn't recommend wearing contacts, because they are a pain. Having to take them in an out. So glasses are just way better, but make sure to me bring the case with you. You don't want them to be broken.

So comment down below, letting us know your advice and what to/you wear on a road trip or an airplane!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Evening Skincare Routine

Hi, everyone today I will be showing you my evening skincare routine. It will cover all up on what I do when I am and when I am not wearing makeup. And yes I will be doing my morning skincare routine, if you are wondering. But as of right now it is just too hectic and will be too long of a blog post if I was to add my morning skincare routine too. Plus, it's a bit different and I am also scared you guys will get confused if I do include them in this blog post. And just to get it out there I have oily combination skin and I use to suffer from acne, but my skin has been clearing up a lot for about 1-2 years now. And my skincare routine changes about every 2-3 months, because I go to a dermatologist so I can get some recommendations for my skin type. And this is what my dermatologist recommended to me to do. So after every 2-3 months I would go back to my dermatologist to get some new products suggestions. Since, my skin to tend to get used to products after 2-3 months of using it. This what I have been doing lately since I think late September and early October of this year. So I am going to stop rambling and just get right into it...

1.) Okay, so step number one in my daily evening skincare routine is to remove my makeup, if I was wearing makeup. But I will still do this exact same step with the same product even if I wasn't wearing any makeup. Because I think that this is one of the product that really help with my acne, pimples and scarring. So I would first is that I want my skin and hand to be completely 100% dry and than I would take a quarter size of 100% pure extra virgin olive oil that you can buy at the grocery store. I use the mujer kind, but any kind will work just make sure that it is pure extra virgin olive oil. Also, you can just use pure 100% olive oil, it doesn't have to be extra virgin. I apply this and cleanse it to my face first, than I would do it to my eye. Because if I do have eye makeup on and if I do it first to my eye, my eye makeup would get all over my face. Than, for this first step after I cleanse it all over my face, I would pad it gently with my hand into my skin.

2.) After, I cleanse off the extra virgin olive oil with lukewarm water, this is so that it will open my pores which will give me better results from the products i am using. I moved on to my second step which I do this everyday to my skin, but you can also just do it once a week because I know that many people just do this once a week. And that is to use my Clarisonic Mia and I have it of course in pink, since pink my favorite color. But you can get this in the plus size which is bigger and I think 2 more sizes and different colors too. I basically just first wet the head with lukewarm water and I than squirt my Philosophy Purity Made Simple Once-Step Facial Cleanser on it and I than just go ahead and use it. Now I move it in small circles and that is what I recommend you doing. And I do not press the Clarisonic into my skin. Than after this I just rinse off the cleanser and any residues that may still be left on my skin.

2.5) Okay so moving on to step 2.5 and the reason why I am calling this 2.5 is because I do not do this every single night. I only do this once every week, because this is a pretty intense treatment. And I am talking about the PMD Personal Microderm System, this is an at home microderm abrasion system. I love it! This microderm system comes with two disk. It comes with a blue disk which is for sensitive skin and a green disk which is for tougher skin. I use the green disk, because I just think that it works better for my skin. But I do sometime use the sensitive skin disk. All you do is you plug it in to the wall and you turn it on. And you just want to find an area of skin and pull it a bit tight and just run it over. Now the PMD is really awesome, because you get the same results as a professional microderm abrasion; but you don't have to go into a doctor office and you can do everything right from your home. And I do avoid any active breakouts on my face, so I do not put this over any breakouts that are currently still healing. And I do this when my skin is 100% dry, so I just kind of towel dry it before doing this system.

3.) Next it is time for toner and I use the Shiseido PURENESS Balancing Softener Alcohol-free. I really like this because not only does it smells good and help with breakouts. It also is alcohol-free, so it's not going to make your skin really dry compared to a toner that is non alcohol free. And I swears by this product it works really well, or at least for me. Than, I just get a cotton ball and wet it with this and just apply it all over my face and than onto my neck as well. This also removes any dirt you have on your face and just make you feel really good and refresh. And I do not rinse this off and I also apply it to my skin when it is dry.

3.5) The next step is that I am going to call my 3.5 because I do not do this every single day. I only do it once every single week. And that is to use a face mask, now the face mask I use is probably not accessible to everyone. But I am not positive, you can 100% get it but it is just not accessible to everyone. Because I bought it back when I was in South Korea which was since July. And it is the Black Sugar Mask that I bought at SkinFood. One thing that is really great about this, is that it is a 2 in 1 product. Since, I also only exfoliate my skin once a week and do my mask also once a week. This product is both a scrub and a face mask.And I was asking my dermatologist and she said that it will works well for my skin and lucky enough I still have quite a bit of it. But I am really sorry for any of you that don't have access to this. But I also apply it to my skin when it is dry and I do this before my toner, but I don't know what to call it, so just keep in mind that I do this before my toner. Basically, I just get about a dime size of it and apply it all over my face avoiding my eye and mouth area. And I wait for 15 minutes than I rinse it off with lukewarm water. Now my recommendations for a face mask is to only put it on for the amount of time that it says to, because I have had a bad experience with face masks before where I leave it longer than it says to. So to be on the safe side, I would recommend to leave it on for how long it says to which this Black Sugar Mask says to leave on for 10-15 minutes. Than I wash it off.

4.) Now I apply a night serum and I use the Diorsnow DNA Reverse Serum. I love this because it really improves my skin and it also prevents fine lines and has anti-aging properties in it so I love this. So I just put a couple of drops onto my fingers and than I just pad it in to my skin. I do not rub this in, I pad it in. It is much store effective if you pad it than just rubbing it in.

5.) The next step is to use a clearing moisturizer and I like using the Clinique Acne Solution Clearing Moisturizer Oil-Free. This is a benxzoyl peroxide acne treatment, so I like it. It helps prevents and clear breakouts. And yes I sometime still do get 1-2 breakouts, so it is not like a miracle worker or anything. But it do control my breakouts to a very minimal. Because I only breakout when it is that time of the month and when I really stresses out. I put a little bit onto my hand and I just put it all over my face and again I pad it in

6.) Lastly step number six is eye cream. I use Clinique All About Eyes Rich (tout pur les yeux riche). And I just get a bit of this onto my ring finger, because a little really goes along way with this eye cream. And I have total separate review on this, so if you are interested you can check that out. But anyway I just apply it under, above, to the right and to the left of my eyes. So I just apply it all over and around my eyes area.

So tell use below what is your evening skincare routine and other than that I'll talk to you all later!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Haul: Victoria's Secret

Yesterday, I was just out and about around town, so I was at the mall. While, I was there I saw that Victoria's Secret were having a 15% off all of their new Very Sexy Seduction Bras collection so I picked up a few a bras from the collection and some panties and a lot of other products.

Victoria's Secret:
Very Sexy Seduction Push-Up Bra in Black and Red- They also had these in two other colors, but I didn't really like it. And I feel like black and red are more sexy and if you are wondering I am a size 34A. Which, is probably weird that I tell you this, but it is just for your curiosity.

Push-up Bra with Gel-Curve- So I got two of these also in 34A in ivory spanish floral w/embellished lace sling and wild natural leopard. I love Victoria's Secret Bras, they are totally worth the dollars.

Lace-trim Cheeky Panties- And than for panties I got 3 in the Lace-trim Cheeky Panty style in ivory spanish floral, charcoal lace and spring orchid dot. And these were on sale for 10% off.

Lace Cheeky Panties- The last style of inside garment are the lace cheeky panties and I got these in 5 different colors. I got them in hot pink, baby pink, navy, black and red.

And than from their Fantasies Shimmer Collection I picked up quite a bit.

Shimmer Lotions- Amber Romance, Love Spell, Pure Seduction, Be My Wish and Give Me Love

Fragrance Mists- Secret Charm, Pear Glace, Wild Scarlet, Vanilla Lace, Amber Romance, Pure Seduction, Strawberries & Champagne and With A Kiss

Body Butters- Pure Seduction, Wild Scarlet, Be Seduced and Sheer Love

Hydrating Body Lotions- Vanilla Lace, Strawberries & Champagne, Give Me Love, Coconut Passion and Lost In My Fantasy

Smoothing Body Scrubs- Mango Temptation, Ravishing Love and Secret Charm

Makeup from VS:
Canvas Cosmetics Bag in Model Collage, Pink/White Stripes and White Logo- These bags are super cute that I just had to picked up 3 of them.

Bronzers- They were having a deal where if you buy 2 Beauty Rush Luminous Bronzer you will only get it for $12 whereas, originally if you buy one it is just $7. So I picked up two of the Luminous Bronzer both in Lotta Bronzer.

Platform Pump- Then the last thing I got at Victoria's Secret are a pair of Colin Stuart Platform Pump in Lace Glitter

The lady at the checkout was super generous that she had asked the manager to gave me a discount out of everything original price and the manager actually agrees with her. And they gave me a 30% discount, so I was like OMG!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

NARS Starter Kit

Hey, everyone so I've always gotten a lot of questions about NARS, because if you didn't know already NARS is my favorite makeup brand by far. So I am always getting questions about what are my favorite products. So I figured that I would just tell you guys the products that I use all the time and that I absolutely love. I will also be doing a MAC Start Kit blog post, but right now I am going to just go ahead and do my NARS one. This is really great for someone who isn't familiar with the brand and kind of just want to dabble in it just a little bit. I will start off with face product and so on.

Sheer Glow Foundation- Now I wear the color Deauville and I think that NARS has one of the best color ranges out there. They go from really really fair to really deep skin tones. I really like that, because it is really hard for me to find my foundation. Because I am Asian so I have yellow skin tone, but I don't have completely Asian skin since I am also part European. So this matches my skin perfectly, I just love it. Now keep in mind that I have combination oily skin, but this is specifically made for normal to dry skin. But this works really well for me, it doesn't make my skin look oily so this means a lot.

Stick Concealer- This product is very well love by me. And it just twist up like a typical lipstick or stick concealer. I don't use this under my eyes, because it does crease. It will cover up for your dark circles, but I find that it creases and I don't like it creasing. So I use this for blemishes and any kind of discoloration I have on my face. And it works wonders. I have it in the shade Vanilla.

Powder Blush in Deep Throat- Yes, I know the name is absolutely horrible and a bit inappropriate for younger girls, but this is a wonderful blush. This is one of my all time favorite blushes and NARS is really famous for their Orgasm blush, which is similar to this only I think it can be a little too intense. I think Deep Throat is a much nicer more wearable version of Orgasm. And this is just a really pretty peachy pink shimmery blush it has some gold reflects in it and it does look a bit glittery in the packaging. But once you put it on it is really not glittery at all and I love this. And this is definitely one of my staple blushes and if I am not sure what to wear this is the blush I reach for.

Cream Blush in Penny Lane- And this is just a really nice natural pink color. And this just gives you a really nice natural blush. The thing I like about the NARS cream blushes are that they are a true cream to powder formula. So when you apply it, it applies like a cream but it drys like a powder. So if you have oily skin, you don't need to be afraid of this product. It is not going to leave your face looking greasy. Because I know if you have oily skin anything involving the word cream, you usually want to stay away from, but I love this and it is definitely a great product to have in your makeup collection.

Highlighting Blush in Albatross- This is just a powder with some gold reflects in it. And you can use it as a highlighter across your cheekbones, but you can also use it on your brow bone and the inner corners and you can also use it as an eyeshadow. I've actually used it before in my eye makeup look a few weeks ago. So yeah, I definitely recommend the Albatross highlighter. Although, I don't recommend dropping it since NARS products tend to break really easily if you drop them and I have dropped mine a lot.

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base- This product is just phenomenal. It makes my eyeshadows last 24/7 without creasing or fading. I just love it. It is very comparable to my all time favorite eyeshadow primer Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It just works really well, but if you want a drugstore version of this product I would say to check out ELF Eyelid Primer. It is only like one dollar at Target.

Shimmer Eyeshadow in Ashes to Ashes- And this is just kind of a dusty purpley grey brown color. I love wearing this in the crease and it has some shimmers in it. These are just really great everyday eye colors that I am telling you in this starter kit post.

Shimmer Eyshadow in Lola Lola- This eyeshadow is just a gorgeous brown, just a really nice rich shimmery brown. Which is also a great crease color, but it is also great for the lid as well.

Duo Eyeshadow in Charade- This is my all time favorite eyeshadow duo along with Silk Road. One side it is kind of like a rosy pink color and on one side it is like a greyish purple color. And this is something that I would never picked out on my own, because I don't really like matte eyeshadows. But the guy at the counter says that this would look great with my eye color. But since it is kind of purple I think it will look great with any eye color, you don't have to have blue eyes like me to wear this. So I trusted him and I bought and I tried it out and he was so right. This really makes my eyes pop. I love how it looks against my eye color. So if you have blue eyes, I really really recommend you checking these out. I love wearing these two colors on top of MAC Bare Study paint pots. I think it looks amazing . And I would just wear the pink color all over my lid and then the purple color in the outer corner and the crease.

Duo Eyeshadow in Silk Road- And of course I cannot forget my all time favorite eyeshadow duo Silk Road. This is just a really nice icy pink on one side and a rosey gold color with gold flecks on the other side. I think I have a tutorial up using this, but correct me if I am wrong. But this looks absolutely phenomenal with MAC Rubenesque paint pot underneath. It is also a really wearable school look and just everyday overall. But I am not sure about work, since it is really shimmery.

Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara- The next product that I really recommend from NARS are their Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara. They also make another one that is for lengthening, but I usually go for volumizing mascaras since I have already kind of long lashes. But I have tried their lengthening mascara and it works amazing. It works just as well as the volumizing. But I never hear too much about NARS mascaras, which is kind of strange to me. Because I really really love them, the formula is great it is really easy to work with. I think that they have great mascaras and it is worth the trying out if you are interested in a high end mascara.

Lipstick in Roman Holiday- It is a beautiful bright pink. I think that NARS has one of the best lipsticks in the market out there today. Their lipsticks are totally worth the money. They are so moisturizing, creamy and last a really long time. I actually prefer their lipsticks over MAC lipsticks. It is just a few dollars more, but the quality are so much better than MAC. I like to just apply it all over my lips because I am in the face of bright lipsticks right now, but if you want a wearable pink you can totally achieve that by just dabbing it on your lips.

Lip Gloss in Striptease- If I was to only recommend one lipgloss from NARS it would have to be Striptease. It also goes really well with Roman Holiday lipstick. It basically is just a candlelight nude that I think goes well with almost every skin tone I can think of. Now some people says that NARS lipglosses taste like plastic or they smell funny. But I personally don't think that they have any smelss or taste at all to them. Which is one of the reason why I really like them. The formulation to these lipglosses are great. Because they are not sticky but they give a really great color. The only thing bad that I have to say about them though is that they don't really last too long on your lips. But that is not a really huge problem to me, I still enjoy wearing them. But if you don't like nudes my 3 other favorite lipglosses from them are Orgasm, Turkish Delight and Sweet Revenge. So I definitely recommend these glosses to you. Also, Striptease goes really well with any nude lipsticks. I love to pair it with Revlon Soft Nude or MAC Creme De Nude lipstick.

Opaque Nail Polish in Bad Influence and Chinatown- My two all time favorite NARS nail polishes are Bad Influence and Chinatown. They are super opaque you only need one coat to get the perfect nail color. Bad Influence is just a super beautiful smoky taupe color perfect for the fall and winter months. Whereas, Chinatown is a blood red color so it will work all year round. My other favorite nail polishes from NARS is form their shimmer nail polishes line and it is Purple Rain. I just love that color as well, but not as much as Bad Influence and Chinatown.

WARNING!: NARS Blushes can break you out if you have sensitive skin or is allergic to any of the ingredients. Because I heard that NARS blushes broke some people out, it is like they get little bumps on their cheeks. So I would be be careful if you are going to try NARS blushes, research what ingredients they have and see if you may be allergic to any of them

So if you have any comments or questions about any of these products mention or just NARS in general. You can leave a comment down below and I'll try my very best to help you out.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Collective Online Shopping Hauls: Goat Milk Stuff, Wowsocool, Zappos and Go Favor

I am back with another haul. These are a little different than my normal usual haul though, it's all online shopping. I have gotten these products about 2 weeks ago and some yesterday, but I just decided to do a full haul on them now. And yes I bought all of these products with my own money. No one is paying me to mention them in this blog post.
Bar Soaps $3.50: Cider Press, Cranberry Spice, Oatmeal Milk & Honey and Honeysuckle
Essential Oil Soaps $3.75: Almond Essential Oil and Harvest Essential Oil
Unscented Soap $3.50: Purity

Btw, I got all of them in the half bar- cotton bag 2-3 oz size
 Multi Stamp $8.99
MOR Cosmetics Marshmallow Lip Balm $21
Lola Cosmetics Creme Lipstick in Pout $20
Pur Minerals Mineral Eye Shadow in Chocolate Topaz $14
Paula Dorf Eye Liner in Ebony and Baby Eyes Enhancer $20 each
MOR Cosmetics Sugar Crystal Body Scrub $32
MOR Cosmetics Essential Collection Hand & Body Lotion in Sugar Rose Tigerlily $18
MOR Cosmetics Essential Collection Body Butter in Sugar Rose Tigerlily $16
Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Polishes- Happy Birthday, Some Enchanted Evening and Boom Boom Pow $20 each
Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish- Wicked Game $16
Fashion Gold Hoop Stud Earrings in Gold $11.18
Vintage Multicolor Flower Stud Earrings $3.99
Antique Brass Tone Crescent Filigree Hoop Stud Earrings $4.99
Vintage Arcuate Rhinestone Stud Earrings $11.11
Vintage Silver Tone Stud Earrings $5.99
Fashion Beige Fabric & Flower Rhinestone Stud Earrings $6.99
Lovely Rhinestone Studded Rabbit Stud Earrings $6.99
Lovely God Tone Beads Studded Bow Stud Earrings $3.99
Lovely Large Crystal Studded Owl Stud Earrings $5.99
Celebrity Inspired Red Lips&Tongue Stud Earring $3.99
Fashion Peacock Feather Long Dangle Earrings $5.99
Fashion Multicolor Feather Dangle Earrings in Black $2.99
Fashion Bow Long Chain Pendant Locket Necklace $6.79
Fashion Magic Pandora Box Pendant Necklace $3.99
Fashion Crown Long Chain Pendant Necklace $3.99
Vintage Royal Flower Chain Bib Necklace $5.99
Vintage Pearl Heart Pendant Bib Necklace $5.99
Fashion Multicolor Flower Pearl Bib Necklace $5.99
Vintage Antique Brass Snake Animal Ring $4.99
Vintage Adjustable Full Rhinestone Fox Animal Cocktail Ring $3.99
Vintage Adjustable Bee Rhinestone Animal Ring $3.99
Lovely Adjustable Gold Tone&Multicolor Hand Band Ring $3.99
Luxury Gold Tone Rhinestone Flower Cocktail Ring (Adjustable) $5.09
Antique Brass Flower&Bird Double Finger Ring $3.99
Fashion Rhinestone Studded Frog Double Finger Animal Ring $5.99
Elegant Pacifism Rhinestone Double Finger Cocktail Ring $3.99

I know that I got a lot of products from gofavor and it is, but just keep in mind that I had a 10% discount at the checkout when I shop for these accessories.

I hope ya'll enjoy it and watch out for my next blog post it is a NARS Starter Kit.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Wear Bright Colorful Eyeshadows

I have many tips and advice for anyone that wants to wear bright colorful eyeshadows, but are still on the fence of how to. So if you are wondering, just keep reading.

My first advice and tips is to start small. Start with bright eyeshadows that are still not overly bright, and the one eyeshadows color I could think of are purple eyeshadows. Purple is definitely a bright colorful eyeshadows, but it is somehow still wearable as far as I'm concerned. So definitely try purple eyeshadows first to start off with color eyeshadows.

My second tip/ advice is to wear it only on the lid. Wearing a color eyeshadows like a bright green on the lid and kind of tone it down with a wearable eyeshadow color in the crease and just the rest of your eye makeup. The bright green will of course still be bright green, but since we have a wearable color in the crease it will not make it too dramatic.

Third of all my last tip/advice, is a pop of color on the lower lash line. This means you can have a wearable eyeshadow look on your upper lids, but just a pop of color on your lower lash line. It will also kind of kick a start for you in the color eyeshadows world. I would suggest to find a color that will contrast your eye colors. So if you have brown eyes try blue or blue violet. If you have green eyes try red. If you have blue eyes like me try orange or red-orange. And if you have blueish green eyes you can try both red, orange or red-orange eyeshadows colors. But if you have any eye color purple will always go with your eye color.

Here are a few picture I've found across the Internet:

Comment down below on how you like to wear color eyeshadows!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updated Hair Routine!

Hey, everyone today I will be doing a blog post on my updated hair routine. So I will be showing what products shampoo and conditioner. But all of the the other stuffs have stayed the same since my last one. So if you are wondering about that you can check my last hair care routine post.The last one that I did was in August so about 2 months ago that I did one of these. But as I've promised I have changed my hair routine around October so here it is.

I have started to use a new line of hair products and they are by "blow". They also have a site which is You can (I think) find their products only at like salons, which is where I got all of my blow products. My hairstylist actually uses these "blow" products on my hair and he recommend that I use their products and trusting him I absolutely love their products. Although, they are a bit on the pricier sides I think they are totally worth it.

Shampoo: $16
I use the blow up daily volumizing shampoo. Which is suppose to "adds noticeable volume and body without stripping hair. removes build up." They totally do what they says, so I really like this shampoo. It is also sulfate- free which is really great, because than it won't take out too much oil from your hair. But one down side to this is that since it is sulfate-free it won't lather as much as shampoos that are not sulfate-free. I can bare it though, for the best of my hair.

Conditioner: $16
To go along with that I use the blow up daily volumizing conditioner. It also do what it says, but I only put this on the ends of my hair. If I do put it on my roots it will be too just oily. I leave it in for a minute before I rinse it off. And yes I still use my Neutrogena deep conditioner if you were wondering. But this is the conditioner I use every time I washes my hair thoroughly.

Not to mention that I absolutely love their packaging. Super sleek!



So comment down below if you've tried any blow products and whether you like or not!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Collective Haul: Make Up For Ever and Julep Maven Nail Polishes

I am back with a super collective haul from Make Up For Ever and an online nail polishes site Julep Maven They are base in Seattle I think, but I am not positive and you can of course order their nail polishes online from the site I have given above. I find that their nail polishes are in a very unique bottle and I saw one of their videos of a girl applying one of the Julep nail polishes and it seems to be quite pigmented. I will start off with the MUFE products first, since they are makeup and that is probably what most people are more interested in. I only picked up a few of their eyeshadows that I have been wanting for a while. And I bought these products like since late September, but I just decided to do a haul on them now.

MUFE Eyeshadows($19 each):
#4 (matte black)
#29 (matte warm dark brown)
#15 (matte ivory beige)
#158 (matte cold red)

Julep Maven Nail Colors ($14 each):

Monday, October 17, 2011

How I Fix My Under Eyes Circles

I get asked all the time what my secret under eye tricks are by my friends, families, acquaintances or just some random person around town. That is because I am a college student, so I do not get enough sleep. But I still maintain a fresh under eyes circles free eyes. The best tip I have for anyone that wants to get rid of their under eyes circles is to get enough sleep. Although, I know that not everyone could get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. I know I can't, life of a college student. That is why this post will have tips and tricks that I use to help with my under eyes circles. Now if you don't know what under eyes circles are, which I doubt you will they are basically just dark blemishes around under your eyes.

Sometimes under eyes circles can be hereditary. So if your parents or one of them have under eyes circles, you are most likely to inherit it from them. But there are also many other reasons that can cause periorbital dark circles including allergies, asthma, eczema, medications, anemia, fatigue, liver problems or age. You can research more about these if you are interested. But now I'm just going to get right into how I deal with it.

1.) Apply eye cream daily morning and night, even you are wearing makeup. Apply it under the makeup.

2.) Apply a concealer under your eyes. Even better find one that are especially made for under eyes circles. I use the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller that is specifically made for under eyes circles that you can find at the drugstores. Now this product works like magic, it completely cover any under eyes circles you have. Plus, it is also really affordable. Garnier also make another one like this except it comes in a green tube it is specifically for puffiness under your eyes. Or you can use a peach, orange base, salmon or yellow concealer. Because any of these colors will counteract the bluish purple under eyes circles you have. I heard that Bobbi Brown makes a really good and so does Eve Pearl. But I haven't tried those, so if you have let us know in the comment section below how it works for you. I recommend apply the concealer or brightening concealer in a triangle shape going down your eyes. Because this will help better than you would just apply it normally under your eyes. It is suppose to lift up your eyes, which make it seems fresh and bright.

3.) Before going to bed cut out little pieces of cucumbers to fit your eyes shape and place it on your eyes with your eyes close. And just lay down on your bed or just somewhere so that it can work into your skin. I would say to leave it on for 15-30 minutes. But you can do this whenever you want. You can do it if you are bored or just laying down by the pool. Cucumbers contains natural ingredients that are suppose to help lighten the skin and cool and soothe your eyes. So it's great if your eyes are swollen or red, try the cucumbers trick. It will definitely help!

4.) Under eyes brightening cream will also help disappear your under eyes. I know that Clean & Clear makes a brightening cream called Morning Glow Eye Brightening cream that people seems to love. So you can check it out.

Also, Maybelline has a 2 ended product called Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector that comes in four different shades. And I know that any people that have tried this product rave about it. And I think it is pretty cheap too at the drugstore. Basically, it has one side that is a concealer that you can use on any face imperfections or under your eyes. On the other side it has a highlighting or brightening product like concealer that you can use under your eyes to help lighten it or on your cheekbone as a highlighter. So it is a really cool product. I myself too have tried it and I have gone through 2 of it. It is a good product I recommend checking out.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dramatic Fall Makeup Look for 2011

This makeup tutorial will be the last makeup tutorial in my fall makeup look series. I of course will be doing more makeup tutorials in the future, but this will be the last in the series. I chose to pick this look as an inspired makeup look, because it has all of the fall colors that are going to be really in. It also shows a different side of makeup that not a lot of people go for. Because 99% of the time people like gurus on Youtube will tell you to balance out your makeup by if you are going to have dramatic eyes go for a wearable lips and vice versa. But this look is not like that at all. Both the eyes and lips are super dramatic, bold and out there bright look. I just overall love this look. This is something that I would actually wear, but not on a regular basis. Now I am going to stop rambling and lets get on to the tutorial.

1.) Start off by priming your lids with MAC Paint Pot in Nubile. Which is a light peachy nude.
2.) Next go in with Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Angel and apply that evenly just on your lids.
3.) Than pack on MAC Eyeshadow in Plumage a dusty matte peacock color onto your lids with a flat eyeshadow brush and kind of bring it downward toward the inner corner.
4.) Now with a crease brush apply the same Plumage eyeshadow by MAC but apply it heavier to your crease and take it higher and higher as you go into all the way into the inner corner.
5.) With the same crease brush take MAC Pro Longwear eyeshadow in Thru the Night and apply it on top of the Plumage eyeshadow in your crease, this is to intensify the crease even more.
6.) Now take a small blunt eyeshadow brush with MAC Plumage eyeshadow and just apply it to your lower lash line and stop about 1/3 of the way in. So take it really close to the inner corner.
7.) Take blending brush and just blend any harsh line up into the brow bone.
8.) Now take a clean eyeshadow brush with Sugarpill Cosmetics matte white eyeshadow from the 4-color palette in sweetheart or just any matte true white eyeshadow.
9.) Now take a black eyeliner pencil and apply only to your upper waterline and take it all the way to the inner corner.
10.) With a white eyeliner apply it your lower waterline.
11.) Curl your lashes and apply a coat of black mascara. To get exactly or close to her lashes make sure the mascara doesn't really lengthen. Because to me her lashes isn't that long. It more of separating. So take any mascara that really separates your lashes. The Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof mascara in Glam Black is great for this look or the Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara in very black will also really separates your lashes. Apply it to your upper and lower lashes.

1.) To me it looks like she have on a really really really light pink plum blush on. So I think that MAC Well Dressed will be the perfect blush for this. Take it on a blush brush and apply it to apple of your cheeks blending it black and up to your temple.

1.) For the lips she has on a really deep wine red lip color on. So start off by taking MAC Lip Pencil in Currant and line your lips and fill them in with it.
2.) On top of the Currant lip pencil go on with MAC Lipstick in Hang-Up.
3.) Lastly, just go in with a clear gloss and just apply it your lower lips.

Hope you do this look and if you do send a picture of you in it to my twitter @sushiflower21

Inspired Picture of the Model is from

Healthy Ice Cream

Although, the fall months are here and soon to be winter it doesn't mean ice cream are over. I eat ice cream all year round. But as we know that ice cream are not healthy. That is why I am going to make them healthier, but they obviously are still not healthy. You can do this to any ice cream flavor you want, but my favorite are cookies n cream. This recipe will still be delicious, but more healthy at the same time. So you won't feel as guilty as you would if you were to just eat the ice cream alone. Now the ingredients of how much you need depend on how much you want, if you know what I mean. I usually just eat it by myself, but if you want to make it for a group of people I would recommend having more of the ingredients.

Milk(any brand and type, make sure it is white milk that you buy in like gallons or cartons at the grocery store)
Cereal(just take your favorite cereal, i am using the Honey Bunches of Oat since it is my favorite)
Ice Cream(i use cookies n cream, it is my favorite but any will be fine)
Bowl, Spoon
Ice Cream Scooper(optional, you can just use your spoon)

1.) Scoop out as much ice cream you want to a bowl.
2.) Slice your strawberries in half and place it in your bowl of ice cream.
3.) Put in some cereal.
4.) Pour the right amount of milk you desire for your healthy ice cream.
5.) And the last step is to enjoy.

Now tell me if you are going to try this out in the comment section below!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Haul: MAC and Chanel Holiday 2011 Collection

I decided to just go ahead and do a haul on a few MAC lipsticks that I ordered online for fall and they just came in the mail yesterday. As for Chanel I picked up a few of their products from their holiday 2011 collection. FYI I bought everything with my own money. I had been wanting these MAC lipsticks for quite sometime now, but I decided to order them now since it is the fall and holiday season.

MAC Lipsticks:
Sophisto- It is not one that you hear about a lot, but it is actually a really pretty berry burgundy color. And it is a lustre if you were wondering. It just just very pretty and sheer, I love it.

Sweetie- You also don't hear much about this color. But it is a gorgeous sophisticated pink and it is also a lustre. You can wear this to the office or just everywhere.

Syrup- The next lip color I order is "Syrup". It is very similar to Sweetie, but it is just a little darker.  It also look a bit more berry tone.So pretty.

So that is all I ordered for MAC. Only 3 lipsticks. 

Chanel Holiday 2011 Collection:

Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in 517 Triomphal- This first gloss that I picked up from the collection totally describe me when I am in the holiday spirit. It just a nice cranberry red. This will go really great with NARS Belle De Jour Matte Pencil. These Rouge Allure glosses last a really long time, so I totally recommend you checking this out.

Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in 297 Sweet Beige- And this is a really pretty pinky beige with gold sparkles. And they also have a gold glossimer, but when I tried it on it didn't gave me any color. So that on your lip would be a gloss you would wear over a lipstick maybe. This one I thought would be great with a nude lipstick or a smokey eye and it's limited edition. I think everything in this collection is limited edition, so I would run out and get it if you can on anything you are interested in. But I love Chanel glossimers.

Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in 197 Enivree- This is a rouge allure, so it have the fun click cap. This is like a peachy pink color and this one is nice because it is kind of a peachy pink with some gold sparkle to it or shimmers I should say. So I think it would look really pretty with the Sweet Beige glossimer. If you look really up close you can see gold iridescence so that is super gorgeous. It also came with a red lipstick, but I didn't get that one.

Les Tissages De Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in 70 Tweed Brun Rose- The name is actually deceiving, because it is actually not a rose blush at all. It is a really pretty peachy color and I know I say everything is really pretty, but they truly are that's why I bought them. And the thing with the tweed blushes are that there are a lot of sparkles to them first application. Then, afterward it is just like a schene.

Les Tissages De Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in - And than I got another tweed blush in Tweed Rose and it is in The lady at the counter says that this is the most settle out of all the tweed blushes. This one is just a really pretty rosy neutral tone. Since it is really neutral, you can easily wear this with a smokey eye. So if you are looking for a settle Chanel blush you can go with the Tweed Rose

That is all the things I picked up from the collection. I hope ya'll all enjoy it.

Halloween Tag!

I am totally in the Halloween spirit this October. As we all know Halloween is on the 31st of October. I just really love Halloween. I've been going trick or treating since I was a toddler. It is just so much fun. I get to dress up in scary costumes and just have fun with my family. Although, we do have to watch our back, because on Halloween anything can happen.

That is why I decided to do this tag, that was made up by Ingrid aka TheGridMonster and Joey aka JoeyGraceffa there are actually two part to it. The first is on Ingrid's channel and the second part is on Joey channel. But I'm going to answer all of the questions to both part in this blog post.

Part 1:
1. Favorite Halloween movie?

Disney Halloween Town Series and Hocus Pocus

2. What age did you stop trick-or-treating?

I never stop trick-or-treating as I've already address. I have always been trick-or-treating since I was like 3-4 years old with my friends and family. But there is one year when I didn't go trick-or-treating and that was in 10th grade. But that is a whole different story.

3. Favorite Halloween costume you have worn?
Cinderella! When I was in 4th grade so 9 years old I was totally obsess Cinderella and all of the other Disney princess. But Cinderella is my all time favorite princess. And my mom actually made a homemade Cinderella costume. I still have it to this day, but it won't fit me anymore.

4. What are you going to be this year?
I am not sure, but I think I am going to be an American Patriot woman. You know like women back in the George Washington day or just in the 1770s. I have always been wanting to be one and now I am going to be one. I always wanted to live back in the old days. So if you want me to do a makeup tutorial for this costume feel free to leave a comment down below. But it is going to be real simple and natural looking, since women back in those days probably doesn't wear makeup.

5. Do you like going to haunted attractions?
Yes, I love going to haunted attractions. It is so much fun!

6. Vampires or werewolves?
Definitely, vampires! I am a vampire freak. I love True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and of course many other vampire movies and shows.  I also love reading vampire books, in general. So vampires, I don't even like werewolves.

Part 2:
7.Favorite Halloween candy?

Kit Kat. But you can find and eat it all year round. But Kit Kat I especially love during Halloween.

8.Do you decorate your house!
No. We just go trick-or-treating, so we won't be at our house. There is really no point to than.

9.Least favorite costume
My least favorite would have to be when I was dress as super man. Because my dad somehow when I was in 1st grade wanted me to dress as super man. I think that is probably because my brother was being super man and he wanted me to be his twin. Which I know doesn't really make sense. My mom didn't really agree with this, she thought dad was going coo coo. And he thought that my older sisters are older so they get to choose what they wanted to be.

10.Have u ever repeated a costume and what was it?
Yes, I have repeated a costume before. I was being a Barbie Doll for 2 straight year. One when I was in 2nd grade which was 7 years old and 3rd grade which I was 8 years old. I love it so much, it was my all time favorite costume at the time until fourth grade I was obsess with Cinderella.

11.Do you believe in ghosts?
I would say I am 50/50 on this one. Because I have never seen a real ghost in my life. And my parents and brother always told me that ghost doesn't exist. But I am not sure if that is because they don't want me to be afraid of it. My older sisters says that there is ghost for playing around(i think) and a few of their friends said that they've seen ghosts in real life. So that is why I am not sure positive. And for all the movies and dramas that now exist about ghost, I am even more not sure.

12.Scariest Halloween
My scariest Halloween was when I was in 3rd grade. So when I was walking home, because I think my parents forgot to pick me up from school. And there were these two girls in this car and they called me if I wanted some candies. But my family have always told me to not talk to strangers and don't accept anything they give you. Especially, if it is something that you eat. You never know what is in there. So I replied to them nicely, no thank you. So I just walk away but than I yelled at me back for not accepting it and one of the girl chase me. So I ran back inside my school for help and to call my mom to pick me up.

Now I want you to answer these 12 questions, if you can. And I'll talk to you all later!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder

I've been wanting to do this review a really really long time ago. Since, I think August and it is now October so it has been quite some time. But I figure I might just still do it anyway. Because it's better late than never.

Anyway, this review if you can't tell already it is on the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in 720 Sunny. I will be going over the pros and the cons. But I will go over the cons first, since I think the good should always comes last in a review. This products retails for $2.99 without tax, so you can kind of adjust how much it will be with tax for your state.

Shades- It only has one shades which is in Sunny. The one I have. I am not sure if they will come out with more shades in the future. As of right now, they don't so I will be listing this in the cons section for the product. Basically this means it will not work on every skin tone. I would say it is best if you have light to medium light skin I would recommend checking it out. But if you don't it won't come off as a good bronzer for you. But it is my all time favorite drugstore bronzer and my all time favorite bronzer along with Benefit Hoola.

Breakable- This products is really easily breakable, especially when you hit pan. So you have to be really careful with bringing this with you in your purse, stay over night at someone house and just bringing this with you somewhere you have to be careful about.

Dirty Mirror- The last con I can find with this product is that the mirror gets really dirty. So if it breaks than you will probably have to keep a tissue with you because if you want to use the mirror, you need to clean it. Since, it is already kind of dusty when it didn't even break.

Affordable- It is super affordable for less than $5.

Pigmentation- It has absolute high pigmentation. It shows up on your skin really pigmented if you have light to medium light skin. One swipe of this it will be a good a bronzer.

Matte- Since, it is a matte bronzer it will be more usable than a bronzer that is not matte. So you can use this to contour.

Versatile- This product is also really versatile. You can use it as an eyeshadow, because I've tried and it works. I also have seen a few people on YouTube even use it to fill in their eyebrows. And I'm pretty sure there are more uses to it.

Quality- The quality is just great. It doesn't come off orange and is also very hard to come of orange on any skintone. Because I know that this might be a problem for us light skin girls.

Packaging- I also really love the packaging. It is really easy to open. And it also doesn't open easily if you have it in your purse. But I would still be real careful with it, since when my bronzer broke the compact open and it spills everywhere. I also would say that I really like the mirror, except for the con that I already have mention.

Lasting- I would say that you get a lot of use of this product. I hit pan on it when I had used it for about 6-7 months. But I finished the entire product for about 12-13 months.

Let me know down below, if you've have tried this product. And also tell me if you liked it or not. And what would you rate it out off on a scale of 1 through 10. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Picture is from here,0.5,0,0

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Collective Haul: Yankee Candles and Candles By Victoria

Today I am up for another haul, but this time it is a little bit different. Because it is a candle haul, hooray! I got some Yankee Candles that I bought a few days ago and a new Candles By Victoria that I just received today in the mail. Now I have never tried Yankee Candles, because many people hated them. They bash Yankee Candles by saying it's a waste of money, because it doesn't smell like anything when you burn it. But recently I've seen many people started to like them and rave about them. Some even have tons of them. So that is why I decided to give them a try. And I would have to say that I am pretty impress with the ones I've tried so far from Yankee Candles, so I went back yesterday and pick up a ton more. I've bought all of them in the small jar size for $10.99 each.But they were having this by one get one 50% off so that was a good deal.
As, for Candles By Victoria they are just an awesome candles company!

I just love candles. I especially love them when autumn hits. They keep me warm and cozy. And always be in the holiday spirits. Candles also decorate your rooms and make it very cozy and make your room have a nice smell.

Yankee Candles:
Cherries On Snow
Deck the Halls
Christmas Rose
Be Jolly
Apple Cider
Autumn Leaves
Vanilla Cupcake
Beach Walk
Christmas Cookie
Christmas Cupcake
Christmas Eve
Christmas Rose
Christmas Tree
Christmas Wreath
Fresh Mint
Holiday Sage
Home Sweet Home
Kitchen Spice
Macintosh Spice
Mandarin Cranberry
Mountain Berry
Pumpkin Butter Cream
Pumpkin Pie
Sparkling Cinnamon
Let Freedom Ring
Stars & Stripes
Napa Valley Harvest
Napa Valley Sun
Hometown Days
Cherry Berry Pie
Top Shelf Premium Fragrance Candles: Harvey Wallbanger, Earthquake and Alabama Slamma
Love Victoria Candles: French Crumb Cake and Orange Sandalwood
Country Jar Candles 9 oz: Snickerdoodle, Tropical Temptation, Strawberry Taffy and Enchanted Apple
Scent Shots: Armish Quilt, Apple Jack N Peel, Emerald Sea, Oatmeal & Honey, Caribbean Coconut, English Ivy, Divine Paradise and Coconut Praline

I would have to say please enjoy my haul blog post. And that I bought everything with my own money.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Top Picks MAC lipsticks for Fall/Winter

Today I will be going to share with you all what are my top 6 MAC lipsticks are for fall and winter. All of the lipsticks that I will mention will all be in there permanent collection. Meaning you can find any of these lipsticks at any MAC locations and they will always be available at any time. Unless, in the future they discontinue them. So depend on when you read it, it will be different. But as of right now these lipsticks are all in MAC permanent regular collection. This way so than everyone can have access to any of these lipsticks.

1.) Rebel- Vivid Pinkish Purple (Satin)
2.) Hang-up (deep berry, cremesheen)
3.) Media- Intense Reddish Purple (Satin)
4.) Dark Side- Deep Burgundy (Amplified Creme)
5.) Diva- Intense Reddish Burgundy (Matte)
6.) Viva Glam 3- Muted Brownish Plum (matte)

If you guys want a lipgloss version of this feel free to comment down below and just request it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

High School Gym Class Survival Kit

Today, I will be doing a blog post on my gym class survival kit for high school. Now I decided to say "high school" because I know that the majority of us started having gym class aka PE since we started middle school. And for most of us including me, we changes and do more stuff as we change from middle school to high school. So that is why I decided to say "high school" instead of just gym class survival kit. But if you do want me to do a middle school one than just feel free to say so, than I will blog on what is in my middle school gym class survival kit. Today, I am just doing what I brought and keep with me in the locker room for PE.

I went to a 2 year public high school, before I change to home school. So I know what it was like being in a real non home school high school, if that make any sense. The high school I went to required you to take a swimming lessons as a part of the gym class thing, so I kind of brought and keep more stuff with me. But I know that many schools doesn't required to even have a pool, so the stuff I brought will be a bit more than someone that doesn't have swimming about of their PE. Because we had swimming so we had 15 minutes to get ready for our next class, but sometime the teacher let the students out earlier like 3-5 minutes earlier for the 15 minutes mark. This is so that we have time to take a shower, because the pool has chlorine which is bad for your skin they want it to be wash off our skin, hair and body. So what I did was that the first 5 minutes I took a shower and just change, because we didn't really have a lot of time to take good shower. So I just want to rinse off the chlorine, than I am ready to go. Than next I change, do my makeup and hair and just get ready for my next period.

One advice that I have for anyone that has gym class is to not wear a lot of makeup. Because I know me for sure, that I run a lot and sometime you might be in the sun sweating so it is just gross to have tons of makeup on while you are sweating. So wear as little as you can or just not at all. I sometime didn't even wear any makeup on my gym class days, or sometime I just dust a little of powder on and a coat of mascara and chapstick than I am all set.

My Survival Kit:
1.) Deodorant
2.) Body Spray/ Mist: I prefer to bring something that is really fruity smelling or clean and I wouldn't bring a perfume.
3.) SPF 15 Lotion or Sunscreen
4.) SPF Chapstick/ Lip Balm
5.) Hand Sanitizer
6.) Kleenex
7.) Water Bottle filled with Water
8.) Mirror
9.) Wide Tooth Comb
10.) Flip Flops
11.) Bra and Underwear(so that I can change into a clean dry one, because the one I am wearing is already soaking wet)
12.) Makeup Wipes
13.) Q-Tips
14.) SPF Face Moisturizer
15.) Hair Ties and Bobbi Pins
16.) Makeup
17.) Period Pads

That is all I brought with me when I was in my high school gym class. I might forgot a few things, but they are probably not that important. I know that this seems a lot duh 17+ things, but most of these I always keep in my locker. Because I might already have another one of them at home. For example, like makeup wipes, period pads and deodorant etc I always keep them in my locker I don't take them back and forth. Unless, of course it is time for you to get your things out of the locker like the end of the school year.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Makeup for Beginners Using MAC and NARS Cosmetics

Since, I am super busy with school right now, today I just had a really big test and yep I still have more homework. I decided to do this quick and easy makeup tutorial post on makeup for beginners. So this is great if you are just starting out with makeup, but everyone can do this look whether you are a beginner or not. Now when I first started wearing makeup MAC and NARS were the first two brands that I use, because all of my older sisters and mom really like the brand. So I was kind of only introduce to MAC and NARS, so this tutorial will be exactly what I wore when I was starting to wear makeup. I don't remember all of the same exact products I use back than, because I started wearing a whole face of makeup when I was in 9th grade so at the age of 14. Which was like 4-5 years ago and as time flew I started to change my makeup routine. But I still remember the basics like concealer and eyeshadows.

1.) Apply MAC Matte Cream as a base for your face makeup to your face, obviously.
2.) Take MAC Studio Sculpt Finish SPF 35 Concealer with your finger and apply it to any imperfections and your under eyes.
3.) With MAC 183 Buffer Kabuki Brush take the NARS Powder Foundation and just apply it to your face and kind of buff it in lightly.

1.) Apply NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base all over your eyes and into the inner corner.
2.) With the MAC 139 flat eyeshadow shader brush take MAC eyeshadow in All That Glitters and apply it all over your lids.
3.) Take MAC eyeshadow in Sushi Flower and mix it with MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow and apply it to your crease with MAC 217 blending brush.
4.) With the MAC 224 Blending Brush just blend out any harsh line above the crease.
5.) Take MAC 227 large fluff highlighting brush with MAC Eyeshadow in Blanc Type and apply it to your brow bone.
6.) The last step for the eyeshadows is to just take NARS Eye Contour Brush with NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow in Tibet and mix it with MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow and apply it to your inner corner.
7.) Take MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl and apply it to your waterline.
8.) Curl your lashes with the NARS eyelash curler.
9.) Apply a coat of the NARS Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara.

1.) With the MAC 168 apply MAC powder blush in Well Dressed to your cheeks up to your temple.

1.) Apply MAC lipstick in Angel to your lips.
2.) Top it off with NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight.

1.)Apply MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl to your cheekbone.
2.) Contour and bronze your face with the MAC Bronzing Powder to your 3E spot and contour it under your cheekbone and on the side of your temples. Choose which ever shade is best for you, mine is Golden.

Remember you can always substitute these products to whatever works best for you. It doesn't have to be high end like MAC or NARS.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Haul: Ulta, Call It Spring, Payless, Nordstrom and MAC

Today, I am doing another haul. I bought these products almost 3 weeks ago, but I just decided to do a haul today. Except, for the MAC products which I got all of them today and a few days ago. So don't think that I bought all of these products today. Hope you like it!

Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Bag- Purse Size $25
NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencils-Rocky Mountain Green $4.49
NYX Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker- Carbon Black $8.99
NYX Cosmetics Cream Blush- Glow $6.99
Maybelline Cosmetics Fit Me Blush- Deep Rose $4.99
Maybelline Cosmetics Eyeshadow Single- Champagne Fizz $3.49
Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara- Very Black $4.99

Call it Spring:
SAGITTA Cold Weather Boots- Black Suede $79.99

Payless Shoes:(buy 1, get one off everything deal)
Christoff Siriano Women's Jazz Oxford- Black Patent $29.99
Airwalk Women's Regan Flat Boot- Cognac $19.99
Airwalk Limited Edition Frosty Moccasin Ankle Boooties- Cognac $29.99
American Eagle Women's Alexa Buckle Ankle Flat- Red $19.99

Minnetonka Cally Slipper Moccasins- Cinnamon $36.95 (cheaper alternative for the UGG slipper moccasins)

MAC Fall Colour Collection:
Wild Colour Pigments- Neo-Orange $20
Wild Colour Eyeshadows- Three Ring Yellow, Blue Candy and Royale ($15 each)
Wild Colour Chromagraphic Pencils- Process Magenta, Basic Red and High Def Cyan ($15 each)
Wild Colour Lipsticks- Show Orchid and Fusion Pink ($14.50 each)
Angel Flame Tinted Lipglasses- Pink Fade, Orange Tempera and Good Times ($14.50 each)
Angel Flame Mineralize Skinfinishe- Lightscapade $28
Angel Flame Eyeshadows Quad(eyeshadows in it are)- Chamomile, Angel Flame, Feather Pink and Gravel $38
Midnight Blue Fluidline- Ash Violet $15
Midnight Blue Pigments- Emerald Dusk, Blue Storm and Starless Night ($20 each)
Midnight Blue in Parlour Smoke- Parlor Smoke, Cross Cultural, Indigo Noir and Steel $38
Midnight Blue Lip Erase- Dim $18.50
Midnight Blue Kohl Power Eye Pencils- Feline(i bought 4 of them, $15 each)
Midnight Blue Lipsticks- Fleshpot and X-S
Midnight Blue Nail Lacquer- Coco Clay
MAC 182 Buffer Kabuki Brush $49.50(for my mom)

Jessica Stam Dark Fall Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I am now getting back into doing my fall inspired makeup tutorial series. The last time I did one of these was September 21, which is like 3-4 weeks ago so a really long time ago. I am really sorry that I haven't done one, but now I am planning on having 2 makeup inspired tutorials 2 times a week. I got a few more inspired pictures that I really want to do. So hopefully, I get all of them up this month and before November starts.

This time this look is also inspired by Jessica Stam. I always find that she always have great makeup look. That is the reason why most of my past tutorials are inspired by her. I just love her makeup overall. The inspired picture is above, just in case you want to get a look of it. Also, this time I will be using a variety of different brands.

1.) Start off by priming your lids with your favorite eyeshadow primer. I am using the ELF Eyelid Primer. It is only $1-$2 at Target or any place that you can find sells ELF Cosmetics.
2.) Take any synthetic flat shader brush with Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner in Black Ink which is just a jet black liner, but we will be using it as a shadow base. Apply a light to medium coat of that all over the lid and try not to go any higher than that.
3.) Now with that same synthetic flat shader brush, flip it to the other side and take Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in #4 a matte black color and pad that all over your lids and go maybe about 1/3 of the way in.
4.) With any small eyeshadow brush take Pandora's Makeup Box Eyeshadow in Slate and just put that on the rest of the empty 1/3 of your lid. But make sure there are no harsh line between the black eyeshadow color and this Slate eyeshadow.
5.) Take a crease brush, that has no eyeshadow on it at all with Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in #29 a matte warm dark brown and just apply it into the crease and blending it up lightly kind of acting like a transitional color above the crease.
6.) For your waterline and tide line take Stila Smudgestick in Stingray and line it all the way into the inner corner. Line both the upper and lower waterline.
7.) With a small pencil brush go back to that Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in #4 and just line your lower lash line all the way into the inner corner with it. Make sure it connects with your outer corner and upper lash line.
8.) Take a highlighting brush and go in with Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in #15 a matte ivory beige and just highlight your brow bone with it.
9.) The last step for the eyeshadows is to just take Sephora brand eyeshadow in Aspen Summit #23 with a small eyeshadow brush and highlight your inner corner with that.
10.) Now the final step for the eyes are to just curl your lashes and apply a coat of the Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Flared Waterproof Mascara in Very Black to your upper and lower lashes.

1.) For the cheeks Jessica has a very peachy cheeks on the apple of her cheeks and to her temples. So to achieve those cheeks, take a blush brush with L'Oreal True Match Blush in Innocent Flush and apply it heavily to the apple of your cheeks and blending it as you get higher to the temples.

1.) Jessica lips is a peachy pink color. So take Bare Escentuals Buxom Big & Healthy Full Color Lip Polish in Katie and apply that first to your lips than take another Buxom Lip Polish in Amber and just apply it over Katie lip polish.

That is it for Jessica Stam makeup.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Trend Is Back: Wearing Socks with Open Toe Shoe/ Heels

This year we are bringing back the 2008 Spring and Winter 2010 Trend alive. It is currently fall, meaning the weathers are a lot cooler now and winter is just right around the corner. We all still want to stay on trend for the cooler months, but is still warm and cozy. This is why today I am doing this post on how to wear socks with open toe shoes/heels. I am a definite heel girl, so I still like to wear my heels in the winter and still be comfortable. So this post will teach you are to wear what is in style now. This trend has been featuring on the runways and is going to be a big hit this fall and winter.

1.) Length of Socks: When wearing socks with heels or just any open toe shoes or just shoes that is overall not warm enough for you. You want want to make sure the socks is the right length. Measure what lengths fit you and your shoes the best.

2.) Patterns: When wearing socks with heels you want to make sure they have little to no patterns. It is best if it is a solid color sock.

3.) Picking Out: When you are picking out shoes for this trend, make sure the shoe is a bit bigger. Because you are going to wear socks with them, so just slightly bigger is perfect.

4.) What Not to Wear This With: When you are wearing socks with heels, you want to stay away from shoes that has straps going up your legs.

5.) Protection: When wearing socks with heels sometime you can slip a little, since the sock can make your shoe slips. So for safety reasons I would recommend getting insoles to put in them and/or heel grips that you can put at the bottom of the shoe. You can find these really cheap for like $3-$5 at Payless or just about any drugstore or sports/shoes store.

5.) Clothes: This look will look best if you are wearing something short. Like if you are wearing shorts, skirts or dresses that is above your knee it looks great with. This is great for those warmer fall/winter months. But if it is colder or just cold you can pair it with a maxi skirt or maxi dress. Many South Korean celebrities I've seen rock this trend a lot in dramas. One in specific is the main girl from the K-Drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night".

Friday, October 7, 2011

Top Fashion Picks for Fall/Winter

Hi lovelies! Today I'm going to share with you what are my top fashion picks for the fall and winter months. I just categorize fall and winter fashion as the same season. Like I categorize spring and summer fashion. I don't really see a huge difference between fall and winter fashion, so it's just not worth it to me to wear different types of clothes to wear in the fall and winter months. If I was to choose a few fashion items for fall and winter that I can wear everyday, it would definitely would have to be these five. Now I separate them into 5 different categories such as tops, bottoms, purses, shoes and accessories.

Express Sexy Bra Camis
Abercrombie & Fitch Andrea Hoodies
Victoria's Secret The Flirty Cardi Sweaters
XOXO Pleated A-Line Coat

Abercrombie & Fitch Jeggings
Victoria's Secret Pink Vintage Flare Pants(sweatpants)
Forever21 Essential Nylon Leggings

Coach Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel in Brass/Persimmon
Jimmy Choo Teri Patent Leather Clutch in Black

Steven by Steve Madden Intyce Boots in Cognac Leather
ALDO Horvath Oxford Wedge in Brown Leather
UGG Australia Dakota Slipper Moccasins for Women in Chestnut

Forever 21 Crepon Woven Scarves
Studs Earrings
Wrap Bracelets
Cocktail and Owl Rings

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to NOT Get the Cold/Flu

The fall and winter months are here. We do not want to get sick, especially the cold. It is very common in cold weathers. That is why I wanted to get this blog post up as soon as possible, before the really cold weathers are here. And basically, just before anyone get sick for having the cold. Having a cold is one of the worst thing that could ever happen to me. You have to misses days of schools and having unattractive runny nose. So is here how I prevent from getting the cold or flu if it is more common to you, but I am more prone to a cold than a flu.

1.) Shots:
Take shots at your hospital or local clinics. I got mine about 3-4 weeks ago and I am so glad, because I have not had a flu since than. It may be painful for the first few days, but it is all worth it in the end.

2.) Wash Your Hands:
I can not stress enough on how people that do not wash their hands. You should at least wash your hands 5 times a day with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds each time you do. I'd recommend doing this before you eat and after you use the restroom. This will not only prevent getting sick, but it also prevent you from getting infections like an eye infection. In case, you do rub your eyes with unsanitary hands.

3) Wear Cozy Clothes:
Always wear clothes that makes you warm and won't expose you to the cold weather. A sweater, jacket or coat will be perfect. Also, wear it to sleep and if you don't like any of these just wear a long sleeve shirt to sleep. I get sick a lot from not wearing a sweater to sleep when it's cold, because when I wake up I feel all sick.

4.) Eat Healthy:
Do NOT drink cold drinks, except for milk when you are sick or want to prevent from getting the cold or the flu. Most importantly just eat healthy. Take your vitamins daily and eat your fruits and vegetables. Eat a lot of warm stuff, like a soup.

5.) Exercise:
It has proven that exercise really help and prevent you from getting sick. But of course if you are extremely sick you don't have to exercise. Although, I am sure if you have a little cold it will help a lot if you exercise. Maybe do a 5 minute warm up and just run for 20 minutes.

Picture is from here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September 2011 Favorites

I've been wanting to do a favorite blog post since last month for August, but I just felt that I don't have the privilege to. Because I made my blog in the middle of August, so it just didn't seem right to do one if you know what I mean. Anyway, I got a lot of favorites including beauty related products, food, music and movies. I am still not sure if I will have all of these categories every month for my favorites. But I am definitely sure that I will always have the beauty category, since this is what a favorite mainly about.

Benefit they're real mascara
Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Cream Eyeshadow- Gold Blitz
Le Metier de Beaute Classic Flawless Finish Foundation- Shade 02
MAC Eye Kohl- Teddy
MAC Eyeshadows- Woodwinked, Cranberry, Post Haste, Blanc Type
MAC Pigment- Naked
NARS Eyeshadows Duo- Silk Road(light icy pink side)
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil- Milk

Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Perfume
MAC Turquatic Perfume

Millions of Milkshake
Chicken Noodle Soup w/Crackers

"Do It Like A Dude" by Jessie J
"I'm a Slave 4 You" by Britney Spears
"Rumors" by Lindsay Lohan
"Change" by Hyuna (kpop)
"Nobody" and "Tell Me" by Wonder Girls

Straw Dogs(1971 and 2011)