Saturday, October 29, 2011

What to Wear on a Road Trip or an Airplane

I travel a lot, I just love to visit many different places. One day I'll be in Los Angeles and than the next I'll be in New York City. So many people are just wondering what my advice and what I like to wear when I am on a road trip or on an airplane. My number one advice for anyone is to wear anything that is comfortable. So if you want to know more than just keep reading.

1.) Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
2.) Stay away from heels. Wear tennis shoes, flats or sandals instead.
3.) Don't bring accessories, earrings are acceptable. I would not recommend wearing accessories like necklaces and bracelets with you, because it will just be a pain. Or at least it is for me.
4.) Wear simple clothing. Try to wear something that is plain, but still comfortable and is your style or you are just fine with it. So I wouldn't recommend wearing anything that has to do with belts.
5.) Do not dress sassy, because it can get really cold sometimes. And it is just plain uncomfortable for me at least to be on a plane or in a car wearing something that is short.
6.) If you want to wear dresses, skirts or shorts. I would recommend to wear a maxi dress or maxi skirt or shorts that hit just right above your knees. So than you won't have to be uncomfortable with your private part might be showing.
7.) Always, always, always bring an outerwear with you. Because you never know that it might be really cold or just chilly. I wouldn't recommend bringing like a big coat or sweater or jacket or something, because on airplanes they have a blanket for you. Unless you are flying somewhere that is going to be really cold or snowing.

What I Wear:
Now this is what I wear on a road trip or an airplane.

Top: Loose t-shirt or a tank top
Outerwear: Big Coat or a nice hoodie
Bottoms: Flared Sweatpants(Victoria's Secret and Juicy Couture are my favorite brands)
Shoes: Sneakers
Accessories: Stud Earrings or Little Hoops Earrings and sometime I bring a scarf
Contacts or Glasses: Also if you wear contacts or glasses like me. I wouldn't recommend wearing contacts, because they are a pain. Having to take them in an out. So glasses are just way better, but make sure to me bring the case with you. You don't want them to be broken.

So comment down below, letting us know your advice and what to/you wear on a road trip or an airplane!

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