Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Trend Is Back: Wearing Socks with Open Toe Shoe/ Heels

This year we are bringing back the 2008 Spring and Winter 2010 Trend alive. It is currently fall, meaning the weathers are a lot cooler now and winter is just right around the corner. We all still want to stay on trend for the cooler months, but is still warm and cozy. This is why today I am doing this post on how to wear socks with open toe shoes/heels. I am a definite heel girl, so I still like to wear my heels in the winter and still be comfortable. So this post will teach you are to wear what is in style now. This trend has been featuring on the runways and is going to be a big hit this fall and winter.

1.) Length of Socks: When wearing socks with heels or just any open toe shoes or just shoes that is overall not warm enough for you. You want want to make sure the socks is the right length. Measure what lengths fit you and your shoes the best.

2.) Patterns: When wearing socks with heels you want to make sure they have little to no patterns. It is best if it is a solid color sock.

3.) Picking Out: When you are picking out shoes for this trend, make sure the shoe is a bit bigger. Because you are going to wear socks with them, so just slightly bigger is perfect.

4.) What Not to Wear This With: When you are wearing socks with heels, you want to stay away from shoes that has straps going up your legs.

5.) Protection: When wearing socks with heels sometime you can slip a little, since the sock can make your shoe slips. So for safety reasons I would recommend getting insoles to put in them and/or heel grips that you can put at the bottom of the shoe. You can find these really cheap for like $3-$5 at Payless or just about any drugstore or sports/shoes store.

5.) Clothes: This look will look best if you are wearing something short. Like if you are wearing shorts, skirts or dresses that is above your knee it looks great with. This is great for those warmer fall/winter months. But if it is colder or just cold you can pair it with a maxi skirt or maxi dress. Many South Korean celebrities I've seen rock this trend a lot in dramas. One in specific is the main girl from the K-Drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night".

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