Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updated Hair Routine!

Hey, everyone today I will be doing a blog post on my updated hair routine. So I will be showing what products shampoo and conditioner. But all of the the other stuffs have stayed the same since my last one. So if you are wondering about that you can check my last hair care routine post.The last one that I did was in August so about 2 months ago that I did one of these. But as I've promised I have changed my hair routine around October so here it is.

I have started to use a new line of hair products and they are by "blow". They also have a site which is You can (I think) find their products only at like salons, which is where I got all of my blow products. My hairstylist actually uses these "blow" products on my hair and he recommend that I use their products and trusting him I absolutely love their products. Although, they are a bit on the pricier sides I think they are totally worth it.

Shampoo: $16
I use the blow up daily volumizing shampoo. Which is suppose to "adds noticeable volume and body without stripping hair. removes build up." They totally do what they says, so I really like this shampoo. It is also sulfate- free which is really great, because than it won't take out too much oil from your hair. But one down side to this is that since it is sulfate-free it won't lather as much as shampoos that are not sulfate-free. I can bare it though, for the best of my hair.

Conditioner: $16
To go along with that I use the blow up daily volumizing conditioner. It also do what it says, but I only put this on the ends of my hair. If I do put it on my roots it will be too just oily. I leave it in for a minute before I rinse it off. And yes I still use my Neutrogena deep conditioner if you were wondering. But this is the conditioner I use every time I washes my hair thoroughly.

Not to mention that I absolutely love their packaging. Super sleek!



So comment down below if you've tried any blow products and whether you like or not!

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