Tuesday, October 11, 2011

High School Gym Class Survival Kit

Today, I will be doing a blog post on my gym class survival kit for high school. Now I decided to say "high school" because I know that the majority of us started having gym class aka PE since we started middle school. And for most of us including me, we changes and do more stuff as we change from middle school to high school. So that is why I decided to say "high school" instead of just gym class survival kit. But if you do want me to do a middle school one than just feel free to say so, than I will blog on what is in my middle school gym class survival kit. Today, I am just doing what I brought and keep with me in the locker room for PE.

I went to a 2 year public high school, before I change to home school. So I know what it was like being in a real non home school high school, if that make any sense. The high school I went to required you to take a swimming lessons as a part of the gym class thing, so I kind of brought and keep more stuff with me. But I know that many schools doesn't required to even have a pool, so the stuff I brought will be a bit more than someone that doesn't have swimming about of their PE. Because we had swimming so we had 15 minutes to get ready for our next class, but sometime the teacher let the students out earlier like 3-5 minutes earlier for the 15 minutes mark. This is so that we have time to take a shower, because the pool has chlorine which is bad for your skin they want it to be wash off our skin, hair and body. So what I did was that the first 5 minutes I took a shower and just change, because we didn't really have a lot of time to take good shower. So I just want to rinse off the chlorine, than I am ready to go. Than next I change, do my makeup and hair and just get ready for my next period.

One advice that I have for anyone that has gym class is to not wear a lot of makeup. Because I know me for sure, that I run a lot and sometime you might be in the sun sweating so it is just gross to have tons of makeup on while you are sweating. So wear as little as you can or just not at all. I sometime didn't even wear any makeup on my gym class days, or sometime I just dust a little of powder on and a coat of mascara and chapstick than I am all set.

My Survival Kit:
1.) Deodorant
2.) Body Spray/ Mist: I prefer to bring something that is really fruity smelling or clean and I wouldn't bring a perfume.
3.) SPF 15 Lotion or Sunscreen
4.) SPF Chapstick/ Lip Balm
5.) Hand Sanitizer
6.) Kleenex
7.) Water Bottle filled with Water
8.) Mirror
9.) Wide Tooth Comb
10.) Flip Flops
11.) Bra and Underwear(so that I can change into a clean dry one, because the one I am wearing is already soaking wet)
12.) Makeup Wipes
13.) Q-Tips
14.) SPF Face Moisturizer
15.) Hair Ties and Bobbi Pins
16.) Makeup
17.) Period Pads

That is all I brought with me when I was in my high school gym class. I might forgot a few things, but they are probably not that important. I know that this seems a lot duh 17+ things, but most of these I always keep in my locker. Because I might already have another one of them at home. For example, like makeup wipes, period pads and deodorant etc I always keep them in my locker I don't take them back and forth. Unless, of course it is time for you to get your things out of the locker like the end of the school year.

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