Sunday, October 2, 2011

Milkshakes and Frozen Yogurt

I LOVE milkshakes and frozen yogurt. Everyone that know me know that, I probably go to either a milkshake store or a frozen yogurt store like everyday. I just love them, they are super super yummy. I am not sure if these stores are in other states or country, but I'm pretty sure that they have these stores all around the US. If not, whenever you get the chance to visit California you must at least visits one of these stores. You will not regret it. Now the stores are Millions of Milkshakes, Yogurtland, Menchies, Pinkberry and Wild Berry Yogurt. These are my top stores that sells milkshakes and frozen yogurt. Except for Millions of Milkshakes, it is the only store that I listed that sells milkshakes. Seriously, though Millions of Milkshakes is true to its name. They millions of milkshakes combination. I just went to one last night, after I had dinner with my friends and family. So you have
to go to Millions of Milkshakes and any of the other 4 frozen yogurt stores.

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