Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Wear Bright Colorful Eyeshadows

I have many tips and advice for anyone that wants to wear bright colorful eyeshadows, but are still on the fence of how to. So if you are wondering, just keep reading.

My first advice and tips is to start small. Start with bright eyeshadows that are still not overly bright, and the one eyeshadows color I could think of are purple eyeshadows. Purple is definitely a bright colorful eyeshadows, but it is somehow still wearable as far as I'm concerned. So definitely try purple eyeshadows first to start off with color eyeshadows.

My second tip/ advice is to wear it only on the lid. Wearing a color eyeshadows like a bright green on the lid and kind of tone it down with a wearable eyeshadow color in the crease and just the rest of your eye makeup. The bright green will of course still be bright green, but since we have a wearable color in the crease it will not make it too dramatic.

Third of all my last tip/advice, is a pop of color on the lower lash line. This means you can have a wearable eyeshadow look on your upper lids, but just a pop of color on your lower lash line. It will also kind of kick a start for you in the color eyeshadows world. I would suggest to find a color that will contrast your eye colors. So if you have brown eyes try blue or blue violet. If you have green eyes try red. If you have blue eyes like me try orange or red-orange. And if you have blueish green eyes you can try both red, orange or red-orange eyeshadows colors. But if you have any eye color purple will always go with your eye color.

Here are a few picture I've found across the Internet:

Comment down below on how you like to wear color eyeshadows!

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