Saturday, September 22, 2012

Questions and Answers

Hello beauties! As I am typing down this post and uploading it, I am on the airplane from Japan Narita Airport back to Los Angeles, California. And as I was on this business trip with my family, as most of you may know if you follow me on twitter. We've just finished our huge business trip started in the states and ending it up in Asia. Anyway, a few days ago I asked you guys on twitter that you can email me any questions that you would like for me to answer just to know me better. There was a total of 22 questions, but a few of them were very personal that I didn't want to address it; so I dropped it down for 18 questions. Lets get started, I'm very excited for this!

Q1. How many cities and countries have you been to?

A: I've been to so many cities that I can't even remembered them all, but for countries; I've been to England, China, France, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Cambodia, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines,  Taiwan, Canada, Australia, and of course the United States of America.

Q2. What phone are you using currently?

A: I am currently using the iPhone 4S. Before that I was using a Blackberry for two years, so it was time for me to switch up my phone and update it.

Q3: How do you manage to stay so skinny?

A: Everyone in my family have either high or medium metabolism. My dad probably has medium, but he works out a lot when he was young; so he was able to stay in good shapes. Whereas my mom was naturally really skinny, but she still works out a lot too. This is where I got my skinniness from I guess, so my parents would be the reason.

Q4: What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

A:  Mine would definitely be Chick-fil-A. If you don't know what Chick-fil-A is, since it's not as popular as other fast food restaurants like McDonalds, or KFC. Chick-fil-A is a chicken fast good restaurants, so they have really good chickens that they serves you. I love fry chicken the most!

Q5: What is your natural hair color?

A: I have a weird hair color routine I guess. When I was really young, my hair was very blonde; to the point where it almost looks white. Although, as I grew up it becomes darker. Right now my hair is a very dark blonde color, naturally. It's like the hair color Angelina Jolie when she had the soft caramel blonde hue color.

Q6: What is your real name?

A: My birth name was Hyomi Saika Fow, although now I've legally changed it to just Kate Fow. I still like my birth name more than my real name now. I do have two middle names, but you already know one of it and the other one I want to keep it in private.

Q7: I know that you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, do you recommend it?

A: I personally love my Galaxy Tab 7.7 very very much, so I do recommend it. I take it everywhere I travel to, and it's just so convenient. When I first bought it like any other electronics, it's very hard to get the hang out of it, but after a few times of using it; I became a pro at it just like that. So if you are planning on buying it, don't hesitate; there's nothing to regret in my opinion.

Q8: Do you play video games?

A: No, I do not play video games. The only one that I've ever played was the Ratatouille game. I am just not into video games, I'm more of a movie, music and beauty girl. I have nothing against video games though, if you like it I don't hate you.

Q9: How tall are most of your high heels?

A: Most of my high heels are 4 inches, so that's about 87% of my high heels. I have a few 1-2'' heels and 5-6.5''. So yeah, 4 inches are most of my high heels.

Q10: Do you workout everyday? And how long do you usually work out for?

A: No, I do not workout everyday. I usually work out every other day for two hours most of the time, but I've worked out for 4-7 hours a day a few times before.

Q11: What's your favorite drink?

A: My favorite drinks are the Vita Coco 100% pure coconut water. They are very refreshing and taste good on a hot summer day when they are cold. I not only drinks it for taste reasons, but also for beauty reasons. Coconut water are proven to improve your skin, and I do see that with this drink.

Q12: What grade are you in right now?

A: As of right now I am a sophomore in college. I am planning on transferring to a university for my junior year, and hopefully study abroad for my senior year.

Q13: I know that you have walked the catwalks before, so how many and what catwalks have you walked on

A: I've walked 7 runways before, if I remembered correctly. And I seriously don't remember all of them, but my favorite one was when my school had their pretty big runway show. I got to wear the finale dress and it was my first catwalk, so I was very impress and happy of myself. I've walked for a few brand name runways before as well during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week(s).

Q14: What is your favorite fashion accessories?

A: Mine are earrings, because you cannot complete a look without a nice pair of earrings. It just doesn't look complete.

Q15: What else do you collect besides beauty related items and books?

A: I collect broaches, but I'm not sure if you count that as a beauty related items or not. I wear them to accessorize my outfit up, but not many people wear them or have them. I also collects Blythe dolls, I started collecting them since I was so young that I can't even remember. I have a total of 67 Blythe dolls in total, which I think is a pretty huge collections for dolls.

Q16: What languages do you know besides English?

A: I know Korean fluently, and I am being privately tutored in Mandarin Chinese.

Q17: Since you travel a lot, so that involves flying. What airlines do you uses and what's your favorite airline?

A: I travel all around the world, from the US to Asia to Europe since I was in pre-school. So the airlines that I've used are Delta, China Airline, Eva Air, American Airlines, Thai Airways International, United Airlines, and Air France. Right now is my first time flying on Asiana Airlines, and I am very impress with it. My favorite airline would be China Airline, because the service is just awesome. I flied on both their economy and first class, and both classes are great.

Q18: What do you like to do when you're bored?

A: It's pretty simple, I like to read, watch a movie, watch videos on YouTube, or sing.

That's it for my questions and answers post, so bye everyone!

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