Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Online Book Haul!

Hello lovelies! If you are a bookworm like me, than you have come to the right place. Today will be a huge online book haul that I ordered 14 days ago. I believe that it was from England. If it was anywhere in the US or Canada the shipping would've been faster than this. I got every books for about three pounds or less, so a US dollar equivalent would be around $5. They are all use books, but the condition of them are awesome compare to regular use books that you wouldn't have ordered from Yes, I ordered every books from the website So if you want a fairly good quality books, but not "new", check it out if you have time to spare!

1.) The first book that I got is "Hex Hall," by Rachel Hawkins. This is a book about a school for witches, shape shifting, and fairies. I'm really excited to read this, I've heard a lot about this series.

2.) Then I got "Amy & Roger's Epic Detour," by Morgan Matson. The text is quite small in this book, but it have a lot of breaks where they have lists and photos like scrapbook effects. I'm really excited to read this.

3.) Next I got "Sisters Red" and "Sweetly," both are by Jackson Pearce. They're both a fairy tale retelling books in a fairy-tale inspired books series. "Sisters Red" is the first in the series following up with "Sweetly," the second book in the series. This will just be a good and easy books to just read since fall and winter is here soon.

4.) Then I ordered "The Luxe", "Rumors", "Envy", and "Splendor," by Anna Godberson. They all comes with a really good-pristine hardcover for 2 pounds 50 or something. They are all the first books in the "The Luxe" series. I am most excited to read these four, because they are the kind of books I lean more toward out of the books that I bought in this order.

5.) Now this next book that I ordered was based off of it's cover, because it looks super cute. And I know they said not to judge a book by its cover, but I totally did that for this book. It is "Raspberry Crush," by Jill Winters. I just bought it off of the cover since it looks like a chick-flick book I would like.

6.) Next I bought "Rogue Herries," by Hugh Walpole. I read a summary of this book, so it is in the Herries Chronicle book series and it is the first of the series. It basically has everything from balls and weddings to witches, romance and murder. I am very excited to read this just like all of the other books that I bought.

7.) The next book that I bought is kind of like the typical love story where the main guy is in the Navy as a pilot. But somehow, there is that one thing to it that makes me very attractive and sad to read. It is described as a captivating love story. The book is called "On Wings of the Morning," by Barbara Delinsky.

8.) This next book that I bought is "Mistress of Rome," by Kate Quinn. And I've watched a ton of movies about ancient Rome that has very similar storyline to this book. Although somehow there is that little attraction(i guess) in me that the books attract me to.

9.) Second to last book that I got is "At the Playboy's Pleasure," by Kim Lawrence. I really like the storyline overall about a playboy and a girl name Lucy. It's kind of hard for me to explain this book, so just go look it up yourself if you are interested. It's a pretty short novel.

10.) The last novel that I ordered from awesomebooks is "Fast Courting," by Barbara Delinsky. For this book, both the storyline and cover attracts me. The cover just looks very nature, fresh, and just my taste. To give you a brief summary of the novel it is basically about a female magazine writer that has to do interviews with the top eligible bachelors and of course, one of them is the main guy. And the story goes on from there.

That is the end to this pretty big book haul! Live happy and stay healthy everyone. Don't catch the cold!

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