Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hygiene Products Haul

I hit up a local Walgreens today and got a bag full of "hygiene" products. I love smelling good and feeling fresh and clean, so if you are like me, this is the right post for you. And one weird random fact about me is that I uses all of my hygiene products up about the same time, so whenever I go buy them; I always get a bag full of products and at first it was awkward at the checkout. Now I am use to buying a bunch of hygiene products at the same time.

Listerine Soft Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash- I've been using the Scope mouthwash for years now, so I wanted to try something new. I decided to get this particular mouthwash, because Listerine is a really good and well-known brand for its mouthwash. This is one of reason why I bought it, but the greater cause was that I wanted something that was a bit stronger than the Scope mouthwash that is in my control for me to handle it.

REACH Deep Clean Floss(icy mint texturized floss)- I also been using the Scope floss for years now as well, so I wanted to try an alternative as well. So I decided to buy this REACH floss since everyone in my family uses it and I was seriously like the only one that uses the Scope floss.

REACH Access Flosser- This product basically suppose to be a floss for your teeth in the back. For some people it is easy for them to floss the back of their teeth, but for me it is one of the most difficult thing ever. When I saw this it automatically jumped into my basket. It comes with a disposable snap-on heads in three different flavors. The flavor that I bought is Fresh Mint Crystals. I love my mouth to smell like fresh mint if you didn't notice that everything I bought so far are in some type of mint flavor. Btw, the extra snap-on heads comes in a pack of 3 in the same flavor.

FDS Feminine Deodorant Spray Extra Strength- There are deodorant for every type of body odor, but every girl needs a feminine deodorant for their vaginal area. And I'm sorry that I might offend anyone, but every girl seriously have their own personal smell in the "down there" area. I admit it myself that I do have a smell, but it is definitely in control. And for those of you that doesn't know, your own smell is definitely stronger to you than it is to anybody else. If you want to know how to use any of the products that I bought, you can search it on Google yourself. It feels a bit awkward for me to explain all of them to you all.

Summer's Eve Body Powder- This is a powder that is like the baby powder that is design to prevent moisture from building up odor. If you didn't know, moisture is a huge cause of why sometime your down there smells.

Dr. Scholl's Odor Destroyers Foot Deodorant Spray- Speaking of deodorant, I also bought this foot deodorant. And just like any other deodorant, it is suppose to put control on your foot odor so that it won't smell so terrible. I know of this particular spray because of my friend Tayon. She also uses foot deodorant spray as well. I don't have a strong feet odor and I rarely get them, but I do get them if I am out wearing shoes everyday and it's any type of shoes whether it's flip flops to boots. So I seriously need this for those days.

Vagisil Anti-Itch Creme(regular strength)- Yes, I know that I uses a lot of products to keep my down there clean and fresh, and here is another one of them. I sometime get itchy down there, so I uses this creme and I've been using it for years and nothing bad has happen to me at least. So I will be continuing to keep using this, because when i itch, it stops it.

Vagisil Feminine Wash pH Balanced(light and fresh)- One of the other things that I use to keep my down there clean to cleanse down there 2-3 times a week with a feminine wash. I picked this one because Vagisil is a really good brand for feminine products. And it was a buy two get one dollar off deal, so I thought that hey why not buy two. This is a fairly new product I guess since it says "new" on the bottle. Before this I had always uses the Summer's Eve brand, but this one had a better deal and I don't think that there will be any huge different between these two brands since their both leading brands for feminine products.

Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths for Sensitive Skin, Simply Sensitive- I believe that no girl should use any harsh products on her down there area, so I tries my best to look for feminine products that are meant for sensitive skin. And my all time favorite feminine wipes for down there is this Summer's Eve wipes. I like to use it when I am on my menstrual cycle or just whenever I am not feeling so clean and fresh down there.

Always Wipes-to-Go Individual Wipes- Now that I've bought this wipe and the Summer's Eve, I could just bring one of this Always wipes with me wherever I go. Then, I won't have to carry a whole pack of feminine wipes with me everywhere. And for the Summer's Eve, I will just leave it in my bathroom for me to use at home.

Instyle Fragrances Designer Mist Sheer Body Mist for Women- This is design to be a cheaper alternative for the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume. I personally love the Viva La Juicy perfume very much, but cheaper is a better deal. And I haven't used it yet since I just bought it today, but so far as the packaging is very cute and sleek.

Okay, that was everything that I bought at Walgreens today.

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