Saturday, February 18, 2012

Homemade Lip Scrub

Not everyone have the money to spend $5 or more dollars on a lip scrub. So today I decided to do a little blog post on a "homemade lip scrub" that you can make right off the bat from your kitchen. This lip scrub will exfoliate your lips to a nice smooth surface, but will still give your lips the moisture that you want. All you need are just a few items and just a few easy steps.

1.) 100% Honey
2.) Brown Sugar or Regular Sugar(not Splenda)

1.) Little jar
2.) Teaspoon

1.) Take about a full teaspoon of sugar or brown sugar and put it in your little jar.
2.) Pour the amount of honey your desire and put it in the jar with the sugar. I usually pour just to where I think is enough, I don't measure it. So I would say just over a half of teaspoon is good for a little jar.
3.) Mix the sugar and honey together.
4.) You are done!
5.) The lip scrub is ready to be use.

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