Saturday, February 25, 2012

J. Crew, Anthropologie and Bath & Body Works Haul

To continue with my series of haul from last time, which was just totally dedicated to makeup. This one is more well round, because it have both clothes, house decorations and body products. Anyway, I hope you all will enjoy it and I'll probably get the rest of the haul up later today for my Asian makeup products.

J. Crew:

Pixie Pants- The only reason that I went to J. Crew, was because I really wanted the Pixie Pants that they had. Missglamorazzi aka Ingrid and Flowerbomb31 aka Natalie really enjoys wearing them and recommended them to their viewers, so I just had to get them. So I bought 4 of the Pixie Pants, 2 in Black and 2 in Heather Charcoal. And these pants are such an investment, because they cost $88 each. But I was lucky enough that I got a 10% discount and they were having a 60% sale off their whole entire store the time I went. So I bought all of these for only $127 instead of the real price without the discount and sale which is suppose to be $352. So I just saved over $100 right there, what an awesome deal!

Anthropologie: I got quite a few decorations for my house. I'll start off with the decorations than I'll get into the shoe that I bought.

1.) Pattern II Pillow
2.) 2 Alvarie Pillows in Brown Multicolor and White Multicolor
3.) Handpainted Tiger Pillow in Orange
4.) Pink Throw Blanket

And a few of these pillows are on my bedroom sofa and chairs. And a few are in the living room for decorations as well.

1.) Tree Monogram- Really vintage and I've used this for decorations in my bathroom.
2.) Colorful Pinwale Alphabet- I've put this on my one of my walls.
3.) A Real Hoot Canister of an Owl- For this one, my mom really wanted it for decorations in the living room so she have decorated it in the living room.
4.) Cursive Knobs- And I got a few of these cursive knobs for decorations in the living room because they were only $12 and I got them to spell my family last name.
5.) Timepiece Knob- And this was the last decoration that I bought, because it really remind me of Louis Vuitton. And I absolutely love Louis Vuitton. I actually have a few of his stuffs.

Colorcode Tan Wedges- Since this was a neutral color and I love wedges, I could wear this all year round.

Bath & Body Works- I haven't been into Bath & Body Works in a long time, so I was really overwhelmed and I just kind of bought everything. Which is really bad, but I do love all of the things that I bought.

1.) Coconut Water Home Fragrance Oil
2.) Aloha Vanilla 4 oz. Slatkin & Co. Candle
3.) Bahama Fizz 4 oz. Slatkin & Co. Candle
4.) Bali Mango Anti-Bacterial Power Pack
5.) Pink Chiffon Body Lotion
6.) Pink Chiffon Eau de Toilette
7.) Pink Chiffon Mini Shower Gel
8.) Rio Rumberry Triple Moisture Body Cream
9.) Rio Rumberry Mini Shimmer Mist
10.) Spring Wallflower
11.) Sunrise Lagoon 14.5 oz Slatkin & Co. Candle
12.) Tiki Beach Wallflower
13.) Tiki Beach Concentrated Room Spray
14.) PocketBac Hand Sanitizers in Tropical Berries, Wildberry Hibiscus, Strawberry Kiss and Blushing Berry
15.) Jungle Kiss 4 oz. Slatkin & Co. Candle
16.) Mango Cilantro 1.3 oz Slatkin & Co. Candle

Seriously, I wouldn't have bought all of these with my own money if I didn't like them or if they weren't having amazing deals.

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