Thursday, June 27, 2013

Current Favorite MAC Products

Lately I have been obsess with MAC products. MAC used to be my favorite makeup brand, but then it was changed to NARS. Now that summer is almost here, I have been pulling back out my MAC products and I am in love with them even more than NARS or any other cosmetics. So since I am loving many MAC products right now, I thought that it would be interesting to do a whole post about it.


Candy Yum Yum lipstick                      Pink Nouveau lipstick       
 Lipstick        Lipstick  

Speak Louder lipstick                         Sandy B lipstick
  Lipstick      Lipstick

Hot Gossip lipstick                           Japanese Maple lipstick         
 Lipstick      Lipstick      

Costa Chic lipstick                                   Hue lipstick                             
 Lipstick      Lipstick      

Hug Me lipstick                               Viva Glam 1 lipstick
  Lipstick       Viva Glam Lipstick

See Sheer lipstick                                Jubilee lipstick                      
 Lipstick      Lipstick        

Sheen Supreme lipstick-                      Sheen Supreme lipstick-          
Insanely It                                                     Royal Azalea                            
 Sheen Supreme Lipstick      Sheen Supreme Lipstick        

Cremestick Lip Liner-                         Pro Longwear Lip Pencil-
Sublime                                                      More to Love
  Cremestick Liner       Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

Lip Pencil- In Synch                            Lip Pencil- Whirl                   
 Lip Pencil       Lip Pencil     


 Shroom e/s                                                       Naked Launch e/s                          
  Eye Shadow      Eye Shadow   

All That Glitters e/s                                                      Twinks e/s
  Eye Shadow       Eye Shadow

Antiqued e/s                                                            Soft Brown e/s
 Eye Shadow         Eye Shadow

Expensive Pink e/s                                            Satellite Dreams e/s
 Eye Shadow         Eye Shadow

Ricepaper e/s                                                                 Rule e/s
 Eye Shadow         Eye Shadow

Prep + Prime Highlighter- Light Boost                         Prep + Prime Highlighter- Radiant Rose
 Prep + Prime Highlighter                  Prep + Prime Highlighter

Paint Pot- Painterly                   Pain Pot- Rubenesque                 Paint Pot- Constructivist
 Paint Pot      Paint Pot     Paint Pot

Pigment- Tan                                Pigment- Vanilla                 Pigment- Blue Brown
 Pigment      Pigment     Pigment


Face and Body Foundation- C2                   Pro Longwear Concealer- NW15
 Face and Body Foundation        Pro Longwear Concealer

Select Cover-up concealer- NW15                   Prep + Prime Skin
 Select Cover-Up      Prep + Prime Skin

Lustre Drops- Sun Rush                                     Strobe Liquid- Golden Elixir
 Lustre  Drops        Strobe Liquid


Mineralize Skinfinish- Adored                    Mineralize Skinfinish- Soft and Gentle
 Mineralize Skinfinish      Mineralize Skinfinish

Extra Dimension Blush- At Dusk               Powder Blush- Melba
 Extra Dimension Blush      Powder Blush

Pro Powder Blush- Cantaloupe                   Pro Sculpting Powder- Bone Beige
 Powder Blush / Pro Palette Refill Pan                      Sculpting Powder Pro Palette

These are all of my current favorite products from MAC. Hope you all enjoyed!

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