Monday, May 28, 2012

Products I Regret Buying

If you've guys have noticed, the last few days including today, I have been getting 2-3 blog posts up. And that is because I just feel like doing so, or else I will get carried away again like last time to not put any posts up. Anyhow, this post will be about beauty products that I regret buying. I don't have that many, because I am very cautious on what I buy. I do a lot of research on the products if not a person that I really trust recommend me the products like my friends, family and YouTube beauty and makeup gurus.

1.) MAC "Myth" Lipstick- I have never loved this lipstick, but seriously every single guru that I watch all rave about this lipstick. I don't think that it deserves the hype it does received. I am very light skin and I first thought that it would suit me since one because of my complexion and second my favorite gurus rave about it. But seriously, it makes me look dead and it goes on very chalky no matter how smooth my lips are. I sometime will try my best to use it, since I've already waste $15 on it.

2.) MAC "Mystery"  Eyeshadow- My older sister Samantha love this eyeshadow and I thought that I would love it too since she uses it seriously every single day. And when I swatched her shadow on my finger it looks fabulous, so I drove to the MAC store and bought it for myself thinking that I was loving it. And I mean it looks great on Samantha, but it looks so blotchy and, messy when I put it on my own eyes.

3.) Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30- I truly hate this product, because it absolutely give me no coverage at all. And it feels very heavy on my skin, which a tinted moisturizer wasn't suppose to do. And I've tried it twice the end of last year and I've never touched it again.

4.)  YES to Cucumbers Cleansing Wipes- Gurus that I watch love the Yes to... line from the drugstore and many of them like the YES to Cucumbers makeup wipes. So I decided that it was going to be my holy grail makeup wipes, but sadly it disappointed me. I seriously love my typical Neutrogena wipes a lot better.

5.) Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner- Many gurus that I watched and actually even one of my best friend love Organix brand shampoos and conditioners. That is why I decided that I was going to hit the drugstore and pick up a pair of their shampoo and conditioner. And I would say that this is the worst shampoo and conditioner I've ever tried. It made my hair very crunchy and I've noticed that it also made my hair falls off more than usual. After I've been using it for about a week or two I saw the bad results and stay away from it, but I've kept it under my bed so that I could do this post for you guys.

My products that I have regretted buying is over. And I am sure there are more products that needs to be in this post, but I just cannot think of it right now.

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