Saturday, May 26, 2012

TAG: 5 Things I Want In A Guy

Hi my fellow beauties lovers! Today's post has nothing to do with beauty, makeup or fashion at all. Although, I thought it would be a fun idea to do a tag that is something rather than beauty related. I'm not sure if anyone has made or done this tag before, but as of I know, I am the first one to do it. So I guess I am creating this tag, and I am tagging everyone that wants to do it.

Basically what this tag is going to be about is what "my dream guy" is, by going through a series of 5 questions.

1.) What level of education?

A: At least graduate from a college or a university with a diploma. I am an incoming sophomore in college.

2.) How old compare to your age?

A: I prefer guys that are older than me, but if he's late by a few months or a year that's fine.

3.) Family background?

A: Make sure his family doesn't run any hereditary diseases.

4.) Body Image?

A: Taller than me when I have at a 4 inch heel on. I am 5'10. So I prefer a really tall guy probably around 6'1 to 6'5.

5.) Personalities?

A: Funny guy on the inside and has no bad intentions on anyone.

This is my version of the "5 Things I Want In A Guy" tag. Hopefully, this tag will be spread out web-wide. I TAG everyone!

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