Friday, January 13, 2012

Diamond Candles Haul

Hey, guys today I am doing a candles haul. I am so in love with candles and now that it is officially winter. The weathers are getting a lot colder, which makes my addiction even stronger. I love burning my candles especially at night and early in the morning. It makes the temperature a lot warmer in my room and it smells like heaven. I just love everything about candles. So today I have a little candles haul by an absolutely gorgeous and creative candle company the "Diamond" candles. I discovered the company about 4 weeks ago, but I just gotten around to order some candles from their site.  Now I do have to say that their candles are a bit more expensive than a Bath & Body Works candles or something like that. But I totally think that it is worth it since in every candles you purchase there is a ring that may just worth $10 or even $5,000.  Their candles are made from soy which is awesome and worth $24.95. And as a dislaimer "I bought everything with my own money. Diamond candles is not sponsoring or affiliating with me for this post." And if you are interested in these candles you can go to their site to order which is


1.) Cozy Cabin- This first candle that I ordered totally smells likes it is called it smells very earthy, warm and there is definitely a vanilla.

2.) Cinnamon Roll- This next candle also smells like how it is called cinnamon roll. It smells like straight up cinnamon and very sweet.

3.) Cinnamon Tea- The third candle that I ordered smells like a crispy cinnamon tea.

4.) Gingerbread Latte- I love latte and just coffee and gingerbread so something of that sort. So I was absolutely so excited to get a candle that smells like a best of both world to me, a gingerbread and a latte.

5.) Cupcake- This next candle is sweet and simple it smells like a sweet healthy cupcake, if you know what I mean.

6.) Fresh Snow- Now I had to get this next candle. Because one of my all time favorite thing are snow. And "fresh snow" just remind me of a fresh pepperminty white Christmas.

7.) Apple Slice- I also love how apple smells. Especially, the green citrusy one. And faster than you know it spring is going to be here. And "apple slice" just remind me of that.

That was all the candles that I ordered. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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