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How to Make Your Metabolism Faster?

Have you ever wondered why people are skinny or have high metabolism? Well, sometime it is because of their genes which they can inherit from one or both of their parents. Although, I'll start with the basics of what is a metabolism. A metabolism is the process of "chemical reactions that happen in cells of living organisms to sustain life." So basically, the faster and higher your metabolism rate the skinnier you are and the faster your foods are being burn and digested once you putted it in your body. You can naturally have a high or fast metabolism naturally without any of your parents having a high metabolism, it is very possible.

I naturally have a high and fast metabolism that is why I am really skinny, but I also do many other activities that build on my metabolism even more. I might not be the best person to ask for why I am so fitted and skinny, but I am definitely not as skinny as I am now even with my high metabolism if I don't do any of the following things. For your information I actually measured and weighted myself TODAY to show how skinny I am if you were wondering. I am 5'10 and currently weighing at 109 pounds. My measurements are 34-23-34 in US form, but I am not sure what I'll be in an EU form. My dress size is a 4 in the US and a 34 in EU. I know that I might sound really underweight to most people like saying I am as skinny as a supermodel, but with my really fast metabolism and my exercise I think that I am healthy. I went to the doctor for check ups and the results were that I was healthy.

Now that the little information about me are over, lets get onto the actual post. These tips are great for everyone, especially if you don't already have a fast or high metabolism already. It might not actually make your metabolism goes really high, but it will make your metabolism faster than normal if you know what I mean here.

Tips to Have Faster Metabolism:

1.) Drink Water- I know many people go on a water diet when they are trying to loose weight, which is true but if you are wanting to speed up your metabolism it is a "no go". Drinking water actually have a lot of benefits for your health, which is good because you need to be healthy to be able to speed up your metabolism. Water has no calories, so it is not bad at all to drink it after every meal you eat. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, so that it can help removes your body waste. Which is what you need to speed up your metabolism, you do not want those waste to turn into fats.

2.) Don't Exercise Right After You Eat- Next, is probably the least tips and tricks that I have not heard about and that is to not exercise right after you eat. This is really important if you are wanting to loose weight by speeding up your metabolism, because if you exercise after you eat all of the food that was put inside your body will turn into fat. And this is terrible because than you are gaining more body waste. You should wait for at least 2 hours after you eat to exercise. Or if you exercise in the morning eat like a little banana than wait for about 15 minutes than you can start exercising, because a little banana is fine to eat in the morning before you eat. But you should still wait for at least 15 minutes before you start exercising.

3.) Exercise- This next tip is probably the most talk about tip ever to speed up your metabolism and that is to exercise. You should always be exercising for one to two hours each and every single day. Exercising has a lot dealing with speeding up your metabolism. It really is the best way to speed up your metabolism and burn away those fats. It makes your body eliminate waste and burn fats a lot faster. Than, if you keep exercising regularly everyday your body will get use to your new developed faster metabolism. Yoga is one of the best exercise along with running for speeding up your metabolism. So when you are speeding up your metabolism you are becoming skinnier, which is what everyone wants when they want your metabolism; because your body are burning away waste and fats through sweats and working out.

4.) Healthy Snacking- You should eat every 3 hours, because it will keep your metabolism going. It also helps so that you won't overeat. A lot of people overeat at one meal, because they are going through hours of not eating. People overeat when they go pass 3 hours without eating, because they get really hungry then they tend to eat a lot faster which means you are eating more food because you are eating the food faster which can cause overeating a lot of the times. Your body needs foods faster than you expected to speed up your metabolism and burning out those fats. So you should be snacking every 3 hours after your meals of the days. Although, you should only be snacking healthy foods every single day not chips, candies, chocolate or any junk food. These foods has not proteins or nutritions, meaning they can't help with speeding up your metabolism as if you were to eat an apple.

5.) Drink Water Before, During and After Meals- You should stop eating your biggest meals of the days meaning breakfast, lunch and dinner when you are not full yet. Meaning you should not be eating until you are full, because that means you are eating a bit too much. Drinking water before, during and after really helps filled up your body with no calories, which makes you eat less because the water fill some parts of the stomach or wherever the foods goes to. So when you are eating your three biggest meals of the days, you should stop eating a bit before you are full than you should drink water after that so than it can full you up faster with no calories. So drink a lot of water before, during and after your meals. It also helps with you not overeating with your next biggest meal of the day, because your body will get use to the little amount of food that you are feeding your body so you get full fast meaning you are eating less food and getting full faster.

6.) Breakfast Biggest Meal- Your breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day. Because everyday you should be sleeping for at least to the most 8-10 hours. Meaning, you are going through 8-10 hours without eating. So if you eat a big breakfast you won't get hungry fast throughout the day and it also helps with you not eating a lot for lunch and dinner because you are already kind of full from breakfast. So basically, breakfast will start off your metabolism for the day.

7.) Stay Away from Unhealthy Foods- Unhealthy foods has no good for you and it also helps slow down your metabolism. This is because it will not digest as good and fast as healthy foods.

8.) Be Healthy- Being healthy is good for everything. So being healthy will also help with speeding up your metabolism, since it is good for everything. To achieve, that you need to eat healthy and exercise regularly every single day of your life until you are very old that you can't exercise anymore.

I really hope that everyone that is reading this will somehow find this helpful or useful.

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