Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haul: Nordstrom, Express and Forever 21

Earlier today I went to the mall and I went to three stores if you can't tell already by the title. I went to Nordstrom, Express and Forever 21. I will start off with Nordstrom and so on like the way I went to the stores when I was at the mall. And I did get a few of the things for free by gift cards that I had received as Christmas presents, but I did bought some stuff with my own money.


1.) Hobo International "Vintage Becka" Crossbody Bag- If you didn't know already my new year resolution that I made in 2010 for 2011 was that I will never ever buy a new purse or clutch in 2011. Because if you've followed me on twitter back in 2010 I used to do hauls on there and I would seriously buy like 10 purses in a year. So in 2011 I haven't bought ANY purse or clutch at all. So since this is not 2011 anymore, that resolution is over so I can buy a new purse now. But I really wanted something different this time, so I decided to get a long flat crossbody bag by Hobo International. And I believe that it just came out in Nordstrom and the color that I got it in is light nude color called "Fawn". This is because Spring is just right around the corner so lights colors are going to be so in, but light nude color like this bag is in all year round whether it is fall or spring. So that is why I decided to choose it, because of the color I can wear it all year round. They also have other colors like black and caramel, but I already have a ton of purses in those colors. And they also have a few other bright colorful colors, but I am never going to wear like a bright pink purse since it is just too hard to find an outfit that will match it. And this purse is a bit expensive than what you will find at stores like Urban Outfitters, because the quality are just incomparable. But it is on the more inexpensive side for a brand name purse.

2.) Coach Poppy Flower Perfume Spray- I have one of Coach original fragrance from like a few years ago and I still have it, because I have so many other perfumes that I don't use it everyday. Although, I do love Coach fragrances so I decided to get their "Poppy Flower" perfume spray. I got the 3.4 oz size since this perfume is so light, fresh and floral. Great for everyday use, so I can tell that I'll be using this a lot this month and during the spring and summer as well.

Express: I got a $100 gift cards to Express so I did some major shopping there the most than Nordstrom and Forever 21.

1.) Keyhole Halter Dress- The first thing that I bought at Express was a coral and taupe color halter keyhole dress. I love this dress to death, I feel like it really accentuate my height and size. I am really tall and skinny as I've said. So I love dresses, because I think that it really brings out my body in a good way. I also love how it is a summer color, so I can wear it in the spring and summer. But I can also wear it in the fall and winter if I layer it with like a scarf. And that is one of the most important thing for me when I go shopping for clothes. I really want to make sure that it is wearable for all seasons, but obviously I do have clothes that are only best for certain season. And if you are curious what my dress size is I am usually a 4 in most dresses or a small in this one. And I am pretty sure I am around a 34 for dress size in European.

2.) Purple Floral Chiffon Shirt Dress- This next dress I bought is also wearable for all season in my opinion. And both of the dresses that I bought are in the same size and they both hit me about 2-3 inches above my knees, so not too long or too short at all.

3.) Zelda Jean Leggings- I bought two Zelda Jean Leggings in Light Pink and Nude. Because they were buy one get one 50% off and they have it in two other shades which were bright red and bright blue. But I already have pants in red and blue, so it was not worth it to buy more. And bright color pants are really in right now and will be in till at least summer.

4.) Braided Leather Skinny Belt- And Express belts are really expensive compared to Forever 21. But I only bought one belt so it was okay. And I don't have any belt in this color at all and it is a "light coral reef" color. They have it in a light brown color, but I already have so many other belts in that color so it wasn't worth it to splurge on another similar one.

5.) Abstract Print Chiffon Scarves- They were also have a buy one get one 50% off with their scarves like they did with their zelda jeans. So I bought the same kind of scarves, but in different colors. I bought one in blue and one in pink. And the patterns are very feminine and elegant.

6.) Filigree Butterfly Necklace- Express were also have a buy one get one 50% off with their accessories so I of course had to get a few accessories. The first accessory I bought was a big statement piece butterfly necklace. And I seriously have NOTHING like this at all in my accessories collection, so that was the first thing that caught my eyes.

7.) Short Feather and Bead Necklace- The last necklace that I bought was is a very unique piece that is very hard to find at a lot of stores. So I had to snatch it up since it was the only one that they had left. This one is very bohemian, but I can definitely make it into a fall/winter piece.

8.) Multi Tone Dangling Disc Earrings- Now for earrings, I bought this very nice and unique earrings. It is definitely very unique. I haven't seen anything like it before. And this earrings is perfect for me since it has both golds and silvers colors in it, because I suit both warm and cool colors.

9.) Chain and Cord Feather Dangling Earrings- The last earrings that I bought was also a very unique pair like most Express accessories. It is just absolutely gorgeous.

10.) Multi Stone and Pave Fireball Rings Set- The first ring that I bought is a rings set stacked on top of one another. The colors that it has are silver and light tiffany blue.

11.) 7 Rings Set- The last rings that I bought came with a set of seven. Very similar to the last one that I just hauled, but somehow different. This one is mostly pure gold, but of course it is not realed with some silver diamonds studs to it.

12.) Gold Cutout Metal Godess Cuff- The second to last accesorry piece that I bought is not that unique, but I don't have it in my collection yet. And that is a cutout cuffs. I bought a gold one, because I don't really like the look of the silver one as much.

13.) Pearl and Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet- The last bracelet that I bought is a stretch bracelet with a big bow. Very unique because I seriously have not seen any bracelet that has a big bow as big as this one. And it is a pearl color so black and pearl. They have another one of this in a more spring colors, but it didn't have a bow so it wasn't that awesome as this one.

14.) Limited Edition Lipglosses Set- The second to last products that I bought are lipglosses that is only exclusive to the set. The colors it came with are Iced Sugar, Currant Tonic and Peppermint Mist. I have never tried any Express makeup before, so I am very excited.

15.) Limited Edition Nail Polishes Set Collection- The very last thing that I got from Express are 3 nail polishes trio. It come with basic colors like light pink, teal and purple. I also haven't tried any Express nail polishes before, but I am hoping it is worth the $16 that I paid for it, or else I will be very upset with Express.

Forever 21:

1.) Lace Peplum Dress- I of course had to go to the dress section at Forever 21. And I found this really cute fitted coral and black lace peplum dress. And it was not that expensive compared to Express dresses.

2.) Striped Longline Open Cardigan- Than, the last clothing item that I bought was a white with little black and white stripes at the wrists and near the bottom of the cardigan.

3.) Love & Beauty Nail Polishes- I've heard a lot about the Forever 21 Love & Beauty nail polishes and I myself already owned two of the polishes. And for only $2.80 each the polishes were crazily pigmented, but I am pretty sure it all depends on the color. Since, that happens to every brand of nail polishes there will be some that are really pigmented, but there are also some that is like so sheer that like 3 coats of it is barely enough. So I got 3 more colors they are Royal Burgundy, Seafoam and Perfect Pewter.

4.) Love & Beauty I Love Chunky Glitter Nail Polishes Set- My all time favorite things about nails are glitters and nail polishes. So I of course had to get their glitter nail polishes set, because it has 2 of my favorite things about nails(nail polishes and glitters). And it comes with 7 small glitter nail polishes. They each are .44 fluid ounces if you are wondering.

That was everything that I bought at Forever 21 and the mall. Hope you all enjoyed it. I won't be having another haul maybe until next month or in a few more weeks.

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