Monday, January 16, 2012

My Morning and Evening Skincare Routine (ft. Pervonia Products)

Hey, everyone today I'll be doing an updated skincare routine. So to start off I'll let you guys know a bit about my skin to see if this routine may work for you as well or not. I have very oily combination skin. Every 2-3 months I go to my dermatologist to seek improvements on my skin, although my skin has improves a whole lot the last 1-2 years. And it is mostly all thank to my dermatologist. She had always recommend me great products to try out. So this month she actually introduce me to a new skincare line of products and it is "Pervonia" skincare cosmetics. And I still suffer from acne, but it has just gotten a lot better from time to time I will suffer from a few acne. Although, most of the time I don't really get acne. Pervonia products are a bit expensive, so I got a discount to the products since the place where my dermatologist is located actually sells Pervonia products. Since, I am her regular customer I guess, I mean I go to her for suggestions on my skin every 2-3 months. So I got a 10% discount out off the total price off all the Pervonia products that I bought. And I don't use all Pervonia products to get it out there, I do use a few other brands of skincare as well. And I actually tried out a new eye cream this time, because I've been sticking with my Clinique one for years as most of you may know. So I just really wanted to branch out for eye creams.

Morning Skincare:

Step 1: Every morning I will cleanse my face with lukewarm water than I would squirt out a few pumps of the "Pervonia Combination Skin Cleanser" on to the palm of my hand. I love the way my skin feels after I used it. I had seen results the morning I used it. My skin doesn't get oily as fast and everything about my skin just improved a lot since I started using this cleanser. It really balance out my oily combination skin and I don't see as much pimple as normal.

Step 2: After I cleanse my face I would towel dry my skin. Than, I would use the "Pervonia Combination Skin Lotion" every morning. This product says it is a lotion, but it is really a toner. But after you apply it on your skin it actually feels like a lotion so very unique. Basically, I would spray it on a cotton pad than I would apply it to my face, my neck and my ears. I know some people just spray it out of the tube, but I don't really like how that applies so I prefer my old typical way of how I had always apply a toner. Than, I just wait till it is 90% dry than I continue with my morning skincare routine.

Step 3: While, I am waiting for my toner to dry I apply my eye cream. The eye cream I am currently using is the "AmorePacific Moisture Bound Intensive Vitalizing Eye Complex" with my ring finger. This eye cream is crazily expensive, it is $125 and it is the most expensive eye cream I have ever seen on the market. But I hear many says that they really like AmorePacific eye creams and since it is really expensive it should do wonders for my skin. It claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles since it contains caffeine. It also claims that it hydrate your eyes and reduce signs of aging. It also says to protect your eyes from environmental aggressors. So I am loving this eye cream so far. I think that it is totally worth the investment. You can find AmorePacific products at Sephora by the way.

Step 4: Than, my fourth step every morning I apply my "Kate Somerville SPF 55 Serum Sunscreen" to my face, neck and ears. This product doesn't break me out and it is really light weight. I apply every morning whether I go out or just lounging around the house, because I don't know when I will be going outside throughout the day.

That is all everything I do for my skincare routine in the morning. It is not a lot at all compared to my evening skincare routine.

Evening Skincare:

Step 0.5: If I am wearing makeup that day, it is my first step that evening to use the "Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover". But I don't do this step everyday that is why it is call step 0.5 not step 1. So I just pour the eye makeup remover on to a cotton pad and just swoop off my eye makeup.

Step 1: I am still using my Clarisonic Mia with my cleanser every evening as usual. And I use the same cleanser that I use in the morning the "Pervonia Combinatio Skin Cleaner". I still use it like how I use it in the morning, but I am putting it on the Clarisonic Mia.

Step 1.5: Okay so moving on to step 1.5. I only do this once every week, because this is a pretty intense treatment. And I am talking about the PMD Personal Microderm System, this is an at home microderm abrasion system. I love it! This microderm system comes with two disk. It comes with a blue disk which is for sensitive skin and a green disk which is for tougher skin. I use the green disk, because I just think that it works better for my skin. But I do sometime use the sensitive skin disk. All you do is you plug it in to the wall and you turn it on. And you just want to find an area of skin and pull it a bit tight and just run it over. Now the PMD is really awesome, because you get the same results as a professional microderm abrasion; but you don't have to go into a doctor office and you can do everything right from your home. And I do avoid any active breakouts on my face, so I do not put this over any breakouts that are currently still healing. And I do this when my skin is 100% dry, so I just kind of towel dry it before doing this system.

Step 2: Than, I just tone my face, neck and ears with the "Pervonia Combination Skin Lotion". The toner/lotion will also help get rid of any excess makeup that is still left on my skin that the cleanser didn't take it all off. Than, I wait till it is about 90% dry than I continue with whatever I need to do with my face.

Step 3: While, I am waiting for the toner to dry I apply my "AmorePacific Moisture Bound Intensive Vitalizing Eye Complex" with my ring finger.

Step 4: Than, after my skin is about 90% dry from the lotion/toner I apply my "Pervonia Balancing Combination Skin Cream". I apply this all over my face and if I have a bit left I apply onto my neck and ears. I love this cream it really hydrate my skin, but it doesn't make my skin any oilier than it is because it is a really light face cream.

Step 4.5: After all of that, than if I have a really a pimple(s) that I think is about to develop during my sleep or if it is really big I would use my "Mario Badescu Drying Lotion". All I do is I take a q-tip and I dip it all the way down to the pink product at the bottom of the drying lotion than I take it back out and just dot it on the pimples. Becareful, not to sake the drying lotion because you don't want the pink lotion at the bottom to be mix up with the oil on the top or else it will not be effective. So I just leave it over night and you will have pink spot(s) on your face where you put the drying lotion. It is fine to me since it is night and no one will be seeing me and if they do it is either my friend if a I have a sleep over or my family members. Than, the pimple should be dried up and gone when you wake up in the morning. You can find Mario Badescu products at Ulta.

FORGOT Step: I almost forgot about my face mask, but I use the "Pervonia Balancing Combination Skin Mask". I love the mask a lot, I use it 2 time a week. I can actually feel it taking impurities out of my skin. I leave it on for 15 minutes and it has a wonderful smell. And I do this step after I cleanse my face with the Pervonia Combination Skin Cleanser. I avoid my eye areas, because it will be too harsh for skin around and on my eyes.

That is everything I do to my skin morning and night. I totally recommend any of the products that I use to anyone that are interested in them. Although, most of them are really expensive but it is worth the investments.

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