Saturday, June 23, 2012

My NARS Eyeshadows Collection!

So this post will just be me describing about all of the NARS Eyeshadows I have. It ranges from creams eyeshadows to regular powder eyeshadows. NARS is my favorite makeup brand, so that is why I decided to make this a little series. and I'll be doing it for my blushes and lipstick/lipgloss as well. I know that most people are more interested in MAC, so if you want me to do one for my MAC collection feel free to message me or comment down below. And I am only doing this for permanent shadows in their permanent collections or colors that are CURRENTLY available as I am doing this post. I see no point in talking to you guys about other shadows if you can't get it anymore, because what's the point? Other than that I'll get started.

Duos Eyeshadows:

Hula Hula- frosted strawberry with gold flecks and hazelnut with gold glitter flecks
Kalahari- bronze pearl and milk chocolate
Silk Road- icy peachy pink and rose gold w/gold flecks
Underworld- smoke grey pearl and deep blue grey pearl
Brousse- sable and black violet colors
Cordura- shimmering warm rich brown and shimmering dark brown
Rated R- chartreuse green shimmer and cobalt blue shimmers
All About Eve- shimmery flesh and shimmery neutral
Misfit- shimmery ecru and rich emerald green
Exotic Dance-  metallic white with silver sheen and Metallic gold

Sugarland- glimmering apricot and lavender pink with golden sheen

Charade- muted mauve and smokey plum

Single Shadows:

Ashes to Ashes- violety brown with shimmers
Cairo- champagne rose with shimmers
Galapagos- rich bronze with gold flecks
Mekong- espresso with gold
Coconut Grove- matte, and deep taupe brown
Lola Lola- neutral brown with shimmers
Voyage- tan with gold shimmers
Cyprus- bronze with shimmers
Nepal- rose with shimmers
Strada- amethyst with gold
Abyssinia- delicate pearls sheen
Grenadines- matte garnet
413 BLKR- taupe, mauve color with shimmery gold undertones
Lhasa- shimmery lavender grey

Trio Eyeshadows:

Ramatuelle- silver, icy peach, and apricot
Cap Ferrat- icy sea foam, silver green, and icy turquoise
Douce France- icy pink, rose petal pink, and  deep rose

Single Cream Shadows:

Pearl Beach- shimmering opal
Cayenne- dark brown(chocolately color) with subtle gold flecks
Cosmic Girl- pale gold with shimmers
El Dorado- golden bronze with shimmers
Lido- iridescent blue violets
Mousson- silver sage
Nomad- shimmery moss green

Duo Cream Shadows:

Madagascar- satin nude and smoky quartz
Burn it Blue- ocean blue with golden mist and turquoise blue

Hanamichi Kabuki Eyeshadows Palette

Soft Touch Shadow Pencils:

Calabria- shimmery plum
Celebrate- parrot green
Hollywoodland- pale gold

These are all the NARS eyeshadows that I have that are either permanent or are currently available as this post is going up.

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