Saturday, June 23, 2012

My NARS Lip Products Collections!

This is the last part of the continuation to my NARS collections series. I will be showing you guys the lip products that I have from NARS that are either in their permanent collection or are currently available as this post is going up. Lets get started...


Belle de Jour- nude beige
Roman Holiday-  pastel pink
Scarlet Empress- matte blue red
Afghan Red- Satin Garnet
Shanghai Express- matte, warm red brick
Jungle Red- matte bright red
Flamenco- strawberry
Niagara- satin pinky coral
Love Devotion- guava color
Barbarella- light peach
Dolce Vita- dusty rose
Pago Pago- shimmery pink
Promiscuous- shimmery creamy tan
Cruising- nude pink

Pure Matte Lipsticks:

Carthage- hot pink
Bangkok- soft rose
Moscow- strawberry red
Volga- deep aubergine
Madere- nude pink
Montego Bay- rose pink
Valparaiso- rich raspberry


Sandpiper- shimmery amber coral
Angelika- cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkles
Dolce Vita- dusty rose
Giza- nectar color
Greek Holiday- sparkly pink sand
Orgasm- peachy pink shimmers
Super Orgasm- peachy pink with gold glitter
Scandal- pinky brown
Stella- muted raspberry
Misbehave- sheer shimmery red
Striptease- pearly beige sheen
Sweet Revenge- sheer pink grapefruit color
Chihuahua-  guava color
Turkish Delight- pink sorbet
Oasis- sparkly pink champagne
Easy Lover- sheer hot pink

Larger Than Life Lipglosses:

Norma- Bright cherry red
Piree- rosy pink
Tiber- cool beige
Born This Way- light lavender pink
Como- shimmering berry
Odalisque- contaloupe
Place Vendome- strawberry pink
Coeur Sucre- shimmery vibrant pink
Spring Break- pale golden beige sheen
Gold Digger- shimmery peach with sparkles
413 Bleecker- true red

Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment: Aurore- light sandy pink

Velvet Matte Lip Pencils:

Dolce Vita- dusty rose
Damned- magenta
Cruella- siren red
Bahama- pink brown
Never Say Never- lilac rose
Belle de Jour- light nude beige

Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils:

New Lover- gold with strawberry pink
Frivolous- iridescent seashell pink
Happy Days- pink coral with gold shimmers
Buenos Aires- nude, beigey pink color

Lipliner Pencils:

Marnie- burgundy rose
Salsa- plum brown
Fantasia- light peach
Morocco-  flesh tone beige
Rosebud- rosy pink
Jungle Red- classic red
Papua- fresh rose

Lip Lacquers:

Hot Wired- fuchsia
Chelsea Girls- nude beige
Eros- raspberry rose with shimmers

Now the little series has come to an end, so I'll probably talk to you guys later at the end of July because I will be going on a summer vacation with my family. Although, I MIGHT put up another blog post later today or tomorrow.  Have a nice summer everyone!

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