Friday, June 22, 2012

What's in my Carry On Purse?

In just a few days I'll be leaving the United States, so I wanted to show you guys what I'll be bringing with me on the airplane. The carry on bag that I am bringing with me is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 40 with Shoulder Strap. This purse are one of the most expensive purses and probably things that I own. Although to tell you, it is totally worth it and is such an investment. I travel a lot, especially on airplanes, so I take this purse with me whenever I travel. Whether it is just a family road trip, or sometime I go on business trips. Lets get started and I want to say that I do bring my laptop with me, but I carry it in its laptop case.

1.) "Pretty Little Secrets" by Sara Shepard- This is the book that I am currently reading along with two other books, but I thought that this book suit the airplane more. I am about 12 pages into it, so it will take me sometime to finish it. Which is great, because I sometime don't really know what to do on the airplane. So I always bring a book with me whenever I am on an airplane, and it is going to be an 18 hour long flight.

2.) iPhone- My phone and iPod is just a necessary item for me on the plane, I seriously cannot survive without it. It has all of my important information on it, and it has most of my entertainments on it as well. So definitely my iPhone, cannot forget about that.

3.) Earphones- Need this for my iPhone to listen to music, but I know that sometime airplanes offer you free headphones. I still like mine more though.

4.) Neck Pillow- Being on an 18 hours flight is very tiring, so I definitely need to get some rest. And for me, I cannot go to sleep if I don't wear a neck pillow. It is so hard to sleep on an airplane if I don't have something to support my neck, because the seats you can't bend back that far to be comfortable. I have a comfortable one from Target, I got it in a bed set 3 years ago.

5.) Eye Cases- I bring both my eyeglasses case and my sunglasses case. This is so so important or else I will break them into pieces.

6.) 2 Small Plastic Ziploc Bag:
- Contact Case and Travel Contact Solution
- Travel Size Skincare Routine Products
- Travel Size SPF Moisturizer and Body Lotion
- Travel Size deodorant
- Eye Drops
- SPF Chapstick
 - Hair Ties
- Travel Size compact brush and mirror

This is all that I am bringing in my carry one purse, so basically just everything that I will be bringing onto the plane with me. The reason that I won't be bringing any makeup is, because my mom just called our travel agent and the lady said that the airline will be throwing 90% away of our makeup. So not to involve with the hassle, I decided not to bring any makeup or wear any makeup on the plane.

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