Thursday, September 15, 2011

All About My Teeth and Breath Hygiene

We as people always want good hygiene. One of the most important hygiene are teeth and breath.. We talk to people everyday, so we do not want the person that we are talking to smells our breath. Well, they should, but it shouldn't be a bad breath. Bad breath are not attractive at all, it will actually take the attraction away from you. This is why in this blog post I will share you my tips and tricks on how to check if you have bad breath and ways to prevent it. Now I am not a professional dentist or anything, but I just wanted to share what I do to stay in good teeth and breath hygiene.

How to Prevent It:
1.) Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. Get everywhere in your teeth. I would recommend a soft bristle brush, since medium and hard bristles are bad for your teeth. As you know what they say, if you have good teeth, you'll have good breath. When brushing your teeth moving the brush in a soft slow circle motion is best. To go along with it just any toothpaste will work. My favorites brands of toothpastes are by Colgate, Crest, Aim and Arm & Hammer.
2.) Flossing is the trick to have good teeth and breath hygiene. When food are stuck in your teeth and the toothbrush can't do the job, this is where the flossing comes in. Food stuck in your teeth can lead to tooth decaying and as it stays between your teeth it causes bad breath. You just do not want food stuck in between your teeth. I really like the Oral-B Advantage Floss Picks Plus Scope Outlast Long Lasting Mint Flavor. I like this a lot than regular floss, because it is a lot easier to use you don't have to deal with the cutting and all that jazz. Plus, this is also really cheap it is like $3.99 at the drugstores and you get a pack of 75. This will remove the plack just as well as a regular floss, if not better.
3.) Tongue- If you didn't know already 90% of bad breath comes from your tongue. So if you have really bad breath, 90% of the time it is probably because of your tongue. Many people don't know this, because I know I didn't until about 1-2 years ago. The easiest way that I've found is to use your toothbrush and scrape your tongue. I know this may sounds hurtful, but it is actually not. I would recommend to do it until your tongue is not white anymore, because the white stuff on your tongue is the part that cause your breath to smell not so good.I usually do it 3 times. But if I was looking for the easy way out I would just use an Orabrush. Which if you don't know already it is like a toothbrush for your tongue. You can read more about it on their site. They have multiple colors to choose from I think, but I just have the blue one.
4.) Mouthwash- I would recommend you guys mouth washing your mouth one time everyday.I wouldn't recommend you to mouth washing your mouth every time you brush your teeth though, because it can make your teeth weaker. So you have to be very careful with that. My favorite mouthwash is the Scope White Mouthwash Mint Splash, just because it is not as strong as Listerine which is what most people use as a mouthwash. I know my brother use it, but I just can't stand Listerine it's a bit too strong for me. But if you can stand it that's great. I just like this one the best, just because one it smells great. Two it is not that strong, I can totally stand it. Last but not least it has whitening in it too. Mouth washing is also another great way to avoid and prevent bad breath.

Ways to Check:
1.) Licking the inside of your wrist. This is probably the easiest way to check. I mean everyone can do this. It is cheap, easy and simple. You just have to lick it and wait till it is dry than smell it, if it smells bad than you have a bad breath. If it smells good than you have good breath.
2.) Breathing into your hand. I learn this trick from my mom. She had always use it and it works for her, but it never works for me. So I guess this trick is different for everyone. But all you do is just cover your nose and mouth and breathe. If the results of it stinks, than your breath will stinks too.
3.) The last and third way for me is to chew on a pen for about 5 minutes. It may sound gross to some of you, but it is also pretty simple. But just make sure the pen is clean. Basically, just chew it but not so hard that you'll break your teeth. I learned this trick from ehow. So you can read more about it here

On the other note, I decided to include this little part in and it is just me whitening my teeth as one of the steps to my teeth routine. I use the Crest Advanced Seal, it is my all time favorite whitening strips. I've used it for years. Basically,  you just use it every two weeks and you'll definitely see a result. Your teeth will become a lot whiter. Though, I know this may not be important to some of you. It's okay tho!

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