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Hair, Makeup, Fashion Trends and Nail Polishes for Fall and Winter 2011

Fall is just right around the corner for most of use, especially if you live in the United States. On September 21, 2011 fall is officially here, so I wanted to get this blog post up 1-2 weeks before fall is officially here. I will cover all of the fall trends there is to be covered from hair to makeup to fashion and to nail polishes. These trends comes from magazines and fashion shows that I've seen really recently.

1.) Braids- Braids are super in this fall and winter season. The most popular braid this season are side braids. They can either be a fish tail braid, french braid or just your typical regular braids.
2.) Teased Hair- For fall many celebrities are having messy looking teased hair. Such as Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and many more.
3.) Crimped Hair- I've also seen crimped hairstyles a lot this fall. This trend is also really great if you are wanting volumizing or thicker hair, because crimping your hair will do this trick.
4.) High Ponytails- If you are having a lazy day during the fall or winter months of 2011 you can do a really easy in style high ponytails. It is super simple to do. You can either do a loose messy high ponytails or a slim sleek straight high ponytails.
5.) Top Knots- For bad hair days in the fall or winter months of 2011 you can simply rock a top knots. It also looks really good and is really easy to do.
6.) Lastly, for hair I really don't know what to call this, but it is just basically if you are using and elastic or a hair tie to tie your hair. You can take a piece of your hair and wrap it around the elastic or hair tie and bobbi pinks it. Many actresses in movies and tv shows I've seen done this trend/trick a lot.

1.) Bold Brows- Bold define brows are really in this upcoming fall. They have been featured in magazines and runways shows. Many celebrities are really rocking this statement trend this fall.
2.) Spider Lashes- Many models on the runways wore this look a lot. It is really easy to get. Just layered 2-3 coats of your favorite lengthening mascara and you'll be ready to go.
3.) Pastel Lips- This is a really different trend. Because fall are known for it bright bold dark lips, so I really like this trend a lot. You can get this look from many lipsticks I really like the Barry M Lipstick in 129 Palest Lavender to achieve this pastel lips.
4.) Natural Cheeks- This fall you really want to have a nice natural blush like you just have a flush of color on your cheeks.
5.) Metallic/Silver Eyeshadows- Metallic and silver eyeshadows are super big this year. Many  models are really loving this trend. Make sure to prime those eyes tho!
6.) Stand Out Liners- Dramatic winged out eyeliners are really in this fall. Don't forget to rock that look!
7.) Red Lips- Of course red lips are usually always in for the fall season, it was really big last year. Just any shades of reds will be so in.
8.) Dark Lips- Dark lips I think are one of those trends that are never out for the fall season. The darker the lips the better, but just make sure that it isn't a black lip.
9.) Upside Down Smokey Eye or a Reverse Smokey Eye- This eye look is basically the opposite of a regular smokey eye. So you are having a really nice natural eyeshadow look on your lids and really smoked out eyeshadows on your lower lash line.
10.) Inverted Crease- This eye look is going to be really in this fall. You are going to see a lot of people especially in everyday life rocking this "inverted crease" look. It is like a reverse cat eye, because you are bringing your eyeshadows higher heading into the inner corner and lower as you are going out in the outer corner. So basically, the opposite of what most people would do for everyday eye look.

1.) Leather Skirts- If you don't know already leather skirts are making a big hit this fall. I've seen on almost every runways shows there are always at least one model rocking the leather skirt trend.
2.) Military Trend- You may be thinking that the military trend are so over, but they are not. They are still making a huge impact this fall season. So anything that is a military pattern or military colors will be in.
3.) Maxi Dresses- I have seen on many runways models wearing solid color maxi dress. Solid color maxi dress will be in, but I'm sure just maxi dresses will also be in.
4.)  Maxi Skirts- Maxi skirts are also making a huge appearance this season. It is a really great way to transition from the summer weather to the falling leave fall weather.
5.) Boots- Boots are also always going to be in for fall and winter. So I think you should really invest in a good 1-2 pairs of boots for the fall and winter months. My favorite brand that sells nice boots are Ralph Lauren and Jessica Simpsons. The famous kind of boots that are going to be really in are ankle booties. Ashley Tisdale is one of the celebrity that is known for wearing the ankle booties trend. Another type of boots that will be in are combat boots. I've seen many of them at Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, but I'm pretty sure any shoe or high end department stores will carry them.
6.) Rompers Pants- Rompers pants are just basically pants that are usually waist height and are usually hits around your calves or just right above your ankles. I have seen on many different fashion sites and runways of models wearing rompers pants and they usually paired it with a skinny belt.
7.) Jumpsuits- If you don't know what jumpsuits are they are just basically like long rompers, that is the best way I can describe it. I think this trend has always been really big since 2009.
8.) Sweaters- Another huge fashion trend this fall and winter are sweaters. Preferably, boyfriend sweaters just because they are more comfortable than fitted sweaters. Forever 21 has a ton of sweaters that are going to be really in this fall and winter.
9.) Dresses- A big fashion trend that every runways shows are having are dresses that hits right below or just right on the knee and wearing dark tights or leggings underneath pairing with high heel boots.
10.) 1970s Trend- The 1970s trend is also been really in this year. So rock those 1970s trend by wearing fitted tops tucked into looser bottoms. I know that Selena Gomez has also been rocking this trend in a few of her photo shoots.
11.) Cropped Jackets- Crop jackets are also really in and I think that cropped jackets are also used to be really in in the 1980s. So now for fall 2011 we are bringing those back. Here is a link to what a crop jackets can look like
12.) Studded Accessories- Studded accessories such as studded necklace and bracelets will be really in for the fall and winter season of 2011.

Nail Polishes/Colors:
I decided to pair nail polishes and colors together just because I think they go together, if you know what I mean.  Because when you wear nail polishes you are mostly looking for nail polishes colors that are in the current season, so that is why I decided to put these two categories together.

1.) Crimsons
2.) Nudes/Pale colors will be ex: (khaki, beige, cream, white and off white)
3.) Earthy Colors- Browns and greens
4.) Dark- Dark colors are a big statement this 2 seasons. Anything dark on your nails will be in whether it is a dark green, dark purple, dark red, navy, deep plums etc will be in. I also think that dark colors will always be in for fall and winter.
5.) Mustard- Also mustard colors are also a big trend.
6.) Gem Tones Colors- Anything that falls in the gem tones colors category are going to be so in, trust me!
7.) Golds- Lastly, of course are anything gold. My favorite way to wear golds colors are on my nails as nail polishes.

MAIN Trend:
I have found out that the main trend this fall and winter are pale skin, so this will be a total advantage if you have pale, fair or light skin tones. Also, one of the main trend are elegant looks but you still go kind of bold and bright on the makeup. I hope I answered any of the questions you may have on what are going to be in this fall/winter season.

1970s TREND

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