Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Top 17 Picks MAC Eyeshadows for Fall/Winter 2011

As many of us may know, fall and soon to be winter are just right around the corner. That is why the purpose of this video is to help you know what MAC eyeshadows and basically just colors that will be in for fall and winter of 2011 from my picks. My picks will be following what I've seen on runways back in February and magazines recently. I will address the basics color trend for fall and winter 2011, by incorporating it to eyeshadows colors.

Eyeshadows for Fall/Winter 2011:
1.) Plumage- Dusky Peacock
2.) Sketch- Burgundy w/Red Shimmer
3.) Cranberry- Red Plum w/Pink Shimmer
4.) Outré- Dirty mustard
5.) Blackberry- Muted burgundy-plum brown
6.) Beauty Marked- Black-red w/Sparkle Pearl
7.) Parisian Skies- Subdued-grey blue (limited edition, but is available as of 9/17/11)
8.) Moleskin- Nude brown (limited edition, but is available as of 9/17/11)
9.) Steamy- Blueish Green w/gold pearl
10.) Shimmermoss- Green w/green pearl
11.) Antiqued- Ash brown w/bronze
12.) Kid- beige cashmere
13.) Shroom- Soft beige with shimmer
14.) Mythology- Copper
15.) Silver Ring- Grey w/Silver sheen
16.) Coppering- Orange copper
17.) Goldmine- Intense gold w/shimmer

Overall, anything that are beige, nudes, off white, copper, bronze, gold, crimsons, mustard, gold, silvers, metallic, peacock, deep dark, muted colors will be in for the fall and winter months of 2011.

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