Saturday, September 10, 2011

How To: Cure Bad Menstrual Cramps

Us girls we all have those days when we have period cramps, especially bad ones. Period cramps can be hereditary, meaning if anyone in your family are crampers whether they are bad one or not you are most likely to have period cramps. Unfortunately, one of those girls is me. Every girl in my family have bad period cramps, so it is very hereditary. I search on why we have period cramps and the result comes out that that is because of prostaglandins a chemical it is use to make the muscle of the uterus contract, so that it can push out the blood. Cramps can occur anywhere between before your period or during your period. I personally have bad cramps every first 1-2 days of my menstrual cycle. Now lets get into how we can cure those cramps we have and prevent it from getting worse...

Ways to Help the Cramps:

1.) Sleeping- I found out that at least for me sleeping is one of the easiest way to help with menstrual cramps. The position that I like to sleep when I have period cramps are the fetal position when it is in the mother's stomach. So try to relax and take a nap. Relaxing helps a lot with the period cramps for me.

2.) Warm/Hot Water Bottle- This trick is very common, I think that most girls does this trick a lot. I call it the warm or hot water bottle trick. I go for super warm will it almost turn hot. I like to put it where the cramps occur, which I think is around the bladder and appendix area. I like to lay down on somewhere comfy and put the water bottle and relax.

3.) Loose Clothing- Wearing loose comfortable clothing really helps a lot. It doesn't make you feel all tighten or worse. So I recommend something like a nightgown or something like that, just anything loose and comfortable.

4.) Warm Bath or Shower- Taking a nice warm bath or shower will also help reduce the pain. I wouldn't recommend taking it too long though, because if you take too long of a bath or shower during your period it can make your blood hard to flow causing pain. So maybe a 10-20 minutes bath/shower is perfect. I go for 15 minutes, just in between.

Now the 4 ways I listed won't make it go away completely, it will just help to reduce the pain you are having.

Ways to Prevent it: The ways that I am going to list won't completely prevent it, because if you always have had period cramps it will never go away.

1.) Don't Stress- Calm down and don't stress too much when you are having your period, it can make the cramps worse. So relax and calm down. Everything will be alright! Or at least I hope so.

2.) Be healthy- Being healthy is a really great way to prevent those cramps. So eat right and be healthy!

What I Wouldn't Recommend:

I would not repeat not recommend you taking any pills to help reduce it, unless it is prescribe by your doctor or is says 100% will and there will be no side effects for it. I wouldn't taking painkillers, advil, tylenol or anything like that to help with the cramps. Because there are many different thoughts and opinions of what these pills can do to you. Some may says it work, some may says that it doesn't and it help worsen it. So it is always good to be safe than regret it. But there are of course specific pills that is guarantee 100% will help reduce it and they are 100% sure it will not cause side effects or is recommended by a doctor. So aside from that, I wouldn't recommend taking pills. It is not a very healthy natural way to help cure the cramps.

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