Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Walk in Heels

Have you ever wonder how models walk in heels so professionally on the runways? Well, one tip and trick that they use is practicing walking in heels. They are usually 4 inches or higher, so practice are needed.

I am a definite heel girls. I love my heels. I probably have over 100 pairs of heels. That is just to show you how much I love them. I've been wearing them since I was in high school, but not to school of course. That would be a bit weird if I do. I don't even need heels, because I am 5'10 so when I wear heels I am most of the time is 6 feet or higher. But I still love them. I prefer them over converse, flats or anything like that. Although, one down side to them is that they are not easy to walk in. I know that it took me days to learn how to walk in heels professionally and normally. Today, I am going to share you my tips and tricks on how I walk in heels like a model.

1.) Balance- When walking in heels the number one advice I would give to anyone is to have balance. Pretend like you are walking on your tip toes. First, walk slowly than you want to speed it up when you know you are ready for it. So walk one foot in front of another for a great balance. Like a model, when they walk they always have one foot in front of another. That is how they walk so straight and have a nice balance.
2.) Comfortable- When you are picking out your shoes, I would suggest to find a pair that is comfortable. Because heels in general are just not comfortable without practice. So that is why you want a comfortable pair to balance it out. Make sure they fits you right.
3.) Look- You want to pick out a really nice pair of heels that you like. Make sure you like the design and style. Because if you do it motivates you to walk in it more, than if you find a pair that you don't really like.
4.) Checking- While you are picking out your pair of heels. Walk in them around the store. To make sure that they fits you well and you don't feel uncomfortable in them. This is also to make sure you won't slip in them. Because trust me, I've seen girls that have slip in their heels.
5.) While Walking- When walking in heels, make sure you have a great position. Have a straight head, nice position and great balance. Also, swing your hand and make sure you stand straight with your back straight. This will also help you feel more comfortable and balance.
6.) Start of Slowly- If you are a first time heel wearer. I would suggest buying low heels, not like a 6 inch heel or anything like that. I also recommend buying something like wedges, booties and boots that have heels. This is because wedges, booties and boots sometimes have heels to them, but they are easier to walk in because you are more secured. Than if you were to just walk in straight up high heels.
7.) To have a straight position- To have a straight position I have one tip and some of you may know this and some of you may not. My tip is to put a book on top of your head, when you are practicing at your home. This actually help me a lot with heels walking. Make sure to not let the book falls of your head. Because if it does that means you don't have a great position, meaning your head isn't straight and most likely the rest of your body isn't straight. If the book didn't falls of your head, than you are good to go with your position.
8.) MOST IMPORTANT Patience- Practice, practice and practice! I cannot stress enough when people says I can't walk in heels, they are so difficult. When they don't even get enough practice out of them. Practice makes perfect. Do you think that models just go on the runway and walk in a 4 inch heel without enough practice? No, no and no!

I have this video that I want to share with you all, maybe it will help you a lot or just a little bit

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