Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School: First Week Outfits(Celebrities Inspired)

I know that many of you have already started your school, but I know that many of you still haven't started school yet. Even if your school has already started you can use these outfits as inspirations. Today I'll be doing 3 outfits inspired by Miley Cyrus. If you don't know Miley Cyrus is my fashion idol, she is the celebrity that I always look for on outfits. I think she have nice style. You can wear these 3 outfits for back to school.

Outfit 1:

 I think that this first outfit is perfect for back to school, since it is very fall like and is not breaking the dress code rules for most schools. Now these clothes that I find for at stores like Forever 21 may not be the exactly the same as the inspired outfit hence INSPIRED, but it is very similar just FYI.

Top(Forever 21):

Scarf(Forever 21):

Jeans(Forever 21):

Boots(Charlotte Russe):

 Bracelet(Charlotte Russe):

Earrings: I am really not sure what earrings she wore, but I would say that any earrings will go with this look. Just make sure it is not too fancy.

Outfit 2:

Top(Victoria's Secret):

Jeans(Abercrombie & Fitch):

Shoes(Forever 21):

Necklace(Forever 21):

Bracelets: Just gather a few bracelets and wear them all together at once on one of your arm, but I would stay away from bangles since she doesn't have any bangle(s) on. Also a wrap bracelet is a way to go, plus it is super in this season. You can find wrap bracelets at Nordstroms. And than on the other arm just wear one bracelet, not bangle.

Outfit 3:

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