Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Did I Break My Bad Beauty Habits?

About a little over a month ago I did a blog post of my bad beauty habits. So if you haven't seen that one, feel free to check it out in my November blog posts category. Anyway, in that post I stated my 10 bad beauty habits. Those habits can make me regret it in either the long run or currently. And I've said that a month than I will be doing an updated blog post of whether I succeeded at breaking them or not. And I am going in order down the list exactly the way they are in "my bad beauty habits" post. If you are wondering than keep on reading...

1.) I have to admit that I cannot stop rubbing my eyes. It is just really hard for me to break it. I don't know how I can stop that. So if you have any suggestions on what I can do to stop it please please say it in the comment section below.

2.) Now, this next post I have to say that I did break it. Everytime I go outside my house roof I always always applied either a sunscreeen or a lotion with at least SPF 15. And this was started into a good habits for me now.

3.) This next one, I also can't stop like my first habit. It is just really hard and that is touching my eyes. And I hate this one the most after my first bad beauty habits. Because sometime I just do it without thinking or I sometime touch it because it gets itchy which is so annoying.
And the same thing goes with this one, if you have any helpful advice on how I can stop touching my face throughout the day than please leave it down below.

4.) The fourth one for me is kind of a 50/50. Because I don't backcomb my hair everyday now. Although, I do do it sometime which is like 1 out of every two weeks. So I guess you can say I did break it, because I only now tease it when I REALLY HAVE to.

5.) The same thing goes for the fifth one with me. I don't put my hair that much up anymore. I usually leave it down. But I do put it up sometime, but very rare that you'll see me with my hair up. I would say that from that blog post till now I think I've only putted my hair up with a rubber band 3-4 times altogether.

6.) This next one I failed at. I think that I've only washed my pillow cases 2 times from November 26 and it is now December 28. Which, I should've wash it twice as much but I usually forget about washing them.

7.) The seventh one for me is like a few of my other habits. I never ever braid my hair now, but only for one time when I wanted my hair to look wavy and beachy.

8.) I still cannot break my eight beauty habits. I still go to bed sometime with hairspray. This is bad for both my hair and skin, but it is just really really hard for me to break it. I tried to stop it although I still do it from time to time. So any suggestions please if it down below.

9.) For painting my nails, I'd have to say that I did succeed in it. Every single weekend so far I've let my nails to breathe without anything on it for at least a full 24 hours. So hooray for this one!

10.) My last and only bad beauty habits I could think of is sleeping with wet hair. I did break this one off as well. I can't really think of a time since the 26th of last month that I slept with my hair wet or damp.

So that is my update on my bad beauty habits. And remember I would love to take any suggestions any of you have on how I can break my bad beauty habits. Because I really do need advice and tips on a few of them.

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