Monday, December 5, 2011

My Top 3 Fashion Style Icon

Yesterday, I was searching on google for some really nice blogs. And accidently, I came across a blog where the blogger did a "my top 5 fashion style icon" tag. But I am only going to do my TOP 3, because not many celebrities inspires my fashion. So these 3 celebrities are my absolute FAVORITE!!! fashion style icons that I look up too. And you also can tell by hauls and my older blog posts why these 3 celebrities are my top 3 fashion style icon.

1.) Miley Cyrus: Miley has been my fashion style icon for years now. Since, I was littler I always looked up to what she is wearing.

2.) Im Yoona: And obviously Yoona from Girls' Generation has to definitely be my next fashion icon. She always has great sense of style even when she is not performing or are on shows.

3.) Jung Jessica: I am not being bias here only picking SNSD members, but Jessica has to also be my definitely favorite fashion style icon. I always stares at her outfits when she is out and about.

So list below who are your TOP 3 favorite fashion style icons. Or just anyone that you look up to for fashion styles.

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