Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for People that is Interested in the Entertainment Industry

Santa Clause is coming to town! Hey, everyone I am totally in the Wintery Christmas mood. I mean come on Christmas is next week and winter is in just a few days. And I hope that you guys are maybe still shopping for Christmas presents, because this is also another holiday gift suggestions. But it is mainly focus more toward people that are interested in the entermainment industry. Because I love acting and if you didn't know I am currently sign to an acting agency. I basically, just love everything about the entertainment industry. On my free time I like to dance and sing.


Books- "Hollywood 101 The Film Industry" or "The Power of the Actor The Chubbuck Technique" These are great little gift ideas, that I think will suits everyone that are interested in the film industry. Whether, it is more of acting, directing, producing, scriptwriting etc these books will cover all of that.

Movies- I am sure that if they are interested in the film entertainment industry they will like to watch movies. I mean if you watch movies a lot you will know how to act better and the techniques of directing, producing, script writing, lighting etc and just anything that are related to the film industry. So pick out a few movies DVDs that you think they will like. I personally like action, funny, chic flick and romance so I would totally love to received any movies in these categories. A few of my recommendations are Angelina Jolie's movies. She is my ALL time favorite actress. I mean her movies has a lot a lot of actions and sometime it is romance, so I just love her. Not to mention that she is a really nice person, I personally think.

Dramas/Tv Shows- If the person you are looking for is more of a tv fanatic, I would definitely recommend buying dvds of their favorite tv shows. But make sure that they don't already have it. So let say if they like watching "Lost" than buy them the seasons dvds where they have all of the episodes from all seasons. This way they can watch it anytime they want to.

Film Camera- If they are more interested in the filming part of the acting industry. I would say to go ahead and buy a small film camera. But I have to warn you that it can be quite expensive. But this is only if you have the money for it.

Movies Tickets- And we cannot forget about the movies tickets. So buy them a ticket to a movie that is currently showing in the big screen and that they would want to see. They can also get to enjoy their time watching it with the person they love and care about.

If they are more into the singing part of the entertainment industry, than here are my suggestions.

Albums- Definitely, buying an album of their favorite singer or band would totally be really sweet to them. But again make sure they don't already have that album. So I really like Girls' Generation so getting anything from them even their album will totally make my day.

Photobooks- Some celebrities or bands sometime has photobooks. Like Girls' Generation they have 3 photoboooks so far and the third one that they released is on my Christmas Wishlist. Since, I do have their first two photobooks already. It is also just a really nice way, because they can look at their favorite artist or artists.

Concert Tickets- If you are willing to spend a bit more money, than I would say to go for concert tickets. You can buy tickets for you, the person you are giving it to and a few of your other friends and just enjoy your time at your person favorite artist or bands concert.

Dancing: Not only is dancing fun, but it is also a great fun exercise. You get to workout and have a fun time at the same time.

Dance Class- If you are willing to spend a bit more money for the person that you are giving the present to. I would suggest to pay for their dance class. You can either pay for the dance class that they are currently enroll in, or you can find them a dance class and pay it for them. Maybe for a whole month, or even an entire year if you are willing to.

Dance Workout- Or maybe on the Christmas day or just somewhere around there you can spend an hour or more dancing to you guys favorite songs.

Modeling: I also think that modeling is also part of the entertainment industry. I don't know it might just be me, but I totally think that modeling is definitely one part of the entertainment industry.

Stores- I think that if your person is interested in modeling. I think that 90& of the time they are interested in fashion. Since, runway modeling is a popular part of modeling and it definitely involve fashion. So give them gift card or gift cards to their favorite clothing stores. They will get to try on different clothes and buy them for free. So definitely gift cards for favorite clothing store(s).

Runway Ticket- If you have money or live near somewhere where there is are huge fashion shows going on. Definitely, buy them a ticket to a fashion show. Because they will get to take a closer look at the modeling industry. And you can even buy VIP pass for him/her so that they will get to see maybe one of their favorite model closer.

Universal: And universally, there are posters for everything in the entertainment industry. If your person is interested in acting get a poster of their favorite movie or actor/actress. If your person is more into singing get a poster of their favorite artist(s). For dancing, get them a poster that represent dancing. And same thing goes for modeling, get them a poster or just a big picture of their favorite model or clothing brand.

Hopefully, this blog post will cover up any of the entertainment industry part the person you are looking gifts for.

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