Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have Soft Smooth Hydrated Skin this Fall and Winter

Fall is already here for us in the US and winter is just right around the corner. As a result, from it I have already see my skin getting dryer. And I know that this happens to everyone, not just me. And it is not fun or flattering to have flaky rough dry skin. So this blog post I'll be sharing my tips and tricks on how you can achieve soft smooth hydrated skin.


1.) Exfoliate- Use a really nice loofah or a body wash/gel or soaps that have rough parts or beads in it. I cannot stress enough on how some people do not exfoliate their body. Exfoliating is a must all year round, especially during the colder months. Exfoliating will make your skin softer and smoother. It also helps with getting rid of dead skin cells. I would recommend doing this at least 1-2 times a week, but I do it every other day. And focus on exfoliating on your knees and elbows the most. Since, this is the 2 main places where your skin is really dry, rough and flaky. So we want to just get rid of those dead skin cells.

2.) Moisturize- After you get out of the shower or bath, you really need to heavily moisturize your skin. This is because your skin will be really dry with all the water and steams you used to take a good nice shower. I would recommend using a body butter or just a really thick body lotion to moisturize. My favorite body butters and lotions are by The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works. But if you are looking for one that doesn't have a scent to them, I would recommend checking out Lubriderm products. Now if you do take a shower in the morning, I would recommend to
use a lotion with at least SPF 30 or you can just use sunscreen. And you should this step everyday, not only just when you exfoliate. It also works really well with moisturizing your skin, because the steam in the shower will help open up your pores. So it will really moisturize really well. I would recommend to really moisturize and focus a lot on your knees and elbows, since this is where it is really dry and rough. This step will really help nourish your skin. And if you are using other brand of lotion, I would recommend one that has coconut butter in it. Because the coconut butter will really help moisturize your skin.

3.) Cotton Clothes- After this all of these steps, now when you are ready to dress, I would recommend wearing something cotton. So I would recommend wearing a long sleeve cotton shirt or robe and a long cotton pants. The cotton will help trap in your body heat and the lotion/body butter you just put on your body. Which, will have a better result when you wake up in the morning.

4.) Drinking water- Aside, from that I would recommend drinking 6-8 glass of water everyday. Not only will it help you have better skin, it is also good for your health. But don't over drink, because it is also bad if you drink TOO much water.

Stay Away From- What I recommend to stay away from doing is taking a really hot shower. Because I love taking really hot showers, but it is really bad for your skin overall. Especially, in the colder months, because it will dry out your skin more than it already is. So a no no for really hot showers.

Do you have any other tips or tricks to have soft smooth hydrated skin? If so, leave it in the comment section below.

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