Saturday, November 26, 2011

How To Tips & Tricks: Dry Your Nail Polishes Faster

Since, my mom is a cosmetologist I've learned this trick a few years back and that is how to dry nail polishes faster. I know that not many of people know about this trick and it may seem weird if you've never heard of it before, but I've found that it is a very rare trick that people don't really do. But I promise you it is super easy and you won't regret doing it. And that is using the cold water or ice cube trick to dry your nail faster. It might not make any sense, but I swear to god that it actually works really well. Plus, it is really easy to do and I am sure that everyone have the materials and can all do this, you just have to have patience and you'll know what I mean.

1.) All you need is just a bowl or glass or cup of ice cold water or water filled with 2-3 ice cubes. This is because the cold water temperature will help dry your nails a lot faster. Don't worry your nails won't get ruin. And I would recommend doing this step before you do your nails, because your nails can be ruin if you do it after you gave your nails a manicure. You can also do this trick if you have a pedicure.

2.) After, you've done your nails make sure you've done everything that you wanted to be done. So put on your top coat and just everything that you need to do after you do your nails. Than, wait for your nails to get kind of tacky or just wait for about a minute for the actual step.

3.) The last step, is to just dip your nails into the bowl/glass/cup or just whatever you have and wait for at least 60 seconds. I would recommend going as long as you can, because it will be a lot better than the 60 seconds.

4.) Enjoyed your new dried manicure nails.

This trick as you can tell is super cheap, easy and everyone can do it. If you've tried it tell me below if it works for you, because it should works for everyone.

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