Friday, November 25, 2011

Online Shopping Haul: shopcoobie, bornprettystore and shopbop

Today, I'll be doing another haul it is kind of everything beauty related. I ordered all of these online with my own money and some just came in today and other just came in 2 days ago. So this is not a Black Friday haul so you won't be mistaken. I'll be doing a separate one for that probably when I get everything in, because I went to some stores and I also ordered some online so obviously I want to do all of them together and they haven't arrived yet. Expect a huge haul coming soon, but between those I'll be doing other blog posts. I'll just go ahead and get start with shopcoobie just to get it out of the way. Today I've received a box of some bras that I had ordered from and I've tried all of them on and I actually really liked it. I have heard of this website/brand from one of Ingrid aka missglamorazzi video. So the bras that I ordered are three of the "Coobie Bandeau" in White, Ivory and Island Blue. And one thing that I like about these shopcoobie bras are that you can exercise in them without having to wear a separate bra underneath. So they have padded cushion inside already and it is super comfortable. And the last kind that I purchase is the "Coobie Bra Scoopneck Full Size" in the shades Lilac and Calypso Coral. Also, one little other confession that I have to admit is that I kind of love collecting bras. Which, is really weird since I don't really know anyone that collect bras. But that is one of my other obsession beside makeup and nail polishes. But I don't just collect them for the sake of collecting them, I make sure that I like them and they fit me. This next site I was introduced about 4-5 weeks ago I think by another YouTube beauty guru and her name is Brooke or sayanythingbr00ke. So I trusted her and took her advice so I ordered somethings from the and I'll just get right into it.

1.) 10 pcs Hello Kitty Nail Art Plates Per Day- The first thing that caught my eye from the site was the Hello Kitty Nail Art Plate in M71. They are like the knockoff version for the Konad nail art plates which if you didn't know already I absolutely love, I probably has over 10 of the Konad plates. And I don't have anything like this already so I just had to get it.

2.) Professional Makeup Cosmetic Protection Loose Powder Puff Sponge- I don't have any off those makeup powder puff sponges for like loose powders or touch ups, so I just got 2 of them. Which, I know some people maybe against since they said that they collect bacteria. But I probably will only use it for touch ups. So I purchase 2 of those and they were onyl $2.03 each so really cheap.

3.) Deluxe Austria Crystal Four Leaf Clover Pattern Brooch Pin- I also had to get the brooch they had. It was just too adorable to forget about and it was really inexpensive too for a nice brooch. And that was the last thing I purchase at bornprettystore. If you guys don't know what is basically, it is just a site that sells designer stuff for a discount. So I would recommend checking them out for good deals.

1.) MINKPINK Line Up Striped Layered Tank in Blue/White- This shirt was on the 70% off part and it was ONLY $18. That is like really cheap for a designer product and shopbop and not to mention that it was super cute, so I just had to get it.

2.) Enza Costa Oversized Cardigan in Navy Sailor Stripe- The stripes trend are really in this fall and winter, so the next clothing item that I got from shopbop is really unique it is a LONG cardigan that goes all the way to the ankles. I have nothing like this at all in my closet and I am a fashion girl, so that says alot about this cardigan it is very unique. So for $65 it was totally worth it, as far as I remember it was also on the 70% off part of shopbop.

3.) Milly Siennea Belted Cape in Midnight/Gold- Capes are really in this fall and winter and they are already in right now. I've seen many celebrities, models and even Girls' Generation(SNSD) rocking the cape trend this fall and winter. So I decided to invest in this really nice quality Milly Siennea cape. It is super cute and fit me really well. And if you are wondering I am in size 6 for it, I am really tall and really skinny but not anorexic skinny so don't think that I have a eating disorder. I just have really high metabolism. And I cannot to wear this a lot for years.

4.) J Brand Leather Skinny Pant in Red- I was there originally looking for a leather jacket, but I didn't really like any of the leather jackets that they had so I just went ahead and bought a leather pant instead. Now I love leather pants, but I only have two and they're both black. So I bought a red one from the brand J Brand and it is suppose to be really in. Since leather are really in and colored pants are also the trend for fall and winter so I am also really excited to wear this leather pants. I think that they would look great with the cape I got or boots that hit right below your knees. And that is the last thing that I ordered from shopbop and it was $896 but it was totally worth it, I can tell that I am going to get a lot of uses out of it before it wears out. But it probably won't be until maybe 3-5 years from now, so until than I'll probably get like tons of uses out of it.

And that is all the things that I ordered from the online stores I had recently shopped at. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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