Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Bad Beauty Habits

I'm up for another blog post for the day and this one I found to be really interesting, because I feel like since I am so into beauty I shouldn't be having any bad beauty habits. So this blog post will be about my beauty habits that I've found to be bad as far as I know and realize that it's bad. And in one or two months from now I'll be back to tell you guys if I've broke it or if I still do it. So I'll try my best to break it, which I probably won't be able to break all of it but that's okay.

1.) Rubbing my Eyes- I am one of those girls that just love to rub her eyes when she woke up or if it's itchy or if I just feel something uncomfortable in my eyes. And please guys do do do not do this, this will really cause premature wrinkles and age your skin by a bajillion time. So I am trying my hardest to break this one off, I would say that this is the number one dangerous beauty habits I have along with the next one I am going to address.

2.) Protecting my feet, hands and neck- I am really good with apply sunscreen or just a lotion with at least SPF 15 or higher to my body. But what I am really bad at is applying it to my feet, hands and the back of my neck. I just feel so lazy to apply it to those areas, but I am really good with applying it my stomach, arms, legs and just the rest of my body. And this is also really bad because your feet, hands and the back of your neck is where the sun hits the most and one of the first places to show signs of aging. And I am only 18 years old, so I do do not want to my premature wrinkles.

3.) Touching My Face- We have lots of oils and bacterias on our hands so touching your face throughout the day is really bad. It can cause you to break out, because the oils and bacterias on your hand transfers and is touching your face which can cause to break outs. And I sometime just touch my face without even noticing or if it is really itchy or I like to rest my face on my hand sometime. It's bad but it's not as bad as the first two I've addressed.

4.) Teasing/Backcombing my Hair- I am also one of those girls that really want volume at the roots of my hair, so I 90% of the time backcomb or tease my hair when I go outside. This is also really bad, because my hairstylist told me that it is as bad as you dye your hair. But it is just really hard for me to break it off, so I might only backcomb it on special occasion or just a bit because when I backcomb I really backcomb. And it is the same thing as teasing your hair it's just another word for it.

5.) Putting my Hair up in a Rubberband- This one some of you might not think of or think that it is band, but that is putting my hair up in a regular rubberband. This one is really bad, because you are actually tugging and pulling your hair with the rubberband. And it also can leave a bump and it is really hard to get rid of it once you get it. But I don't really put my hair up only if I HAVE to or when I exercise. There is this trick where a lot of hairstylists use and that is using a hair bungee. You can buy packs of these at the beauty supply store or you can create one your own. And it is so much better to put your hair up in a ponytail and plus it does not leave a dent in your hair. But I feel like it just take so much time to use it, so I go the easy way which is using a regular rubberband. And I would recommend using a rubberband that doesn't have those metals things on it, because that will even pull and tug on your hair even more.

6.) Washing my Pillow Cases- I love sleeping and sometime I even sleep with my makeup on, but it is only for like an hour during the day as a nap. But I never sleep my with makeup on for the whole night or for a really long time, because that's just torture for my skin. But it is still bad so I still need to break that off, but sometime my makeup can get onto the pillow cases and I do have to admit that I don't wash my pillow cases that often. I just really lazy to wash it or I just sometime forget. So I really need to start washing it every week from now on and it is best if you sleep on a satin pillow case because it doesn't collect as much bacteria than if it wasn't satin. But I sleep on a satin pillow case so I am fine with that.

7.) Braiding my Hair- I sometime don't feel like doing my hair. So when I take a shower at night I get my hair wet and than I wait for it to be about 85% dry and I just start braiding it to get it ready for the next day. This is so bad for your hair, because it is just bad to style your hair when it is wet or damp or just when it is not completely 100% dry. But I don't do it everyday, I only do it maybe 3-4 times a week. Which is still bad, so I need to break that off. But I probably will excuse if I do it 1-2 times a month, but 3-4 times a week is just not an excuse.

8.) Sleeping with hairspray on- When I curl my hair and than when I get home I sometime would just go to bed and sleep or just take a nap or rest and this is also bad, because the hairspray might touch my face which can cause it to break out. And I literally use hairspray on my hair every single day, which isn't bad but sleeping in it is just bad. So I wouldn't recommend anyone to do this.

9.) Painting my Nails- If you didn't know you should not be painting your nails everyday. Because you should give it time to breathe and have nothing on it. But since I am a nail girl, I have nail polishes on my nails everytime. So I would take it off than right away I would put nail polish on again. And I would suggest to give your nails at least a full 24 hours of rest straight. And I sometime do give it a full 24 hours of rest, but I don't do it every week. So I am going to start doing it every week.

10.) Sleeping on Wet Hair- Sleeping on your hair when it is not 100% dry is really bad. It will damage and ruin your hair. I also don't do this every day just like a few other of my bad beauty habits, but I just want to never ever do it again. That's why I'm listing it here in this post. So I wouldn't recommend anyone doing this.

That's all the bad beauty habits that I've found so far as of right now, but I probably have more but I just couldn't think of it. So if I think of more I will update you guys on that and follow my blog to see what habits I've break and what habits I still do.

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