Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Gifts Ideas for Girls

Just sitting on my bed enjoying the night, I manage to get another blog post up for the day. I might get another one up as well later on, but I'm not sure. So I'll have to see and look into that, but I cannot believe that Black Friday is less than 3 hours away. I'll definitely be doing some major shopping online and at stores.

Anyhow, Christmas is right around the corner for everyone, which means presents and gifts time. And even if you don't celebrate Christmas this blog posts will still be great if you are looking for gift ideas for girls. Now I wouldn't say that all girls would like this. This is just girls that similar to me. It is more to girls that love makeup, beauty, fashion, movies, books etc. And this is something that I would actually give to someone as a present and gift.

Gifts Ideas:
1.) Makeup Palettes/Sets- For the holidays, as a gift I know that as a girl I love getting makeup palettes or sets as a present. So I would say to invest in a good palette for the person that you care about. You can find a lot of makeup palettes and sets around the holidays right now at stores like Sephora, Ulta and even Target. I would recommend checking out BH Cosmetics, Pixi and Urban Decay for great palettes or sets.

2.) Brush Sets- To continue, with the makeup theme part of this blog post getting nice brush sets is also great. A lot of different companies have amazing brush sets for amazing deals, I would suggest to check out Sigma Makeup.

3.) Gift Cards- Every Christmas I've received tons of gift cards from my relatives and friends to many stores. I especially love gift cards to the movies, Sephora, MAC, Target, Forever21 and just all of those fun girly stores.

4.) Boots- I also have received and would actually give boots to people. My favorite kind of boots are leather boots that hits just right below the knees or just any other shoes will work. So I would recommend to maybe ask a person that know the girl you want to buy the shoe to what shoe size she wears. This way she won't know what she will be receiving for Christmas.

5.) Clothes/PJs- Every year my parents would always buy me a pair of new pajamas from department stores like JcPenney or stores like Victoria's Secret and I love it. Also, just getting clothes overall is great and I love it.

6.) Perfumes/Body Splash/Body Mist/Body Spray- Also, every year I have received at least one perfume, body splash, body mist or body spray. Last year, I had received the Escada Magnetism Perfume for Women in the 1.7 oz one and I loved it. Sadly though it has been discontinued, so I am trying to use it sparingly.

7.) Bags/Purses- I sometime give bags or purses to my relatives or friends. And I've alway received a few bags for a few of my past Christmas. I always feel so greatful and thankful when I do. So I recommend getting her a purse that you think she will like and that fits her style. I personally love satchels the most.

8.) Accessories/Jewelries- As a remember piece for the Christmas, I'd say to buy her accessory(ies) or really nice jewelry(ies). Or even get her an expensive watch or charm bracelet or even a locket necklace, so she can put a picture inside it. So I would recommend going for accessories and jewelries if you are stuck, because you can never go wrong with it. I also love scarves, which I guess is a type of accessories and even sunglasses would be great.

9.) Makeup Bag/Set- If she is really into makeup like me, I would say to go ahead and buy her a makeup bag or makeup bags set that would beest suit her personality and style. I would recommend to check out they have great little gifts and products that would be great as gifts or stocking stuffers. One of my favorite from the website are the keychains, they are absolutely adorable and no glitzyglam is not sponsoring me to mention them in this post.

10.) Hair- I would recommend giving her some little cute pieces of hair accessories if she love doing her hair. So I would say to get her some pack of hair ties, bobbi pins, clips, brushes, combs, bows or even some heat styling tools. It would make a really great Christmas presents.

11.) Books- Not only am I a makeup, beauty and fashion girl but I am also a bookworm girl if that makes any sense. So every Christmas I always received 3-7 books and they all ranges from different generes. But my favorite kind of books to read are vampires, European historical fiction and just really good novels overall. Chic flick is also one of my favorite genre of books to read.

12.) Movies- And of course we cannot forget about the movies. If the girl you are planning to give presents to doesn't like reading books, try movies instead. It's a great alternative. So try to figure out what kind of movies she like. Most girls including me love chic flick, romance and scary movies. But I wouldn't say to go too scary, since it's a Christmas present we don't want it to be dark. Although, it is all up to you and the receiver of the present(s).

13.) CDs/Albums- I absolutely love K-Pop so I love getting K-Pop albums as a gift. But get her some CDs and albums that you think she would really like. Try to find one that best suits her taste.

14.) Another suggestion- I almost forgot about this last suggestions and I was like how could I get it and it is nail polishes. Get her nail polishes sets or just a few great quality polishes IF she is into doing her nails. So even getting her some nail tools that would be great.
Hopefully, one of these holiday gifts ideas inspires you on what to get for the receiving girl.

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