Saturday, December 8, 2012

HUGE Glamorous Haul: from Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Pt. 1

I am back now from almost a month of absence. If you guys follow me on twitter @saikahyomi than you would know that I was traveling about 95% in November. I was overseas and was getting off and on airplanes every other day. Somehow, I still managed to get my Black Friday and Cyber Monday done through online, and I went to Target for Black Friday. Lets get started, shall we?


EOS 3-pack limited edition lip balms inspired by Alice in Wonderland (blueberry potion, sweet vanilla nonsense, watermelon wonderland)

Softlips Peppermint Stick Chapstick SPF 20(comes with Pearl chapstick)

Jack Frosting Chapstick SPF 20(comes in a pack of 2)

Winter Mint Chapstick SPF 20(comes with Vanilla)

Pandora's Makeup Box:

Pandora’s Lipgloss in Happy

Pandora’s 4 Shadow Palette in Eco Chic

Pandora’s Blush in Brilliant Rose

Pandora’s Blush in Wine

Gorgeous Cosmetics:

Liquidlips in Luscious, Hush, Crystal, and Icicle

Lip Pencils in Moulin, Christine, and Entourage

 Lipstick in Gothic Park, Inspire, and Jelly Bean

 Palette 8 Pan in Neon

Colour Pro Eyeshadows in Peach Sunset, Goldfish, Dusk Rose, and Peter Pan

Concealer in Light Neutral

Brush #032

 Brush #026

Living Proof:

restore targeted repair cream

frizz nourishing styling cream

prime style extender

Abbey St. Claire:

Spot Remover Serum & Poultice for Blemishes

Vitamin B Complex Crème Mattifying, Oil Control, Acne, Unclog Pores

Eden Allure:

Pure Argan Oil from Morocco


 Loose-Fit Sequined Shirt

Straight-Cut Strass Dress

Midi Pleated Skirt

Boucle Shorts/Jacket


American Apparel:

 Vintage Lightweight Trenchcoat

Ralph Lauren:

*      Nordic Crewneck Sweater

 Cotton Long-Sleeved Cardigan

Long-Sleeved Shawl Cardigan

Embroidered Side-Stripe Pant

Cashmere Turtleneck Poncho

Leather-Trimmed Cashmere Cape

Fur-Collar Sweater Coat

to be continued to part 2...

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