Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kate's Top 5 Favorite MAC Eyeshadows

Hello everyone, have you ever wondered what everyone's top 5 favorite MAC eyeshadows are. Well, today I will be doing this blog post on my top 5 all time favorite eyeshadow. These eyeshadows may not be what I wear on a regular basis, but they are still one of my top 5 favorites shadows that I love to look at and play around with. So I guess I'll get going onto it...

My TOP 5 Favorite MAC Shadows (these are in no particular order):

1.) Sushi Flower: Of course this has to be my favorite MAC eyeshadows. If you didn't know already this was my first every MAC eyeshadow. I mean it is pink and it is makeup, totally describe me. I think I have gone through like 7 of these, it is so pretty. This eyeshadow is a pinky color color with pink shimmers, so pretty. You have to get this eyeshadow. I really wish I had brown eyes like my mom, because I think that brown eyes will look great pairing with Sushi Flower. I know people says that pink will make blue eyes look tired, which I have but somehow it just make me look fresh and wide awake.
2.) Woodwinked: I love this eyeshadow and it is called woodwinked. This is my all time favorite neutral color. It also looks great with Sushi Flower on the lid and this in the crease, it is absolutely gorgeous. I would describe this shadow as a warm antiquy- golden brownish color.
3.) Post Haste: Really really love this eyeshadow, it is really pigmented and easy to blend. Except, it is discontinued so I am trying not to use it that much. But if it did ran out I think I can still get it at the CCO. I love this color so so much and it definitely a bright berry pink color.
4.) Goldenrod: This eyeshadow is the perfect bright marigold yellow that I have ever tried. It is so pigmented and totally worth the $15 that I paid for. Absolutely stunning. I love this eyeshadow because it is still a pigmented bright yellow color, but it still has somewhat in it that makes it different from just your typical bright yellow color.
5.) Vibrant Grape: I'm not sure if this eyeshadow is discontinued or not, but I don't think it is. This eyeshadow is the perfect purple eyeshadow color ever. I mean it is so pigmented, vibrant, gorgeous, it looks great and uh it is just so pretty.

I have some other eyeshadows colors that I really like for an example Club and Steamy. But I just feel that the above colors are my FAVORITE eyeshadow ever. I would totally recommend checking out any of them.



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