Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Guide for Back to School Shopping!

School are about to be starting for most of us. I know mine start very very soon, it's tomorrow the 15th of August. I am really excited, because I will be starting my first year in college as a freshman. That is why today I decided to do this blog post to help anyone that is reading this right now to know and decide what you should buy for back to school shopping and what you should not buy for back to school shopping. I think I'll start with the clothing and fashion, because I know that this is what most people are excited about than I'll get into the school supplies and all that jazz.

1.) Tank Top- You can get solid color tanks top for really cheap they cost maybe $2-3. I would say to pick up a few white, black and grey solid color tanks, because they will go with anything or you can just wear it alone.
2.) Shorts- Although, school will be starting in the fall it doesn't mean that you can't wear shorts. Make sure they aren't too short, but of course you can buy short short. Just make sure your butt don't hang off of them, because that is not flattering at all. Try to go with jean shorts or white or black color shorts.
3.) Skirts- I would say that every girl need at least one skirt in their closet. I think that skirt looks great on anyone. I would recommend high waisted skirts, because they are in style and they look great on. For colors, go with floral or solid color skirts like pumpkin orange, dark forest green, navy or black. You can get a bunch of them at stores like Forever 21.
4.) Leggings- A black pair of leggings is always great to have in your closet. They can keep you warm like if you wear a skirt you can put this under it and it will look fantastic. I would say to get at least 2 pairs of black leggings, they are a huge deal in the fall and winter months that are coming up very soon.
5.) Jeans- Stores like Express, American Eagle, Hollister, Macy's, Nordstrom and Ross have great jeans. They have a wide selection of colors, sizes and style. Pick at 2-3 pairs of any shades of blue skinny jeans and pick 1 pair or 2 of flared jeans, to rock that 70s look. But of course you don't have to buy them if you don't like them, anything that I recommend are just suggestions. You don't have to buy all of the things I recommend. I just think that they are great if you want to buy Back to School clothing.
6.) Sweaters- Sweaters are really great for the fall and winter months. They look great on anyone and keep you really warm and cozy. My favorite kind of sweaters are oversize sweater, just because they aren't too tight around my body. Plus, oversize sweaters will make you appear thinner. But I seriously don't need that, since I am already so skinny. You can find them at many department stores and at Forever 21. Go for both styles if you want tight sweaters and oversize sweaters and ones with hoods and without hoods.
7.) Shirts- Go to any store and get a few solid color v-necks if you don't already have one. I would say to go with a white v-neck and a black v-neck since they will match anything if you are buying your first v-necks. But if you already have these colors try to go with navy or purple v-necks. These colors flatters most people.
8.) Scarves- Lastly, I would say to go and picked up a scarf or more. Don't go anything crazy with crazy patterns, designs etc. Buy ones that are just plain solid colors go with black, white, navy, purple or red.

School Supplies:
1.) Rule Papers- 1-2 packs of rule papers and you can easily find them with a pack of 100 for only like 90cents so super cheap.
2.) Binders- I like to go with ones that has cute or crazy designs, I don't know they just won't make school look that boring. You can go as big as you want and as much as you want. I usually buy 2 binders and they are usually both 1 inches or inches. That is just my personal preference.
3.) Highlighters- You will need highlighters trust me, because your teachers or at least mine requires highlighters. I like the Papermate highlighters they have great school supplies items. I usually go for the bright colors my favorite are pink and green. I buy a pack of them for like $5 at Target.
4.) Pens- Buy at least 4 pens. 2 black one and 2 blue one they are just the standard color pens that most people use including students my favorite kind are also by Papermate it is the Profile 1.4B kind. I guess they are really affordable, easy to find and works really well. I wouldn't recommend buying red pens, because I think red pens are for teachers like when they have to correct things. But I do know that some of my classes requires red pen. But even if they do just buy 1 because you probably won't use them that often.
5.) Pencils- I like both regular and mechanical pencils. For regular pencils I just use the regular no. 2 orange pencil. For lead, I go for no. 5 because they print small letters. I prefer Zebra Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Lead because they look really fancy when they are like only $1.99.
6.) Pencil Pouch- You will need a pencil pouch to put all of your school supplies in like highlighters, pencils, pens etc. My favorite type of pouches are the ones that comes with 3 holes so you can put them in your binder. I usually get them at Staples and pick the colors you like best. I was looking for a pink one, but they only had purples one so I decided to go with the purple one.
7.) Pencil Sharpener and Leads- My favorite pencil sharpener ever are the Staedtler graphite sharpeners. I've been using them for 3-4 years now and they works really well. I don't really know where you can find them, because my mom always bought them for me. For lead, I since I use no.5 pencils I got for the no.5 lead I use this really nice brand but I don't know what they are called the name faded away. But just find a really nice lead refills and you'll be fine.
8.) Books- I like the wire kind, because you can fold them and tear them out. They also comes with a lot of space and are really cheap.
9.) Dividers- I just usually go for any brand of dividers, I'm not really picky about that.
10.) Plastic Holders- I also buy 2 packs of plastic holders. If you don't know what they are they are just basically plastic holders that you can put papers in so they won't get wrinkle and you just place them in your 3-rings binder.
11.) Color Pencils- For color pencils I like Crayola and Prang brand. I just kind of switch between these two. I would say to buy them, because you might need them for projects. Which, I have projects every year and color pencils were a huge part of it. I like to the ones that comes with 12 because they have all of the basic colors and they're not big so it won't take up a lot of space.
12.) Glue Sticks- I like the Elmer's glues the best.

1.) Calculators: If you already have a calculator than you don't need to buy it for this back to school. I didn't buy it because I already have one that I really like and it works really well. But if you don't already have one or want to get a new one I would recommend the Texas Instruments Graphic Calculator. They are my favorite type of calculators. Although, they are expensive but I think that if you invest in one of them they will last you forever. They are not any of your typical calculators, they have everything a regular calculators have but they help you with graphics and bigger math. I of course have the pink one, but if you don't like pink they have ones in navy, black, blue and silver.

I usually buy my school supplies at Staples, Target or Walmart. Because I have easy access to those 3 stores. They sells school items for a good price and they have school supplies.

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