Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What to Bring to a Filming Set if You are an Extra?

I know I haven't made a blog post since the 20th which is totally unacceptable, but I have just been really busy these past few days. I have filming to do, building an office and many more that has been going on. Though, today I finally have time to sit down and do this blog post. This blog post though is going to be about what to bring to a filming set if you are an extra for a movie or tv show. These are all of the things I have been bringing with me to a few of filming sets I have been to.

1.) Bring 3 Different Outfits: Because you never know when you will have to change and if you do they most likely won't be giving you clothes, so that is why it is really important to change. I actually had to change one time for one of the set I went to and all 2 times to one of the set I went to. Plus, they also will be paying you more if you do have to change.
2.) Comfortable Shoes: No you do not have to change your shoes, but when you do have clothes just make sure they all look nice together. Make sure that it is not only just comfortable, also make sure that it looks nice. I would recommend a sneaker or anything of that sort. Try staying away from flats, sandals, heels and anything like that. But of course it is all personal preference.
3.) Water Bottle: I would also suggest bringing a water bottle that is of course fill with water. Trust me you will be really exhausted and tired, so water comes in handy. You of course don't have to, because there are of course water on the set but it is just way easier to have your own that you can take out of your bag and just plop it right back in.
4.) Sunscreen: You also need to protect your skin, so always bring a sunscreen. You'll never know how long and how much you will be out in the sun. Especially, if you have many filming to do during the summer the sun is going to be out most of the filming time.
5.) Pens: Always, always and always bring 2 pens with you or else you'll be doom. Being an extra you need to do paperwork every time before the actual shoot. I would suggest either blue or black pens, since I guess they are appropriate and professional colors for paperwork. Bring two just in case one of the pen doesn't work you still got another one or if your fellow extras forgot to bring a pen, you can let him/her borrow it.
6.) Bag of Makeup: Bring a bag of makeup if you are a female. What I keep in the makeup is not like usual. I only keep the lip products I am wearing that day, but one lip product that I always bring with me is an SPF chapstick or lip balm. I also bring a powder, oil absorbing sheets, eyeliner, mascara, mirror, comb or brush. That is basically all you need to bring with you. You always want to look nice and presentable in an entertainment world. If you are a male though, they recommend something that you can use to get the oil off your face. Maybe a blot powder or oil absorbing sheets. So don't forget your makeup stuffies, you definitely will get oily and your makeup fade away if you work for like 12 hours on the set.
7.) Cell Phone: If you have a cell phone I definitely recommend bringing it, because you never know what will happen during the set. So definitely bring a cell phone if you are a professional extra. But if your cell phone have a camera I definitely would not recommend taking pictures, because I think taking pictures aren't allowed on the set. Though, I'm pretty sure you can take pictures when you are not on the set. But if they say you can't bring your phone with you, put it right away you don't want to be yelled at or getting in trouble.
8.) iPod: Also, bring your iPod you will definitely most likely get bored just sitting there or walking around. It's always fun to play games or listen to your music on your iPod, but of course bring your earphone with you if you are going to have volumes on, because no one want to listen to your music they might hate it. Some sets though you are not allow to have your iPod with you, so they will tell you to put it away whether it is your bag or your locker.
9.) Book: Bring a reading book with you, especially if you don't have an iPod or one with you. You definitely will get bored somehow on the set.
10.) Wallet: Always bring your wallet with you. I mean you don't have to, but you got your money and your cards. You might need them, but have at least $5 on hand. Also, in your wallet always always bring your agency card with you. Because during the paperwork filling you need your agency address, because that is where they will send the check to and than of course the agency give it to you.
11.) Backpack/Purse: Lastly, you need to bring a backpack/purse with you that will fit all of the things you will need to bring to the set. I prefer a backpack over a purse, because it is just easier to carry around.

So let me know what you bring set if you are an extra!

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