Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Top Favorite Lip Balms/Chapsticks

As, we all know summer are currently here. Or at least for us in the US. It gets really hot here being 90F degree or higher. So what we need to be protecting beside our skin and face, is our lips. Most people forget to wear SPF Lip Balms or SPF Chapsticks causing dry flakey sunburn lips. That's why today I will be sharing you my TOP 6 Favorite lip balm, with SPF and without SPF.

My TOP 6 Favorite Lip Balms/Chapsticks in order:
1.) Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4(this is the most moisturizing lip balm that I have ever tried)
2.) A Kiss of Flavor Strawberry Tinted Lip Care SPF 4
3.) Chap-Ex Chapsticks SPF 15
4.) EOS Lip Balms specifically in Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop SPF 15
5.) Softlips Chapsticks SPF 15
6.) MAC Tendertones

Everyone that read this blog post, should all go and check at least one of the above recommended lip balms/chapsticks out. So comment down below or tweet me if you have tried any of my 6 favorites and what do you think about them? And tell me your top favorite lip balms/chapsticks in the comment section below.

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