Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I Keep In My Clutch/Wrislet?

Hey, guys so today I decided to do this little blog post on what I keep in my clutch? I don't really wear clutch that often, although I somehow have quite a few of them. I usually only wear them when I am going out or on special occasions, but today I feel something different so I decided to wear out during the day. Whereas, usually I would just carry a regular size purse. For today, I used the Michael Kors Sloan Convertible Clutch that I got at Macy's for around $200 so it is definitely expensive but it is totally worth it and I got it in red. I'm not sure if they have it in any other colors.

What I Keep in My Clutch?:

1.) Blackberry Phone- of course I take my phone with me everywhere.
2.) iPodtouch 4 and Pink Earphone- I love listening to music, so I also have to take my iPod every with me.
3.) Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets- this is my all time favorite oil absorbing sheets, without this i would look like a total grease ball by the end of the day
4.) MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus and Powder Puff: Whenever, I use a clutch I don't bring a brush with me. So I prefer a powder puff instead, but if I was going to use a regular purse I would bring a brush to apply the MAC MSN.
5.) Lip Products- The other and last makeup item that I will bring with me in a clutch is just lip products that I am wearing at the moment. Today I brought with me Victoria's Secret Ginger Lip Liner, Revlon Soft Nude Lipstick and NARS Striptease Lipgloss.
6.) Two Sided Mirror- I will also sometime bring a little two sided mirror with me like today. If the face powder I brought with me doesn't already have a mirror. So this changes for me.
7.) Wallet- I sometime will also bring my wallet with me if my clutch doesn't already have a place to put my cash and cards in or if my clutch is big enough for my wallet. But today I didn't bring it with me since the Michael Kors clutch already have a place for my cash and cards. The wallet that I use the most is the Coach Chelsea Signature Slim Envelope in silver/khaki and walnut.

That is all I bring with me in my clutch or wristlet, I use clutches more than wristlets.

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