Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My TOP 11 Favorite MAC Neutral Eyeshadows

Hey, guys today I will be doing a video on my top favorite 11 neutral MAC eyeshadows. I did a blog post that was very similar to this, but that was my 5 favorite MAC eyeshadows. Today is just going to be focusing on my top 11 NEUTRAL MAC shadows. So these are the neutral shadows that I recommend anyone gets. This are in no particular order.

1.) Woodwinked- I know I have mention this eyeshadow in many posts before, but you just have to run to a MAC store or counter and buy this eyeshadow. It is just really really pretty, it is my all time favorite MAC brown eyeshadow.
2.) Soft Brown- This is the perfect shadow if you want to put on the lid to make a smokey eye look or use as a transitional color.
3.) Ricepaper- I love this color for the lid or as a brow bone/inner corner highlight.
4.) Satin Taupe- This is a really nice taupe color with silver shimmer. Perfect for the crease or lower lash line.
5.) Amber Lights- I love this shadow especially when it is paired with Woodwinked. It is just a peachy brown with shimmer.
6.) Club- This is a really unique eyeshadow color that you can have a hard time finding a dupe for. It is a reddish brown color with green pearls, really unique. This along with woodwinked I would suggest for sure to get.
7.) Brun- Every girl needs to have deep dark brown eyeshadow in their collection. The one that I really recommend from MAC that is perfect for this spot is Brun. Brun is a really nice pigmented muted blackish brown eyeshadow color.
8.) Blanc Type- This is my all time favorite MAC highlight color. It is just the perfect highlight color for my skin. It is a matte squared formula, I totally recommend this shadow. Great creamy beige color.
9.) Antiqued- This shadow is really gorgeous. I love how it is a brown, but it has a bronze undertone super gorgeous on the eyes. It also really makes my blue eyes pop.
10.) 100 Strokes- I absolutely positively love this eyeshadow. I really do love it a lot. It is great for the crease, outer corner and lower lash line.
11.) Jest- The last but not least eyeshadow that is in my top 10 favorite MAC neutral eyeshadow is Jest. I love this color on the lid. I would describe this shadow as a soft peach with icy shimmers.

I now hope this will help you, even if it helped just one person. I will be doing the color version of this post, so look out for that.

(these are not the shadows i mention in the post, i am just using it since they are in the MAC neutral shadows category)

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