Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sneak Peak to my Twitter Giveaway!!!

Hello, everyone so this is really exciting for me right now. Because this is my FIRST EVER blog post to here on blogger or blogspot. But this is kind of a sneak peak to my giveaway prizes when I reach 300 followers on twitter. So you guys my twitter followers that are reading this right now, or you just randomly come to this post all you need to do is just follow me on twitter my twitter is so just go and follow me it is very easy and simple to do. Here is why you should follow me on twitter. 1.) I think that my life is not that boring. 2.) I kind of tell you guys cheaper dupes for higher end products. So just go down my tweets and you'll see that I tweet many dupes for you all. But anyway, next to this post on the left hand side is a picture of MAC Star Violet eyeshadow. Which, will be one of your prizes for my twitter 300 followers giveaway if you win. But this is not all you will be winning your prizes include nail polishes, lipsticks, lipglosses, more shadows, books etc. And also if you want to suggest any prizes that you want to be added into this giveaway feel free to leave the suggestions in the comment section below or tweet me on twitter.

*REMEMBER: This is not the official giveaway. For, the official giveaway I will make a separate post so make sure you are following me on twitter(it's free) and here on blogspot if you want. The rules, prizes etc will be on the OFFICIAL giveaway post. So please help me get to 300 followers on twitter! Spread the Word, lol! Have a Great Day Everyone!

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