Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Smashbox Softbox Eyeshadow Palette

As, many of you may know my everyday eyeshadows look is using all of the shadows in the Smashbox Softbox Eyeshadow Palette that retails for $48 at Sephora. I got it about one month ago in July and I've been using it non stop. It is my most use palette and shadows at the moment. I love all of the shadows it comes with. It also comes with a two sided brush, Photofinish Lid Primer and 2 cream liners along with the 9 eyeshadows.

Two Sided Brush: I don't really like the brushes it comes with. I mean the liner brush is just impossible for me to apply the liner it comes with. It is just too straight and it didn't really pick up any liner. As for the shadow brush it's okay, I wouldn't say it's the best.

Photofinish Lid Primer: This is probably one of the best eyeshadows primer I have ever tried. It is very silky and very easy to blend. A little really goes a long way with this, since it is of a thick consistency. It really makes your eyeshadows pop and stay all day. I have very oily eye lids and it helps control the oils. This primer is really universal so it will work on everyone, it is just a blendable warm beige color.

Cream Liners: It comes with two cream liners in Bronze Liner and Taupe Liner. I don't really like the liners it comes with, it doesn't have much pigmentation at all. I tried to apply with all of the liner brushes I have, including the one that comes with the palette, it just didn't have much pigmentation at all. The brushes didn't really picked up much of the liners, I kind of have to press it kind of hard. So the liners is a no go for me. The Bronze Liner is a deep bronze color and the Taupe Liner is a silvery taupe color.

Eyeshadows: I have pros and cons about the shadows, but I'll first start off with the names of the shadows it comes with and I am going horizontally. We have Nectar, Vanilla, Flirt, Lucky Penny, Sugar, Stone, Sienna, Nude and Truffle. For the pros, the pigmentation is great and are really easily to blend. As, for the cons there are just too much fall out with the shadows especially the shimmer one like Sugar and Truffle. I also think that there are not enough matte colors in this palette, so if you don't like shimmery colors I wouldn't recommend this palette. But since I am a shimmery girl I love it. The shadows are also really powdery, so it will go all over your face and every in the palette. I would recommend tapping off the excess after picking up any of the shadows and too also do your face after using these shadows, if you don't want to look like a disco ball. But overall, I still really like it.

I would rate this palette a 4 of out 5.

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