Friday, August 19, 2011

Korean Pop: Girls' Generation

GIRLS' GENERATION! If you guys don't know about me I'm not just a beauty and fashion freak. I am also obsess with anything Girls' Generation and basically just K-Pop overall. I mean if you guys don't know what K-Pop is you are missing on something that is amazing. K-Pop just mean Korean-Pop specifically South Korean, but I don't want to get into that. This blog post will be dedicated to Girls' Generation aka SNSD they are my idols. I can't even choose a favorite, because I just love them all so much. From left to right we have Sunny, Tiffany, Seohyun, Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung, Jessica, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon. Yep, that's right I remember all 9 names of the 9 members and that was by heart. I did not search up their names, I just love them so so much. So I am really excited to do this blog post, it is all about Girls' Generation.

As, much as I love this group I have one thing to complaint about. That is unfair. I mean Hyoyeon she's a great singer and dancer if not she would not be in this group, but she just doesn't get much attention at all. I think that the person that gets too much attention is Yoona. She is not even the leader of the group, because Taeyeon is and they make her have more times in music video. But I don't really care about that, because I just LOVE them so much. I think that they will always be my favorite group ever. So I really hope they will never separate, but unfortunately they will have to one day that's just part of life. Though, I hope that doesn't will never happen. Finger cross everyone and knock on wood that SM will not disband this group.

If I have to choose my all time favorite song from them it would have to be "Run Devil Run", but that is of right now. I also really like Into the New World both remix and original version. Also, one of my favorite song from them is Girls' Generation and Mr. Taxi. Then, I guess Mr. Taxi will also be my favorite song from them that is in Japanese. I almost forgot I also love Genie aka Tell me your Wish and Oh. Echo is also really nice to listen to. I really like the music video, not just because the background was really beautiful. They actually film the music video for Echo in Phuket, Thailand. This makes me want to visit Thailand even more, but I'm just too busy right now buy maybe next summer I'll get to have a chance to visit Thailand with my family.

I have all of their albums that have come out. I am really excited for SM Entertainment next world tour. So they can come to LA again and I get to see them maybe get to meet and have their autographs. Uh! I just love them so much. If you have listen to SNSD before, go and comment down below or tweet me via twitter @sushiflower21 what you favorite song from them is. If they did come to LA though, I am most excited about to meet Tiffany, Jessica and Yoona. Yoona of course is my favorite out of the group. She is just so talented she's good at dancing, acting and singing. I feel really bad that I didn't get to go and meet them the last time they came to have a concert here in LA. That was one of the biggest mistake I make, JK it is not. But it is a pretty big mistake and I totally regret it.

Anyway, I just love Girls' Generation although I know they have many haters but those haters are nothing compare to true fans like me. I will always support and cheer for them. So if you have never listen to Girls' Generation before you totally should. I mean come on they rock. They are really good at singing and dancing, what more can you get from singers.

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